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What Happened to Aaron Jones? [Answered 2024]

What Happened to Aaron Jones? [Answered 2024]

What Happened to Aaron Jones?: Are you interested in football? Like, it is the most popular sport worldwide, so who wouldn’t be? Regardless, if you are, and especially a fan of the NFL, then you might have also heard about Aaron Jones, an American football player.

Keeping his introduction for later, we are here to talk about his absence from football for quite a while now. While there are multiple rumors and predictions about what happened to him, many genuinely want to know what happened to Aaron Jones.

So, are you also here for the same? Do you want to know what happened to Aaron Jones and why he is not playing? If yes, then continue reading, because the article below contains the exact answer you are looking for.

What Happened to Aaron Jones?

Unfortunately, Aaron Jones suffered a hamstring injury in Week 1 of the 2024 NFL season, when he played against the Chicago Bears. He couldn’t make it up to the next two games and returned in Week 4 but was limited to only 6 touches.

After that, he didn’t appear for the Week 5 game against the Las Vegas Raiders because of the same injury and is also currently limited to practice, with no certain date for his comeback yet. 

Who is Aaron Jones?

Aaron LaRae Jones is a popular American football Running back player for the Green Bay Packers — a team you hear about only in the National Football League. Aaron started his career through college football with UTEP and was picked up by his current team in the fifth round of the NFL Draft in 2017.

Moreover, the footballer was born on 2 December 1994 in Savannah, Georgia, the US, and is currently 28 years old. For the record, he joined UTEP Miners Football in 2013, and, as already mentioned, made a comeback in Green Bay Packers in 2017.  

What Happened to Aaron Jones

How Long Will Aaron Jones Be Out?

It is sad to inform you, but, as of October 2024, they are still unclear as to when Aaron Jones will be back officially on the field.

The officials have not declared a specific date of his comeback, so, all we can do now is pray that he heals quickly and come back to play soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why was Aaron Jones not playing?

As of October 2024, Aaron Jones is still healing from his hamstring injury and is also limited in practice. Unfortunately, it is not certain when he will be back, and that’s the reason why he hasn’t been playing all this time. 

How many touches did Aaron Jones have?

Aaron Jones, after returning in Week 4, was limited to only 6 touches. 

Is Aaron Jones married?

No, Aaron Jones is not married. He does have a son named Aaron LaRae Jones Jr., but, as of October 2024, he is an unmarried man.