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Barclays App Error Code 00002 [How to Fix]

Barclays App Error Code 00002 [How to Fix]

Barclays App Error Code 00002: Today, we are going to talk about a trusted British multinational universal bank named Barclays. Barclays has two divisions, one for the UK and another for international use, working in this industry since 1690.

Like any other banking service, it also has a banking app and site. Its online services include all the usual services you find with online banking, like investments, transfers, etc., and, in the midst of all this, we must not forget it might also have bugs and error issues like any other similar service provider. 

Yes, we are talking about one of its highly problematic error issues, named Barclays app error code 00002. If this appears on your screen, then there is no way you are going ahead. But, you don’t need to worry, because the article below contains a list of helpful solutions to fix the same problem.

What is the Barclays App Error Code 00002?

The Barclays app error code 00002 comes with a unique message, something related to the domain Gateway service. 

Also, according to our research, there is also no specific solution or cause for this problem yet.

However, we still found a few predicted causes for the error, and they are as follows:

App Under Maintenance

If the Barclays app is under maintenance, then there’s no way you will be able to use it properly. The cause of maintenance can be anything – from a sudden service outage to regular maintenance checks, to make sure everything is working properly.

App is Buggy

Your Barclays app might have a bug or glitch in the system, which can be the definite cause of you facing the error problem.

Poor Internet Connection 

Even when you are not loading something that requires much connection, loading an application also requires much internet, and if your connection is poor or unstable, then that might be the sole cause of the problem.

How to Fix: Barclays App Error Code 00002

Check Your Internet Connection 

If your Internet connection is poor or unstable, then, as already mentioned above, the Barclays online banking app will show you problems and glitches, similar to this error code.

To solve this problem, check your Internet connection, and if it’s unstable or poor, then restart the connection source, restart your device, wait for some time till the network is good again, or simply switch to another network source.

Ensure the Barclays App is Compatible With Your Device

If you have recently installed the Barclays app on your device, and it has been showing constant issues since then, then it is safe to assume your device might not be compatible with the app. 

To check if that is the case, you can check the app’s platform compatibility list online, and if your device is really not compatible, then all you can do is change the device.

Update Your Barclays App

You must always keep your apps updated, and if you don’t do that, then the apps will start acting up, and many bugs and errors will show up one after the other. 

Therefore, check if you have any pending updates for the Barclays app, and if you do, then update right away. 

Note: you must not keep the Barclays app open, even in the tabs section, while the app is updating, or, it might show other glitches.

Use Browser

According to some users, if the online banking app is not working for you, then you can try completing the same work through its official website using any reliable browser. For this, all you need to do is log in, and that’s it.

Delete & Reinstall the Barclays App

Assuming that there’s an issue with your Barclays app, something like a minor bug or glitch, then it will be easy to kick it out by simply refreshing the app. To refresh, just delete it and reinstall it after some time. 

Use a Different Device

If nothing mentioned above helped, then your device might be at fault, it might be attacked by a bug or two. 

To check if that’s the case, you should try using a different device, and if the services worked on that device, then it’s clear. 

Contact Barclays Customer Care

The last option on the list is to contact Barclays customer care services and explain to them what’s bothering you. For this, you can visit its official Contact Us page on the website, and have a look at all the categories. 

If that didn’t help, then you can scroll down and get the link to its help center to know what you must know before calling.

Apart from that, you can also reach out to them through other platforms, such as Apple messages, and through social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter (now X).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is error code 00002 on Barclays app?

The error code is 00002 on the Barclays app comes with an unusual message and doesn’t have a specific cause or solution. Regardless, it can still be solved if you delete and reinstall the app or use a different device to use its services. 

Is there currently a problem with Barclays online banking?

If you are facing a problem while using the Barclays online banking app, then that might be because you have a poor network connection, the app is outdated, or there’s something wrong with your Barclays app or device.