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13 Top Brands like Buck Mason: Uncover New Favorites [2024]

13 Top Brands like Buck Mason: Uncover New Favorites [2024]

Brands like Buck Mason: When the Internet and fashion market is filled with plenty to choose from – it’s easy to get confused, especially when there are so many brands, offering quality clothes and an updated inventory.

One of these brands is Buck Mason – a USA-based men’s clothing label that offers most of its services through online stores. It’s highly inspired by laid-back California – hinting at easy living, along with Simplicity and Quality, and the same can be seen in their collections.

Buck Mason has plenty of styles to help you stay on point with today’s trends, and revamp your wardrobe with clothes that’ll go well with you for a good couple of years. 

However, it’s certainly not the only good option for men’s clothing brands in the market. Therefore, if you’re interested to know more about similar labels, then continue reading this article because it contains a list of the top best male clothing brands like Buck Mason. 

List of Brands like Buck Mason:

1. Levi’s 

Levi’s Brands like Buck Mason

If you are one of those who truly love denim – then Levi’s offering the first denim overalls is here to take the name, with a true focus on sustainability and quality of clothes.

Levi’s is a US-based clothing brand of denim jeans for both men and women. At Levi’s, you get to shop for T-shirts, shirts, jeans, and a good set of items from the accessories department.

Key Highlights

  • The graphic tees from the graphic items collection are a must-have for your streetwear and funky-style wardrobe.
  • There is always a clearance sale available at Levi’s.
  • You’ll constantly find promotional offers and deals at Levi’s, especially in its online stores.

2. Asket 

Asket Brand

Asket stands second in the list – one of the clearest and most transparent brands out there, that tells you exactly how much every piece costs to manufacture. 

Asket, like only a few similar brands, focuses more on the quality of garment, instead of convincing you to buy more. It only offers uncompromised quality to give you apparel made of exclusive, organic, and recycled materials – advancing in sustainability bit by bit.

Key Highlights

  • Asket offers links to descriptions, along with pictures of every factory, and the partner to manufacture your garment, including China, Australia, Portugal, and more locations in Europe.
  • It’s famous for updating its inventory with upcoming seasons, festivals, and occasions to keep you on point.

3. Taylor Stitch 

Taylor Stitch Brand

Taylor Stitch is an inspiring designer brand from California, offering you an array of men’s wear. Along with keeping its quality premium – it also believes in sustainable production, one of the many reasons to choose it. 

Taylor Stitch is not exactly dedicated to offering formal wear. But, if you are interested in going camping in a faraway land, behind the mountains, and enjoying a peaceful cup of tea in the woods – then Taylor Stitch will surely help you embrace comfort while you do so. 

Key Highlights

  • It has a workshop where they’ll be designing products and you will be crowdfunding them to save 20% – also helping the planet take on less waste. 
  • You'll get to shop for complete outfits through categories, such as shorts, footwear, accessories, sweaters, bottoms, and more.

4. Rogue Territory 

Rogue Territory Brand

Rogue Territory is a global label, primarily focused on quality denim and clothing for all those who prefer subtle design details with flawless fitting. 

Rogue Territory was initially started in 2008 by the team of a husband and wife, and they started with custom-made jeans. The business was quick to expand and soon included various other items for men’s workwear, including categories, such as trousers, shirts, jackets, etc.

Key Highlights

  • Rogue Territory items are all made in the US – with fine quality fabrics to last longer than you expect.
  • They have some really good collections of leather goods, including handmade items. 

5. Alex Mill 

Alex Mill Brand

Alex Mill is one of the expensive brands mentioned in this article. However, it focuses on giving you better quality clothes than focusing on more sales.

Alex Mill is here with a well-crafted mixture of classic essentials, with the list including: men’s and women’s clothing with khaki pants, slub tees, and woven shirts. 

At Alex Mill, you can try categories like jackets, tees, dresses, skirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, skirts, and more for women, and shorts, polos, shorts, blazers, jackets, and more for men.  

Key Highlights

  • It features at least one premium collection all the time and it only collaborates with well-known brands. 
  • It always offers a good assortment of colors. 

6. Outerknown 

Outerknown Brand

Outerknown might be the only brand that totally focuses on sustainability and offers fine craftsmanship. It claims to be leading the new generation — revolution with sustainable apparel with an approach to material quality and crafting. 

Outerknown not only deals in cotton for offering comfort – but it’s made to mix it with other tech fabrics to create pieces that look good and feel good. 

At Outerknown, you can explore a vast collection of products, from categories including bottoms, tops, accessories for men + jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, and accessories for women. 

Key Highlights

  • It’s known to offer a good set of styles and aesthetics, including vintage, minimalistic, and a couple more. 
  • You can find a good sort of colors and patterns for the majority of the products.
  • Shopping at its online store will give you the advantage of checking the star rating and reviews for every listing before buying. 

7. Mott & Bow 

Mott & Bow Brand

Mott & Bow is another one of our unique brands of putting you another unusual, and extraordinary collection of denim. The jeans at Mott & Bow might appear to be plain and simple to you – but every piece is uniquely made with diverse human touches.

As expected, Mott & Bow delivers a good variation in types of jeans, including straight, slim skinny, and twill denim along with eco-friendly denim. In addition to that, its clothing section includes more categories, such as chinos, sweaters, sweats, tees, underwear, and polos.

