How to Connect Pictionary Air on TV? [Guide]

how to connect pictionary air to tv

This article will give you detailed instructions on how to connect Pictionary Air to TV. Pictionary Air is a great way to amuse or entertain people during special occasions like camping, birthdays, reunions, or other gatherings.

Using Pictionary Air pen you can draw an image in the air. Pictionary Air app will help you to project your image on the screen which you have drawn in the air. 

Pictionary Air is compatible with OS versions 11.1 and 6.0 of iOS and Android devices, respectively.

How to Connect Pictionary Air to TV?

First, to use Pictionary Air, you must have a compatible streaming device that can cast Pictionary Air application from your smartphone or tablet, or any other smart device on your TV.

Here’s a step-by-step instruction on How to Connect Pictionary Air on TV:

  1. Connect your Chromecast device at the back of your TV in the HDMI port, and also make sure that they are connected to the same internet connection.
  2. After you connect the Chromecast to TV, you will see the cast option on the Pictionary game page.
  3. Tap on the Cast option.
  4. Select Chromecast that you have connected to TV from the search result and Connect to it.
  5. Now you can view your phone page on your television.

You will need Apple TV for iOS devices; and Roku, Chromecast, or smart TV for Android devices.

How to Play the Pictionary Air Game

  1. After you have downloaded the Pictionary Air app from the App store or Google Play Store, switch on the Air Pen.
  2. Select the blue icon on the pen to make a drawing.
  3. Choose the Pictionary Air, tap on start and play.
  4. Type the game app and locate the in-app came on the illustrator.
  5. Now, verify whether the player and sketch are recognizable on the page.

Basically, there are two different ways to use Pictionary Air app. They are:

  1. Play mode: It allows you to choose the length and number of sessions.
  2. Selfie mode: It makes you draw the image with no time limit.

You can navigate to settings and choose how many rounds and periods you wish to play. Typically, it requires two teams to play.

Simply pick out the clue card from the box and make a draw. And your teammates have to guess that particular image, so if they have guessed it right, you’ll get a point!

You can also stream this Pictionary Air to TV through the Screen Mirror method via streaming devices.

Some important notes on Pictionary Air:

  • Your smart devices should be compatible with Pictionary Air.
  • To play the Pictionary Air game, you need to download the app from the application store.
  • It is compatible with iOS, Android, Roku, smart TV, Chromecast.
  • To have more fun, Chromecast Pictionary Air on your TV.

Key features of Pictionary Air:

  • You can record performances and save them.
  • Selfie mode allows you to draw without any time limitations.
  • You can connect it to your TV through HDMI port
  • Chromecast will help you to cast Pictionary Air from your phone onto TV.
  • You can buy this app for $19.99.
  • It comes with 112 clue cards, and a card box.
  • It also has an Alkaline battery.
  • You can visit here for more information.

Can I get Pictionary Air app on Firestick?

Yes. Its mobile app is now available in iOS, Google Play store, Amazon Kindle Fire.

Do you need internet connection for Pictionary Air?

No. there’s no need of the internet connection for Pictionary Air which means you can take it and play anywhere.

What devices are compatible with Pictionary Air?

You must have a compatible streaming device; this game is compatible with iOS devices with OS 11.0 and Android devices with OS 6.0. If you are willing to cast the screen on your TV, you will need Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast.

How to play Pictionary Air?

Take a clue card, and by using a Pictionary Air pen get ready to draw. Your team will try to guess the clue which you drew in the air.

How do you screen mirror on Pictionary Air?

When you press the green light button on the pen Pictionary Air app will superimposes lines on your screen and then you will be able to mirror or cast the entire thing on a TV.


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