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13 Best Brands like Burberry, Better & Cheaper! [2024] 

13 Best Brands like Burberry, Better & Cheaper! [2024] 

Brands like Burberry: Burberry brand has been in the top 500 Global Brands rated by customers worldwide. But finding everything at one stop is next to impossible, making the way to look for the best alternatives around.

In this article, we are going to focus on researching the best brands like Burberry which suit its statement, styling, and collection for the similar style of fashion and luxury. Burberry has made its stand on selling the best leather bags, authentic jewelry pieces, high-end dressing lines, etc.

By the end of the article, you will get a detailed idea about what these most amazing and outspoken brands have in store for you concerning Burberry’s alternative. Let us dive straight into the article.

List of Brands like Burberry

1. Gucci

Gucci Brands like Burberry

Gucci has it all the branding, the collection, the fame, everything a brand should have. Gucci is another Italian powerhouse like Burberry- a British powerhouse in the fashion industry.

When you want something leather and luxurious- Gucci is the one-stop solution for you. If you are one of the Gen Y there looking for edgy designs and outlooks then you can for sure check their website for shopping amazing pieces for you.

Key Highlights

  • The shopping category available for Gucci is as – Handbags, Travel, Women, men, MX, Children, etc.
  • Customers can also find a jewelry collection, beauty section, gift section, décor, lifestyle, etc within the Gucci Product Line.
  • The collection famous from Gucci stores is Gucci Horsebit 1955, Resort and Fall Collection, etc.
  • The website store is well designed with sign-in to the account facility, and contact us facility, with an easy navigation system.

2. Prada


The second Italian Powerhouse is no other than Prada. Prada is a quite famous brand for business class. Again like Burberry and Gucci, Prada offers a huge collection of leather bags and shoes to select the best among the rest.

Even if you are keen about accessories and perfumes then Prada will never upset you. The lesser-known fact about Prada is they are one of the biggest investors in the technology across the supply chain of core strengths.

Key Highlights

  • Prada is one of the best online stores to come across after Burberry.
  • The shopping and menu category of their online store is simply divided among women, men, bags, gifts, linear ossa, and pradashepere.
  • The collection offered by Parada is entitled Prada Tropico Women, Prada Tropico Men, Prada Summer Bags, Prada Galleria, etc.
  • The website store has an appealing user interface, a clean and minimal theme, and easy navigation.
  • Prada offers a huge collection of technical gear, ski wear, fragrances, sunglasses, etc.

3. Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent stands for Yves Saint Laurent. It is one of the best French luxury brands to shop from. The collection of Saint Laurent is rich and sophisticated as Burberry.

Saint Laurent makes the best Burberry alternative because of the expensive and glamorous handbag collection it has in store to offer the same audience group. YSL also stands for YSL Beauty Line which is under the influence of L’Oreal.

Key Highlights

  • The official website has its menu panelized into the sections of Saint Laurent Men, Saint Laurent Women, Gifts, Collections, La Maison, etc.
  • The website has an easy store locator to find offline stores for easy access.
  • The recent collection offered by YSL is under the heads of Men’s Summer 24, Women’s Winter 23, Men’s Winter 23, and Women’s Summer 23.
  • YSL also has a self-corner dedicated to themselves and also Productions are available to look for.

4. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

LV or briefly known as Louis Vuitton, greatest brand in the fashion industry likewise Burberry. Louis Vuitton is a great choice if you are looking for classy and popular outlooks to make a statement.

LV stands for the top three luxury brands around the globe, so shopping from LV will never make your day dull.

Key Highlights

  • It is a custom-made luxury brand that has been one of the most profitable brands in the fashion industry.
  • The new collection offered by LV is under the heads of Men’s Fall and Winter Collection, Women’s Fall and Winter Collection, Louis Vuitton Deep Time, LV By The Pool, Taurillon Monogram and Monogram Macassar, Zendaya and the Capucines, Tambour, Silver Lockit, Spell On You, etc.
  • The user interface of Louis Vuitton is made up of video customization and a minimal eye-catching theme.
  • The color theme is monochromic i.e. black and white with a touch of easy navigation such as Meenubar, Search, Wishlist, My LV, etc.

