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RG12M Barclays Error Code [Fix 2024]

RG12M Barclays Error Code [Fix 2024]

RG12M Barclays Error Code: Barclays is a Universal bank in the UK, headquartered in London. It is divided into two divisions and operates as two individual units, with its business list including global corporate, investment bank, consumer banking, and more.

The bank has been around since 1690, and is trusted by millions of Britishers. However, for quite some time there have been problems with the Barclays app where people aren’t able to log in, and the ones who were logged in, are logged out automatically.

Yes, if you’re also facing the same issues, then we are talking about the same RG12M Barclays error code. The issue seems bad, but you don’t need to worry anymore because the article mentioned below contains the exact solutions you’re looking for.

What is the RG12M Barclays Error Code?

The RG12M Barclays error code seems to be an unknown error code issue, which users aren’t informed about by Barclays at all — meaning there’s no issue from their side. 

According to users, some aren’t able to move on with successful transactions, while others aren’t able to log in at all.

Overall, the RG12M error code is a Barclays error code appearing only in the Barclays app, and the most common reasons for the issue might be from the following:

  • Your account doesn’t have enough funds for the transaction.
  • The account number you are typing is incorrect.
  • There might be something wrong, like a technical issue, with the Barclays app.
  • A security issue might be caught by the bank.
  • Due to some reason, your account might have been closed by Barclays.

How to Fix: RG12M Barclays Error Code

Log Into Your Account Using a Different Device or Browser

Since many users are having issues with login, you should try logging into your account through a different device or a different browser – this solution might work if your device or browser has an issue.

Wait For a Few Days 

It might be the case that the error problem is due to some random and small problems, which might go away after some time. So, if you can, then we suggest you wait for a few days before making another transaction.

Contact Barclays Support

The last solution is to contact Barclays support, and gladly, their support lines are available to help 24/7. 

So, the easiest way to contact the Barclays support team and get a fast reply is by calling them at 877-523-0478 for general inquiries, and when you want to reach out to them for international means, 302-255-8888 is the answer. 

If not, then you can also try asking them a quick question through their official Twitter account, or connect with them through other social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Along with this, the Barclays Contact Us page is shared with many other numbers and options you might need. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does RG12M mean?

The RG12M Barclays error code is appearing mainly in the Barclays app, preventing users from making successful transactions, while others aren’t able to log in at all. 

What is the RG12M Barclays error code meaning?

The meaning of the RG12M Barclays error code is that there’s an issue with the Barclays app, and some of the most common reasons might be insufficient funds, technical issue with the app, security issue detected by the bank, incorrect account number, or closed account.