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11 Top Brands Like Marc Jacobs to Check Out [2024]

11 Top Brands Like Marc Jacobs to Check Out [2024]

Brands Like Marc Jacobs: The talk of the town today is Brands Like Marc Jacobs. If you don’t know about Marc Jacobs, then you surely need to rethink your existence. Marc Jacobs is in the fashion industry since the trends started making the world crazy.  

In this article, we are going to look for the brands like Marc Jacobs which can be your best friend in fashion trends and on which you can easily rely for winning the fashion game always.  

By the end of the article, you will get to know about 11 Brands Like Marc Jacobs with their key highlights to jot down for future fashion influences.  

List of Brands Like Marc Jacobs

1. Michael Kors  

Michael Kors Brands Like Marc Jacobs

Michael Kors is known for his initial startup from his parent’s basement to leaving a patent mark on his brand launched in the year 1981. Michael Kors is known for their statement bags and shoes.  

Just Like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors can be called a powerhouse for setting trends. Not only bags and shoes but to grab your attention well, Michael Kors have a unique collection of 14K Gold Plated Jewellery and watches to polish your wardrobe perfectly. 

Key Highlights 

  • For a super easy shopping experience, the official website is kept minimal and has an easy user interface. 
  • Users can easily find what they want to buy from the left-hand side cornered menu showcasing categories of Sale, New, Women, men etc. 
  • Michael Kors also has a patent menu for their official collection shopping. 
  • The website also comes with handy find a store locator. 
  • For easy tracking of orders and supplies, the website also has a dedicated page for tracking your orders in real time.  

2. Fendi 


Fendi is exactly a brand like Marc Jacobs to keep your eyes on. It has a unique user interface and an eye-catching collection. Users will find her collection divided into Men’s and Women's Sections.  

Another unique statement-making thing about Fendi is their customised collection of zodiac signs, where users can shop from Fendi according to their zodiac sign styles. If users want to book an appointment with Fendi, they can make it quickly via the official website.  

Key Highlights  

  • Store Finder is located on their official website to find their stores easily. 
  • You can easily ship your orders to different places on the globe via Fendi. 
  • Fendi offers categories to shop like Woman, Men, Kids, Gift Ideas, Home Décor, Inside Fendi etc.  
  • It also has a unique category under the title of Fendi & Me to explore. 
  • Customer care services of Fendi are available by email or phone to solve any queries of the customers.  
  • Fendi also offers free return services within 14 days of delivery.  

3. Chanel 


Chanel was introduced by Coco Chanel in 1909. Chanel is another brand like Marc Jacobs which makes its statement in the fashion industry to date. Chanel is known by every human attached to the fashion industry. 

In the initial stage, Chanel was only known for dresses such as little black dresses in the era of World War I. After the expansion of the brand, now Chanel offers a product line of perfumes, clothes, bags, accessories and a lot more.  

Key Highlights  

  • Chanel offers classy, sophisticated products only ranging from $4000+. 
  • The brand offers makeup products, perfumes, high-end quality check bags, and clothing to stun the world. 
  • Chanel has a huge brand image in terms of media coverage and popularity around the world.  
  • Chanel has offline stores as well as an online official website to visit.  

4. Coach 

Coach Brand

Coach is a huge star in terms of Brands Like Marc Jacobs. You can never go wrong in shopping from Coach.  

The website user interface of Coach is worthy of applause, as it offers everything a customer wants from a store locator, live streaming of sales and collection, a bunch of discounts and free shipping offers etc.  

Key Highlights  

  • The website has an easy user-friendly store locator available. 
  • The brand offers shopping categories such as Tabby, Sale, New, Women, Men, Bags etc. 
  • Coach Insider is a unique menu on their official website to grab some products from. 
  • The website also has a category of Shop By which represents made by order and their original collection to shop from. 
  • Coach offers one-year repair warranties, free shipping and returns, buy now pay later features and a lot more.  

5. Burberry 


Burberry stands for simplicity. The marketing for the brand is kept minimal, the choice of selection is kept simple and everything is user-friendly.  

Burberry offers to book an appointment feature from their official website. It also has its official app to download and shop from. Customers can also sign up for a newsletter to get updates on sales, discounts, new collections etc.  

Key Highlights  

  • The shopping category of Burberry has coats and jackets, bags, sandals, women's clothing, men's clothing and children's collection. 
  • The website offers customer services like returns facilities, a contact page, customer services etc. 
  • Other services offered by Burberry are pick-up from store options, free returns, gift returns, order cancellation, refund facilities etc.  
  • The handy menu bar divides the collection of Burberry under the Gifts corner, New In category, and gender-specific collection. 
  • Burberry also stands out for its bag collection and trench coats collection specifically.  

6. Kate Spade  

Kate Spade

Getting a huge collection to shop for is a dream of every shopper. To fulfil such dreams, Kate Spade is the best place to get your shopping started.  

