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Fix: Character AI Login Not Working [2024]

Fix: Character AI Login Not Working [2024]

Character AI Login Not Working: Character AI is a neural language chatbot – a web-based application generating human-like text replies. It participates in contextual conversations and acts as your ideal character assistant for work and study.

Since the software helps in studying and work-related activities and is only present through its website — its website is the only place attracting millions of users across the globe.

It has been doing a good job serving until recently when users started to face the Character AI Login Not Working issue.

Character AI has not announced any technical problems from their side, and the origin is still unknown. Yet, you don’t need to worry anymore because we have found a list of solutions you could try to solve the ‘Character AI Login Not Working’ problem, mentioned right below in this article.

Why is My Character AI Login Not Working?

As you might’ve already guessed, the Character AI Login Not Working issue is not allowing users to enter their account and they are stuck on the homepage.

As for the reasons for this issue, it could be anything from the following list,

  • There’s an issue with your network connection.
  • The email ID and password are incorrect.
  • There is a problem with your browser or device.
  • There’s a technical problem in the Character AI system.

How to Fix: Character AI Login Not Working

Check your Network Connection

As soon as you start getting issues while using the Character AI platform, after being redirected to the homepage, then the very first thing you should do is check your network connection.

You might not be receiving enough network, or it might not be working at all. In any case – you should consider switching off the network connection and switching it back on after a couple of minutes. For better results, you can consider trying this process twice or thrice.

If this doesn’t work, then you have no choice but to swap with a mobile hotspot or change Wi-Fi networks. 

Ensure the Email ID and Password are Correct

The majority of us always make sure that as soon as we have entered the email ID and password – we check it once and twice before moving ahead with logging in.

However, if you were in a rush back when you entered the email ID and password, then there might be an issue and something might be incorrect. 

Therefore, ensure that the email ID and password are correct, and don’t forget the capitals, small letters, etc accordingly since – these happen to create most of the issues.

Clear Browser Cache & Cookies

If it has been a while since you have cleared the cache and cookies of your browser, then it’s about time you do so because an overload in cache and cookies can lead to many minor bugs and glitches. 


  1. Open Chrome and go to the More option at the top-right corner. 
  2. Choose MoreTools – next, select Clear Browsing Data.
  3. When it asks for the time range, we suggest you go for deleting the data of All Time
  4. Tick both the boxes: ‘Cookies and Other Site Data’ and ‘Cached images and Files’ and confirm. 


  1. Open the Safari app and go to History on the main menu. 
  2. Choose the Clear option at the bottom.
  3. Delete data of All Time for better results.

Note: to be on the safer side and to avoid any types of bugs and glitches – you must always make sure that cache and cookies are always less and clean them periodically.

Use Another Browser and Device

If you were already facing minor bugs and glitches while using the device — prior to facing the Character AI login not working issue, then that might be the sole cause the platform isn’t working on your browser. 

Therefore, you should try using some alternative device for the time being. 

Likewise, if you are facing an issue with your browser, then you should swap browsers or try using a different browser on a different device.

Create a New Account 

Creating a new account just because your login wasn’t working sounds like a hassle, and it indeed is, unless there’s nothing else you can do about the problem.

Now, you can create a new account on Character AI and log in with an alternative email ID and password for the time being, only if you are in a hurry to use the platform. You can always use your previous account afterward when it’s all good again. 

Wait for Sometime

Since the issue is unknown, it might have been caused by a small technical issue in the system, with the solution that it might be solved on its own after some time.

Therefore, waiting for some time sounds like a reliable solution. 

Meanwhile, you can also go around on online forums and platforms to see what others, who are facing similar problems, are doing. 

Contact Customer Care

If none of the solutions worked, it’s time you turn to Character AI customer care. To contact them, you can visit the contact us page on its official website, or, either search for your answers in the frequently asked questions, or report and ask for help in the community.

You can also send your report through email –, or choose to connect with them through social media platforms and communities like Reddit, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I log into

If you can’t log in to your character AI account, then that might be because the password and ID you are typing in are incorrect, the Internet connection is unstable, or your device has issues or isn’t updated to the latest version. 

Why is Character Ai login not working on mobile?

If the Character Ai login is not working on mobile for you, then that might be because there is an issue with your device, it might not be entirely compatible with the Character Ai app, or there might be an issue in the Character Ai system.

Try Alternatives-