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Revive app review | Best Photo Animation App [2024]

Revive app review | Best Photo Animation App [2024]

Revive app review: Revive is a hilarious photo animation app that allows you to make an animation from any photo. You do not need editing skills or the time to learn them. With a single tap, any image can sing or speak. It brings photos to life. 

If you are wondering what is its cost, its key features, and whether it is worth installing, then you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll mention a detailed Revive app review that help you decide whether to use this app or not. 

Overview of Revive app review

Revive turns any boring photo into something unusual and entertaining. Begin a conversation in a messenger, receive feedback on social media, or demonstrate an opinion with a Revive video. You do not need editing abilities. Just take a selfie, add a lip sync effect and make your face dance! With lip sync, Revive transforms any boring image into something strange and entertaining.

It is a fun photo animator app. With the animation creator, you can edit photos, selfies, and memes. Make your photos stand out. With your animated photos, you can start a conversation in a messenger, get comments on social media, or illustrate an opinion with a Revive video. Animate a photo that contains a face for an instant comic effect. With the animation creator, you can edit sketches, comics, memes, or pictures. Bring images to life. Create live portraits that include a face for an instant animation effect.

Revive app review

Key features

The app's best features include

  • There are numerous animations that you can use on your or your friends' photos
  • You can organize challenges or even games with your audience on social networks
  • Create funny videos or live photos
  • Prank your family with animation creator game

Revive sound types include

Top phrases and songs from your favorite celebrities or actors, and daily memes are included. Every day, new songs, sounds, and lines are added.

Popular Songs

Make your selfie, your child's selfie, or your best friend's selfie sing rock hits, pop music classics, or karaoke favorites that best reflect their personality.

Meme noises

To capitalize on a trend, animate your photos into viral video hits and share the hilarious results. There's no need to record a video; simply Revive.

Film and television quotes

Choose a phrase that complements the image and makes a funny combination.

How to Use Revive App ?

  • Include a photograph
  • Select a sound or phrase you want it to sing or say
  • Use Revive to make a photograph sing and dance
  • Share it with your social media friends

Here's what Revive can do for you

  • Using the photo animator, you can bring images to life and share them with the rest of the world.
  • Replace your regular profile photo with a live one.
  • Revive is the ideal animation software for creating classic art portraits with a persona.


After the first try, you can't get past the commercials and use the app. When you reload, it now asks for $45 in payment.

Is it worth it?

You can make new memories out of old photos, which will bring you a lot of joy in your life. We recommend this app to friends and family, many of whom have decided to buy it for themselves. In our opinion, this app is well worth the money. Revive, thank you!

Conclusion for Revive app review

Revive is a free, open-source ad-serving software that is used by publishers, ad networks, and advertisers. It allows them to serve ads on websites, apps, and video players while collecting detailed statistics on impressions, clicks, and conversions through an easy-to-use interface.

At the same time, manage and run ad campaigns for multiple advertisers from ad exchanges and networks. Revive allows publishers to define rules for the campaign and ad delivery, such as frequency capping, URL targeting, and geo-targeting. Furthermore, the platform allows for campaign performance tracking and reporting, including impressions, clicks, click-through rates, conversion rates, revenue, eCPM, and conversion details such as basket value and the number of items purchased.

Some points to be noticed are-

Key features include free software and a web-hosted edition.

The world's most popular free and open-source ad-serving system.

Platforms include iOS, Android, and Mobile Web.


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Is Revive MD approved by the FDA?

Revive MD Products are distinctive in that they are formulated based on clinical research and manufactured in a cGMP-certified, FDA-audited manufacturing facility.

Is it possible to return Revive for free?

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