5 Apps like Speechify for Text to Speech [2022]

Apps like Speechify alternatives

Many times, a time may come when you need a piece of writing to be converted into speech. It can be a pdf document, your speech for customers, or anything that sort of.

In these cases, apps like Speechify can be used. In the following article, we look at all the apps like Speechify for iPhone and Androids.

What is Speechify? How does it work?

Speechify is an instrument that can be used to convert reading text into speech. You can upload articles, Emails, and other documents. The software will transform the writing into talking. Over 2 million users have tried the app and rated the app 4.5 stars. 

Users are asked to upload documents, images from the Internet, Writing from website pages, and such on the page. The second step is run by the website. It will read the text out loud. The words which are being read are highlighted. This is to show users what is being read currently.

Speechify is a paid app. The app has all the features required but it asks for money. The monthly plan is charged at USD 7.99. The prices differ accordingly.

Additionally, they ask you to pay annually and not monthly to save your funds. You can opt for a free trial that will stay with you for 7 days. After that, you are asked to upgrade the plan to continue receiving the services.

Voice Dream Reader

voice dream reader apps like speechify

Voice Dream Reader works with a goal. The goal is to develop software that is accessible to all devices. If you are investing your time and efforts in Voice Dream Reader, the application guarantees you the outcome will be worth it.

In 2011, the founder Winston got the idea for such software. The movement took place after February 2012 after its establishment. Forbes, Mashable, Scientific American, Information Week, eSchool News, and LifeHacker are a few of the media that have covered Voice Dream Reader.

Key Features

  • It has a Reader. It can read 30 languages. You have the option to voice from 200 different voices. Voices and languages are offline. You do not need an Internet or Wi-Fi connection to access it.
  • It has a Scanner. AI-based technology is used for scanning. It specializes in catching what’s written even in the poor lighting. The speed is Swift and your data is not stored anywhere.
  • It has a Writer. The usage will help you proofread the content easily. You will be able to understand where you are making mistakes and what you are lacking.

Price: USD 9.99 (for app store in the USA)

Speech Central

speech central

If you do not have time to stay updated but a lot is going on in the world, Install Speech Central. With this software, you can listen to all the headlines and content written on the pages. Wear a Headphone and connect the headset with the device through Bluetooth or wires. Get updated.

Speech Central can be useful if you want to change your written piece into listening content. With headlines, the software also allows you to hear what the related content has to say. The software is a work of Labsii.

Key Features

  • Speech Central supports a variety of Documents in different formats. Whether it is a pdf document or an eBook, Speech Central can read it all.
  • Speech Central has some special rolls built inside. The tools like Text annotations, etc.
  • Voice Over is affiliated with Speech Central for important reasons. It helps Speech Sentral to make sure the user is not blind. 
  • A special Accessible Online Library called Bookshare is installed into the system.
  • Accessibility is enhanced with the help of Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Any languages from 27 in total, can be used to convert texts if they are valid on iOS devices.

Price: USD 4.99. With this in-app purchase, you can take advantage of extra features.

Natural Reader

Do you want to convert Text and Documents into mp3? Visit Natural Reader. It has a good variety of voices that sound 100% natural.

Natural Reader has an app for downloading.

Natural Reader is highlighted for Students, Working Professionals, Dyslexic Readers, and Learners of Foreign Learners. It can work perfectly for commercial uses. Other uses like – Public use, IVR systems, and Broadcasting can be counted too.

Key Features

  • Natural Reader provides Voices that sound 101% natural. The reading will be clear. The listener will be able to hear what is in the text accurately.
  • Natural Reader can read the text from scanned pages. Whether it is an image or a document, Natural Reader will read it accurately. Also, it can be used even when the text has bad lightning.
  • Natural Reader gives you access to hear what you converted in the past. You can convert the same file again in MP3 in case you do not have it.

Price: it is free. But, there are a few paid plans as follows:

  • $99.50 for Personal Use.
  • $129.50 for Professional use.
  • $199.50 for Ultimate use.

Pay for once and enjoy the services for a lifetime.

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Voice Aloud Reader

voice aloud reader

If you are using an Android and need a tool that can transfer your text into voice, download Voice Aloud Reader! The app is helpful for Android cellphones and tablets. It can convert the text on web pages, images, TXT, DOX, DOCX, PDF, etc you display on your smartphone.

To use it, you are required to download the voices on your cell phone. Also, you are supposed to install a Text-to-speech engine on your device. Without the following, the app won’t work.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to convert text into mp3 format.
  • The app supports a good number of formats such as PDF, Image, RTF, etc.
  • It does not store any data present on the doc or file that needs to be converted.
  • It works swiftly with 0 bugs irritating the users.
  • It can also use a voice cloud service brought to you by Microsoft, Amazon Polly, Google Wavenet, and IBM Watson.

Price: Premium OCR – $1.99/month. Pro Version – $8.99/month. Pro and Premium Voices – $9.99/month.


espeak speechify alternatives

Are you a Linux and Windows user? Then eSpeak is for you. The software is a converter for speeches in English and other languages. The software takes care of the bad quality and irrespective of that, gives you a positive result most of the time.

The application is available at the following:

  • A version for shared Library that can be used by other programs.
  • It is now available on new platforms like Mac OSX, Solaris, and Android.
  • The Application has a Line program added which will help it to recite the text from a Document.

Key Features

  • Has more than just a few voices to speak for you.
  • Has an option to provide the results in WAV file format.
  • Has an in-app feature that compresses the size of the text.
  • Has the ability to translate the text into a phoneme code.
  • It has a set of development tools that are used for production for Tuning phoneme data purposes.


Speechify is a professional app with systematic work. But, due to it being paid, many users who are not yet ready to invest have no option but to search for an alternative. Apps like Speechify but free. All the above-mentioned applications can be well-suited If you found Speechify as your ideal text-to-voice converter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Speechify free?

The question, ‘Is Speechify free?’ has a negative answer to it. Speechify is not free. It costs you about USD 7.99/month. The catch? The subscription per month may look just fine but they will ask you to pay annually. no monthly plans.

Does Speechify have a free mode?

Yes. Speechify has a free mode. But, certain limits come along with it. You have access to only a total of 200 words and a few voices. Also, a free plan that lasts for seven days is available.

Can you trust Speechify?

Yes. All the information and data provided by the customers is secured. She is all the data in servers that are located in the United States. SSL technology is used to secure and encrypt all transactions. The payment data will not be saved with servers of speechify but with the payment processor responsible.

Are there apps like Speechify?

Yes. Read Aloud is an open-source and free app. It can be the best alternative for Speechify. A list of apps like speechify continues with Text Aloud, Natural Reader, Voice Aloud Reader, and eSpeak.

Which are the apps like Speechify for Android + iPhone?

Speaking Email, Text Aloud, Natural Reader, Icanread, Read Aloud are the best alternatives for Speechify. They can be used on both iPhones and Android cell phones.

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