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Carnival Website Not working: Try These Steps To Fix [2024]

Carnival Website Not working: Try These Steps To Fix [2024]

Carnival website not working? Did you get in trouble while using the Carnival website? Here, we will go through how to fix the Carnival website not working issues on your device. 

The Carnival website allows you to plan cruise activities, purchase gifts and services, schedule spa treatments, book shore excursions, purchase Wi-Fi plans, make restaurant reservations, and check-in for your cruise.

Carnival Website Not Working?

A lot of people have complained that their Carnival website is not working. Due to several bugs and glitches slowing it down. If you wish to check if the Carnival website is down, you should visit the Updownradar website and check for any Carnival outages reports.

Carnival Website not working

Why is the Carnival Website Not Working?

There can be a lot of reasons why Carnival website is not working, this includes server down, unstable internet connection, device not compatible with cache and cookies or temporary service outages.

Follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps to know how to fix the Carnival website not working issue:

Check Reddit, Forums and Twitter 

Visit Reddit, Twitter or Other Forums and check if others are also facing this issue. You can also try visiting other social media platforms like Facebook to see if they are discussing the Carnival website not working issue.

Even if you cannot find the specific cause or remedy, you will know what to do in this situation.

How to fix: Carnival website Not Working?

The general troubleshooting issues to solve Carnival website not working issues are mentioned below.

Check Internet Connection

Make sure the internet connection is turned on and receive a stable network. If it is not receiving a stable connection, you can try to turn off your connection and on again after some time.

If it doesn't work, you should try switching to the Wi-Fi connection. You may also reboot the device or turn it on and off again to get a stable network.

Clear Browser Cache

Sometimes, the cache or the stored data of the Carnival website gets corrupted, which reduces the website performance. Clearing the browser cache and unwanted files can help you fix the issue.

Follow the steps to know how you can clear the browser cache.

For Chrome:

  1. Turn on Chrome and select the Main menu option at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the More tools option and Clear browsing data option next.
  3. Tap on the All time option to clear the cache and cookies of all time.
  4. Put a tick on the boxes mentioned beside the Cached images and files option along with Cookies and other side data options.

For Safari:

  1. Turn on Safari and choose the Settings option.
  2. Next, tap on the Safari option from the menu.
  3. Select the Clear history and website data option.
  4. Travel back to the Settings menu and choose the Safari option again.
  5. Tap on the Advanced website data along with Remove all website data options.

Switch Off the VPN

If the device you are using has a VPN switch on, then the Carnival website will never open. Therefore, switch off the VPN and try accessing Carnival again.


Wait until the issue is resolved on Carnival's end. You can also try returning to the website after a few days or after some time has passed.

Check Browser Compatibility

There's a chance that the Carnival website simply does not work with the browser you're using right now. If this is the case, your only option is to switch to a different browser and try to access the Carnival website once more.

Log out and Log into your Account

If Carnival website is glitching, then the issue might be with your account, because it has gathered a good amount of user data. To fix this, log out and log in to your account after some time.

Update Browser

If your browser is not updated, then it will show you bugs and glitches while using it. So, update your browser and then visit the Carnival website again.

Contact Customer Service

Carnival has offered users to contact assistance with technical issues or system errors contact their Online Support at 800-845-2599 or call 305-599-2600, if you are outside the US. You can call them from Monday to Friday 9 AM to 10 PM and Saturday- Sunday 9 AM to 6 PM.

Carnival Cruise website not working

The server is overloaded, unavailable, or unreachable most likely due to a network issue, outage, or ongoing website maintenance. Therefore, follow the above solutions to resolve this problem.

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Final Words

If you only face minor bugs or glitches all of the solutions listed in this article are sufficient to solve your Carnival website not working issue. If it still does not solve your issue, you can contact them.


Why is the Carnival website not working normally?

If the Carnival website isn't functioning, there may be a temporary outage from Carnival’s main servers or the app may be facing heavy traffic all at once. This problem can be resolved by checking your internet connection, removing and reinstalling the app, and other methods.

Why am I constantly seeing a loading screen?

Check your internet connection to see if you are receiving enough network to run the Carnival website if you are constantly seeing the loading screen.