ATM Error Code D0111 [Explained & Fix]

ATM Error Code D0111

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Many people often face the ATM error code D0111. It is one of the common error codes in ATMs. This article will explain what ATM Error D0111 is, what it means, and how you can fix or avoid these kind of issues.

What is ATM Error Code D0111? What does it mean?

ATM Error Code D0111 issue is related to transaction in ATMs. It occurs while performing the Transaction in ATMs. In simple terms, ATM Error Code D0111 means your Transaction was declined.

The error message will show as

“ATM Error Code D0111 Cannot process transaction”.

Causes of ATM Error Code D0111

There can be multiple causes behind this error. These are the most common reasons behind the error D0111:

Technical Issues

For some technical reasons, your Transaction can be declined. Hence, you can’t do much to resolve these types of issues. You need to find other ATMs or other payment methods to process the Transaction.

Transaction Limits

Your account or debit card withdrawal limit also may be responsible for the error D0111. Therefore, make sure we have not reached your daily transaction limit.

Multiple Incorrect Pin Entries

If you’ve entered the wrong pin more than once, you may encounter this error. Therefore, you should remember your pink and enter it carefully.

Debit Card Expired

Sometimes, your Debit card validity has reached & you will no longer be able to perform any transaction with this debit card. Hence, you need to renew the debit card from the bank.

These are the most common reason behind the ATM Error Code D0111. Make sure you are not getting the error due to any of the above reasons.

User is in Blocked Area

Some banks have the ability to block their cards in certain places. So, if you are trying to use a card in such place, you might encounter the error code d0111.

If you are visiting a new area, you should always contact our bank to check the availability of your card.

Fix: ATM Error Code D0111

If your issue hasn’t been mentioned for the above reason, you should follow the below instructions to find the solution.

Try other ATMs

If you get this error while withdrawing cash from an ATM, go to another ATM and check if you are getting the same issue. If you are getting this problem with other ATMs, there is some problem with your ATM card. 

So, follow our following instructions.

Replace the Card

Sometimes, the problem might be in your card as the card can be physically damaged due to external activity. If this is the case, you should replace your card by visiting a branch office of your bank and request for a replacement of your card.  

Customer Service

If none of the above solutions helped and the issue persist, it is always a better option to get in touch with your bank’s customer service and explain your issue.

Visit your Bank

You need to visit the bank and complain about your issue. They will give you further instructions to solve your problem.

Hopefully, this article will help you to resolve the ATM error D0111. Tell us in the comment section below how much these methods have worked for you.


ATM Error Code D0111 is related to the Transaction Declined or failed. In this article, we explained all the information regarding this issue.

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