Key Highlights

  • You’ll get to choose from a good set of colors for most of the products at Mott & Bow.
  • Along with the waist size, it also asks you to choose an inseam size for a flawless fitting for slim jeans. 
  • Everyone gets free shipping on orders above $150 with easy returns.

8. Todd Snyder 

Todd Snyder Brand

Todd Snyder is a home for collaborations – a well-known menswear designer brand. It has an array of timeless essentials, and custom, soothing, iconic accessories that go well with statement pieces to show.

Todd Snyder acts as an ideal shopping destination for millions of men. That's not only because the quality is made to last longer than the trend, but the designs, patterns, and styles it has to submit is just impressive — convincing enough to choose it over the hundreds of others. 

Key Highlights

  • It is known for collaborating with multiple big titles, including Champion, Converse, Timex, and more to give your vintage collection a twist.
  • It submits a good list of clothing types with a good variety of fabrics – all made to offer comfort.

9. Madewell 

Madewell Store

Madewell, although focusing more on women’s fashion – is another store offering a unique men’s line with more focus on casual wear and subtle colors. 

At Madewell, the collections start with great quality jeans, while they offer big collections for denim, apparel, bags, accessories, etc for both men and women. 

As for its official category list, it includes a good set of departments, including accessories, apparel, shoes, bags, and denim.

Key Highlights

  • Madewell has stuff from a good variety of brands to offer, and the list has Donni, Reebok, Jade Swim, Natalie Martin, Solid & Striped, and more on it. 
  • It offers sizes from 14W to 28W including Curvy.
  • Madewell offers inseams starting from 2” till 9”.

10. Peter Manning 

Peter Manning Brand

OK, let’s be logical – if you are a short little guy, it’s quite hard to find clothes that fit you perfectly. That’s why, Peter Manning here is acting as one of the best stores like Buck Mason for all the short guys out there – who are interested in timeless fashion with updated shades and patterns. 

At Peter Manning, you can explore a good combination of high-quality apparel for all those not-so-tall men with shorter inseams, jackets with perfect sleeves and body length, and shirts that don’t need to be creased. 

Additionally, shorts, shirts, sweaters, blazers, outerwear, accessories, and active and loungewear are the categories you can shop from at Peter Manning. 

Key Highlights

  • There is a special section for a size guide, where you can find subsections like shirts, jackets, and pants. 
  • Almost every product listed on its online stores, comes in a good list of varieties in colors.
  • Sizes go from 1 to 4XL.

11. Frank and Oak 

Frank and Oak Brand

Frank and Oak is from Canada — a brand that specializes in manufacturing ethically-made casualwear for all men and women who love sartorial creation. 

Whether you are interested in vibrant colors, or want to go with a plain outfit – quality and collections at Frank and Oak are never compromised. Also, the prices are surprisingly lower than most of the labels mentioned in this article. 

Key Highlights

  • It has a vast variety in every collection it delivers, with more focus on vibrant shades.
  • It offers a flexible payment method – buy now and pay later with interest-free installments.
  • It offers free shipping on orders about only $50 with free returns. 

12. Grayers 

Grayers Brand

Grayers is another promising title in the list – a platform that must be discovered for its wide range of well-curated collections of finely crafted clothing. Apart from the styles and details of crafting, you’ll also find the fitting to be flawless and the quality has to be satisfying.

Grayers is more towards the bright and vibrant, yet not so bold colors and combinations. Also, you can shop from a bunch of categories, including tops, bottoms, and accessories.

Key Highlights

  • It offers a look catalog, which helps you shop for a specific look, instead of putting items together to create a somewhat good outfit. 
  • The majority of the items in its online stores come in a variety of colors.
  • You get online shipping on orders above $150.

13. Gustin 

Gustin Brand

Gustin is one of the most unique fashion brands in this article – primarily focusing on designing the clothes, offering them for pre-sales so that you can grab them before others, at a moderate price. 

Gustin is rich for its premium quality denim and other clothing sections specifically for men. It deals in a variety of departments, including jeans, shorts, accessories, and knits — all made in the US. 

Key Highlights

  • The quality of this brand is no joke because its manufacturers only partner with high-end brands.
  • You’ll find no items for direct sale — a business method that says no to waste. 

Final Words 

To be honest with you, apart from the brands mentioned in the above list, there are more brands in the market, offering fine quality craftsmanship for various styles, some even advancing in sustainability. 

However, the list of brands like Buck Mason mentioned in this article only contains the best titles for men’s clothing brands that offer you durability with all of the pieces. The prices may, indeed, be a bit extra than the usual brands – but so are the designs and quality.

Therefore, we will highly suggest you try all the brands like Buck Mason mentioned in the above list before you go for some other brands. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is Buck Mason’s competitor?

Levi’s, Todd Snyder, Taylor Stitch, and Alex Mill are some of the leading Buck Mason’s competitors. 

Are there any good clothing stores like Buck Mason?

Grayers, Gustin, Frank and Oak, Levi’s, Asket, Taylor Stitch, Rogue Territory, Mott & Bow, Outerknown, Alex Mill, Todd Snyder, Peter Manning, and Madewell are some of the good clothing stores like Buck Mason.

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