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13 Best Brands like ASTR The Label to Shop From [2024]

13 Best Brands like ASTR The Label to Shop From [2024]

Brands like ASTR The Label: So many trusted, popular, and worldwide leading fashion brands in the market, but even so, they are not always on point with fashion like you need. Sometimes, the prices may be too high to consider, or for some – the collection is just not what you want.

However, there are still some gems in the crowd, one of them being the ASTR The Label. ASTR The Label is a fashion favorite for many – here to keep your wardrobe and you ready for new fashion challenges.

With ASTR The Label, you can discover new styles in fashion through essentials, such as tops, bottoms, dresses, and rompers. But, it’s not the only good one in the crowd. Yes, there are many more brands like ASTR The Label to enlighten you – with the top ones mentioned right below in this article. 

List of Brands like ASTR The Label:

1. ASN 

ASN Brands like ASTR

ASN is a premium fashion brand that mixes leisure with luxury to produce a modern fashion style – including World’s most timeless and lovely accessories: hats. 

ASN is well-known for its contemporary collection of women’s wear. Its catalog lists an assortment of departments, including hats, bumper stickers, and shirts – including tank tops, tees, and long sleeves.

Key Highlights

  • The sizing goes from small up to 3XL.
  • You get to choose from a good range of colors for almost all the products listed on its online store.
  • It offers a flexible payment method – buy now and pay later, through ShopPay.

2. Atelier Mon 

Atelier Mon Brand

Unlike many brands presented in this article, Atelier Mon is here to show its beautiful handcrafted, semi-precious jewelry collection – completely focused on quality materials with craftsmanship.

Atelier Mon is a promising destination to explore classic yet contemporary style – giving the best vibes of elegance. It uses unique designs combined with traditional techniques – along with a touch of modern aesthetics to give you multiple timeless patterns for all types of events and occasions. 

Key Highlights

  • Atelier Mon has more than just a couple of collections to offer with every visit, like Ivory, Cerulean, Bauble Gum, Candy Cabana, and Grecian Goddess as of June 2024. 
  • It allows you to choose your plating for the majority of the pieces – mainly having options such as 14-karat gold or silver.
  • If you visit its online store, they also offer the best gift boxes. 

3. Reformation

Reformation brand

Since being bare is the No 1 for sustainability – Reformation here has got the 2nd rank. This label revolves around sustainable clothing and accessories – the very main reason to choose it over many similar ones.

Reformation is a go-to shopping platform for many eco-conscious people out there. It’s mainly focused on chic designs, while it also offers a good selection of trendy and feminine styles, entirely produced from eco-friendly fabrics.

Also, every department comes with subsections to help in research. For instance, the linen dresses section has varieties, such as white dresses, best of dresses, floral dresses, linen dresses, and spring dresses, till June 2024.

Key Highlights

  • Many listings have a couple of options in colors and patterns.
  • You get to choose the interest-free payment method through Afterpay.
  • The majority of the products on its online store are eligible for free shipping.

4. Dorothy Perkins 

Dorothy Perkins Brand

Do you want to shop for a range of work and special event clothes but with a touch of sophisticated and streetwear style? Then you must visit Dorothy Perkins.

Dorothy Perkins, as expected, focuses on comfort and the material of clothes. It concentrates more on flattering silhouettes along with timeless patterns – one of the most popular brands for fashion-savvy buyers.

Key Highlights

  • The price range starts from surprising numbers, and the rates are highly affordable.
  • It has sizes from 6 to 22.
  • You can find variety in colors for many listings.

5. The Fifth Label 

The Fifth Label Brand

The majority of the list includes brands offering versatile styles, but barely a couple of them offer fashion that will help you easily go from day to night in a snap. Fortunately, The Fifth Label is one of them.

The Fifth Label is well-known for its contemporary collection of women’s apparel. It’s also considered for morphing high fashion with fierce streetwear, specifically altered for this modern generation. 

Key Highlights

  • The Fifth Label can be called a home for vibrant colors, including neon and bright shades.
  • It offers an interest-free payment method through Afterpay.
  • Most of the items listed come in a variety of shades.

6. H&M 

H&M Brand

H&M is, undoubtedly, a home for discovering various styles in fashion and new trends. Why? Because, apart from its high popularity throughout the world – it literally has a special section completely for all its trendiest items.

With H&M, you certainly don’t have to doubt the quality, while the prices are highly reasonable. There are always offers and deals available at its online as well as offline stores – making it one of the go-to fashion destinations for millions.

Key Highlights

  • H&M works to enhance your shopping experience by using sustainable means.
  • With H&M, you can buy complete outfits for her and him, as well as babies, and kids.
  • It has a special session for home essentials – concluding with some of the most unique and standing artifacts. 