5. Versace


Versace comes again in the list of Italian luxury stores coming straight from Milan. And  Milan is one of the huge capital for luxury, glamour, fashion statement, and whatnot.

Versace comes under one of the brands like Burberry because of its high-end quality products, unique collection, sneaker house, etc.

Key Highlights

  • The Versace user interface is simple, yet eye-popping with offerings of discounts and sales.
  • The shopping category offered by Versace is under bags, women, men, home and lifestyle, children, jeans, sale, etc.
  • Customers can also find a gift corner under Versace to gift the best to their loved ones.
  • Versace has an easy store locator for physical store access.
  • Customers can also create a wishlist for them to buy later.

6. Swarovski


As known, Burberry not on stands as a huge platform for the fashion industry but also has a huge statement-making shine in the industry of jewelry. Hence while talking about brands like Burberry, jewelry alternatives cannot be missed.

Hence, Swarovski can be stated as one of the best brands like Burberry under the category of jewelry. Swarovski is available all over the globe in different regions to shop from whether it is Canada, the United States, India, or some other region.

Key Highlights

  • The shopping category offered by Swarovski is under sale, new in, jewelry, watches, accessories, decorations, etc.
  • Swarovski also offers a gifting corner where you can preferably choose memorable gifts for your loved ones.
  • You can also get hefty discounts and monthly sales options whenever you shop from  Swarovski.
  • Swarovski also offers Crystal Society to be a part of their classic collection.

7. Hermes


From the heart of Paris, Hermes is said to be one of the best Burberry alternatives. If you are looking for quirky yet classy products then Hermes Paris will not at all bore you.

Hermes Paris has an easy and simple user interface which makes everything easy to shop from. It has a 24×7 customer support system to solve all the queries of their customer.

Key Highlights

  • The shopping category of Hermes Paris is divided among Women, Men, Home, Outdoor, jewelry, watches, fragrances, makeup, etc.
  • Hermes also has gifting and special edition corners to choose the best products.
  • The store locator is also available on their website to check for the physical stores.
  • Customers can easily shop for ready-to-wear editions, scarves, shawls, shoes, bags,  belts, hats, tech accessories, etc.
  • Baby gifts are also one of the categories of Hermes Paris.

8. Fendi


Fendi is one of the top Burberry alternatives to go through deeply. The user interface of Fendi is glamorous as the brand is.

Fendi is a well-known brand in the fashion and bag industry to grab million of the attention your way. Fendi Products are a great help to make you stand outside the crowd with elegant and chic looks.

Key Highlights

  • The website of Fendi has easy and smooth navigation.
  • The menubar is divided among the titles of woman, man, kids, gift ideas, home décor, etc.
  • The client services portal is also available on their website to check for the same.
  • There is a dedicated corner for Fendi to know what’s inside Fendi.
  • It offers a wishlist to save the best products to buy it later.

10. Tiffany


You can never go wrong with Tiffany. As per the global review, it is always observed that if it’s a ring, it is from Tiffany 90% of the time, and the rest of the time people just wish it to be from Tiffany.

Tiffany stands for the best and finest jewelry store around the world. Tiffany and Co are considered to offer the world's best luxury gifts and jewelry for your loved ones. Hence, Tiffany surely comes under the list of Brands like Burberry.

Key Highlights

  • The shopping category available with Tiffany and Co comes under the head of jewelry, Gifts, Love and Engagement, fine watches, home and accessories, fragrances, etc.
  • You can easily contact them for any queries related to their company and products from their customer portal.
  • The book my appointment feature is also available to book personal appointments with Tiffany.
  •  Tiffany also provides complimentary deliveries and returns for their customers.
  • The newsletter facility is also available to sign up for knowing first everything about Tiffany.


Here we come to the end of the article featuring the best brands like Burberry. Hope you find the perfect alternative to Burberry’s performance. To get more alternatives to famous brands, stay tuned with ViralTalky.


What brands are similar to Burberry?

The brands similar to Burberry are Gucci, Tiffany, etc which you will find in this article to know what they have to offer you.

Is Burberry considered a luxury brand?

Yes. Burberry is one of the luxury fashion houses established in the early 1800s.

Which is a better brand Burberry or Gucci?

To get a detailed answer to this question, you need to check out this article for deciding factors. 

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