Kate Spade’s official website can steal your heart easily. The user interface is eye-catching, heartwarming and trend-setting to get mesmerised. Kate Spade is one of the well-known brands like Marc Jacobs. 

Key Highlights  

  • The store locator is easily available on the official website of Kate Spade New York. 
  • The menu bar is divided for shopping under the head of handbags, wallets, just dropped items, sales, designer homes, shoes, clothing etc.  
  • Customers can also find jewellery and accessories dedicated to their shopping page to choose from. 
  • Kate Spade offers a gift category to shop and gifts your loved one's valuable items. 
  • Customer services are 24×7 available with chat assistance under the website portal of Kate Spade. 

7. Gucci  


Gucci is one of the well-known and well-set brands in terms of fashion and shopping. Gucci has been in the fashion industry since the very initial stage of growing fashion statements and acknowledgement of different styles. 

As always, Gucci never fails to make a trend-setting presence like its official shopping website. As soon as you open their website to shop you are taken aback to look out for the best collection of Gucci.  

Key Highlights  

  • The category to shop from Gucci is a never-ending list, you can go shopping forever from Gucci. 
  • The topmost category to shop from Gucci comes under the head of Travel, Handbags, gender-specific collections, jewellery and accessories, décor and lifestyle etc.  
  • There is a separate dedication for beauty products curated by Gucci for their beloved customers. 
  • To solve the queries of customers they have phone call assistance, chat assistance and store locator to resolve them physically.  

8. Rebecca Minkoff 

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff can be a secret statement made in terms of other brands. It is a soothing, simple yet elegant brand to shop for your important stuff from.  

You can find a dedicated fragrance corner with Rebecca Minkoff to choose your signature scent. Handbags and Shoes are a special category of the brand which has unique designs and a rare collection. 

Key Highlights 

  • It offers free shipping in the region of the United States.  
  • Rebecca Minkoff offers 15% off on customers' first orders.  
  • The menu also divides the collection of Rebecca Minkoff into gender shopping, shoes, accessories, sales, home etc.  
  • You can find Rebecca Minkoff’s story details under Our story title head available on their website. 

9. Tory Burch  

Tory Burch

Are you a sports fan? Or a fashion lover? Then Tory Burch will never disappoint you in any criteria. Tory Burch has simplified its website into two criteria, the Tory Burch Collection and Tory Sport Collection.  

Sports lovers can shop from Tory Sport easily and fashion lovers can directly dive into Tory Burch Collection. Both collections have huge category lists to select the best products for yourself. Hence Tory Burch is a similar brand to Marc Jacobs. 

Key Highlights  

  • In Tory Sports, customers can shop from the lists of dresses, tops, shirts, sweaters, bottoms, jackets, outwear, sports bras, hats, etc.  
  • In Tory Burch, customers can choose from the new collection, handbags, totes, cotton dresses, sales, ready-to-wear dresses, accessories, jewellery etc.  
  • Tory Burch has a dedicated corner for empowering women which is a unique portrayal of a sense of social responsibility.  
  • It has found a store locator to grab items from a physical store nearby your location. 
  • Tory Burch offers a gift card option to gift your loved ones a beautiful token of love. 

10. Ted Baker 

Ted Baker

One-Stop Solution for handbags and designer dresses is Ted Baker. Ted Baker London is a brand like Marc Jacobs that offers a huge collection to warm your heart and empty your pockets with love. 

Sales are always appealing when it comes to shopping from Ted Baker. They offer heavy discounts, free shipping offers, pride partnerships etc to stand out as huge fashion makers.  

Key Highlights  

  • The menu bar is kept quite simple to shop in the categories of sale, women, men, homeware, outlets etc. 
  • The store finder is available to locate stores around the globe. 
  • Ted Baker also has wish list criteria to save your favourite products to shop for later. 
  • Track My Order feature is available with Ted Baker London. 
  • The brand is proudly active with pride month celebration, social awareness etc.  

11. Prada  


Prada is one of the top brands when we talk about any, hence it is surely a brand like Marc Jacobs. Prada is popular for its bags, perfumes, accessories and clothing. 

The website is chic, simple, user-friendly and beautiful to watch. Prada has been in the fashion industry since the year 1913. Customers can shop almost everything they need for seasonal changes with Prada.  

Key Highlights  

  • Prada has a very simple menu bar which divides the shopping section into men's and women's.  
  • You can buy formal and casual styles from Prada to top up your business game as always.  
  • It offers free returns, easy deliveries, first-order offers, ties up with more brands etc.  
  • The bags and backpack collection of Prada is the heart of Prada’s Foundation in the Fashion Industry. 
  • You can check more about Prada here. 


Here, we come to the final verdict of Brands Like Marc Jacobs. Hope you can now easily find the best out of these 11 brands to fill your wardrobe, up your fashion game and win attention and glares everywhere you go. 


What brands are similar to Marc Jacobs?

The brands similar to Marc Jacobs are Prada, Gucci, Kate Spade etc. Check the full article here to select the best brands like Marc Jacobs.