7. Jacob Cohën 

Jacob Cohën Brand

Jacob Cohën is a luxury brand from Italy – concentrates on handcrafted denim for both men and women, along with a special collection of contemporary ready-to-wear apparel.

Whether you are invested in its denim collection or want to shop for new seasons and occasions like summer – Jacob Cohën will have multiple collections to lure you in.

Moreover, clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, and clothing and accessories for women, are the only departments you can shop from at Jacob Cohën.

Key Highlights

  • Jacob Cohën works with a goal to provide you with high-quality jeans that prioritize both comfort and fashion.
  • It offers a great variety of premium denim apparel for all discerning buyers. 


ATSU Brand

ATSU is a high-end fashion label – well-known for its complex craftsmanship along with detailing for every piece it creates. 

Another highlight of ATSU can be its combination of traditional tailoring with modern technology – giving rise to an exquisite clothing style, and transmitting the best sense of luxe fashion. 

Whether you are interested in flower designs or beaded dresses – from front fur patterns to sequins and bows – ATSU has a reasonable collection of dresses you must have a look at if you want to stand out.

Key Highlights

  • You are allowed to buy more than one piece of one dress by entering your preferred quantity in the specific section.
  • ATSU is a home for both combinations – nude and light colors as well as vibrant and neon shades. 

9. Express

Express Brand

The fashion market has plenty of titles offering modern and versatile apparel for men and women, but one with the best quality, prioritizing your comfort can be – Express.

With Express, you get to discover multiple sleek designs and it has many types of materials and fabrics to offer. In addition to that, it also provides a wardrobe staple that fits perfectly for work or even a night out.

As for the departments, you can shop for sweaters, suits, coats, dresses, jeans, and many such clothing essentials offered by Express. 

Key Highlights

  • While the quality is satisfying, the prices are extremely reasonable, and it also offers multiple deals and combo offers.
  • You can either shop by length or occasion.
  • The star rating and review section on its online stores helps a lot in decision-making.
  • Plenty of pieces come in a variety of colors.

10. Storets 

Storets Brand

Storets is the only fashion brand from Korea that delivers feminine and chic clothing with a bit of flair. Storets is all about women’s fashion and releases premium collections with every new season and occasion.

Storets is a store – more like a home for different types of styles. It’s one of the best fashion-forward platforms where you can find tops, bottoms, sets, co-ords, dresses, jumpsuits, and outerwear from the clothing department and accessories. 

Key Highlights

  • It lets off a cheery vibe mostly and has many selections for a cute and cheery vibe.
  • You get free shipping on orders above $150.
  • Many listings on its online store come in a variety of colors. 

12. Atelier Paulin 

Atelier Paulin Brand

Atelier Paulin, from France, is known for its creation of personalized pieces of jewelry. All the items from this Atelier are crafted by hand with good material, gold wire, by professional and passionate artisans in Paris. 

Atelier Paulin has bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more types of accessories to offer. Additionally, its most focus is on self-expression, while it provides customers the chance to customize their pieces according to their likes.

Key Highlights

  • If you visit its online store for gifts – then you can shop by recipient, price, or occasion accordingly.
  • For personalization of words – 1 to 10 letters are accepted.

13. STAUD 


Whether you are invested in vibrant colors like bright or neon orange – or want something sleek, yet elegant, STAUD here has multiple pieces to catch your attention. 

STAUD loves to walk along the new trends in fashion styles in the fashion industry – with all the pieces screaming good quality and satisfaction.

With STAUD, you can discover a good set of essentials including clothing, handbags, shoes, pet, and bridal. 

Key Highlights

  • STAUD has great deals for the start of every new season along with premium collections. 
  • Cotton, silk, georgette, beaded, knitted, etc — you name it, and STAUD will offer it.
  • You’ll find a variety of colors for the majority of the products.

Final Words

To curate a list of best stores like ASTR The Label for you, we searched multiple stores and articles – opinions and reviews, to bring you the leading ones offering good quality, reasonable prices, unusual patterns, and most importantly, collections and updates to walk along with new trends.

Apart from that, the internet, of course, contains many more suggestions. But, if you want to quit wasting time on searching, then you must visit all – or at least the selective stores from the above-mentioned list before trying others. 

With this, we have come to a conclusion, and hope you now know which store to visit next for the trendiest fashion. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are the best brands like ASTR The Label?

Nasty Gal, Reformation, The Fifth Label, STAUD, Atelier Mon, Storets, ATSU, Express, Atelier Paulin, ASN, and Jacob Cohën are some of the best brands like ASTR The Label for luxury shopping, for both men and women. 

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