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15 Safest Apps like Life360 for Family Location Tracking [2024]

15 Safest Apps like Life360 for Family Location Tracking [2024]

Apps like Life360: We know how much our family matters to us, but tracking down children outside the home for their safety is difficult until you hire a spy to get the job done for you. So, here we are bringing to you some of the best apps like Life360 which will help you do the same. Stay connected and in sync with your entire family and eliminate the multiple texts needed to coordinate your family events and daily life.

Life360 has been around for a long time, offering us the tools to interact with our loved ones and track down their whereabouts. Life360's Family Locator makes it simple to stay connected to the people who matter most in the digital world. Family Locator notifies you when members of your family check-in at a place, and due to the GPS sensors in your phone, it may also warn you if someone is running late.

However, the app is no longer the finest among other family tracking applications due to excessive monthly prices and a reduction in functionality.

As a result, we have compiled a list of different applications, such as Life36, to assist you in navigating and communicating with your family members.


Glympse Life360 alternative

Glympse is a fast, free, and easy method to share your real-time position with any of your family, friends, or coworkers using GPS tracking!

Send a Glympse to friends and relatives to let them know you are coming. Obtain a Glympse from a colleague who is perpetually late. For your family reunion, create a Glympse group.

No sign-up is necessary for anyone you share your Glympse with to watch it from any web-enabled device.

It is simple to use because there is no need to sign up, and it works everywhere there is GPS and a data connection. It is passive because it operates in the background, causing no inconvenience.

It is incredibly safe because your Glympse will expire on its own. You can share your position in real-time using a dynamic map, and you may share it with anybody because you do not need an app to view it.

You may plan a social night out with your buddies or make new people at a music festival. You might inform your spouse of your expected arrival time home from work, or you can inform your family that you are safe while running or cycling.

You may also send a courtesy message with an ETA to a customer if you are detained in traffic, or share a charity run route with your Facebook or Twitter followers. It is also possible to swiftly direct emergency or roadside workers to others.

Verizon Family Locator

Verizon Family Locatorapps like life360

With features that enable you to adjust controls and find your child's device all in one app, the Verizon Smart Family App serves as your parenting companion.

With tools that enable you to keep an eye on anything from messages and call history to their device's battery life, you can keep track of your child's phone usage and activities.

Block and unblock capabilities let you restrict social media, texting, gaming applications, and websites until you determine your children are ready.

When required, set wiser limits by suspending the Internet or restricting access to calls, messages, and data during school hours, bedtime, or meals. You may also limit how much you spend on applications, games, and music.

Set alerts to track the whereabouts of your family members' devices, or check the real-time device map whenever you choose, so you can rest easy knowing where your loved ones are at all times.

With Verizon Smart Family, you can be certain that your family's internet experience is secure, whether they are at home or on the move.

Find My Kids

Find My Kids apps like life360

“Find My Kids” is a family GPS locator that allows parents to keep track of their children. You may use a GPS watch or a customized app on your child's smartphone to track their position.

With the GPS tracker, you can follow your child's whereabouts on a map as well as the history of their travels for the day, ensuring that they do not visit any harmful locations. You may also listen in on what is going on around your child to ensure that he is safe and in good company.

You may even send a strong signal to the child's phone if he has his phone in his bag or has it on quiet mode and is unable to hear the call.

There is an app called Application Control that can assist you to figure out what apps kids utilized at school and whether they were playing instead of learning.

It also allows for security management, allowing you to ensure that your child arrives at school on time by receiving notifications when he arrives at school, returns home, or visits other locations that you have manually specified.

The most significant feature is battery control, which allows you to check your child's mobile phone charge status and remind them to charge it on time. If the battery is low, the app will send a notice.


Famisafe apps like life360

FamiSafe is the most reliable screen time and location tracker parental control app, with features like kids' location tracking, kids' screen time limiting, website filtering, game blocking, suspicious photos, and text detection on social media apps like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. Connect your family's gadgets to keep them secure.

Explicit Materials Detection, which displays explicit contents found from a child's device and allows you to define the keywords that trigger the detection, is one of the app's main features. You may also look at TikTok's history and see how much time your children spend on the app.

You may track your children's present position to protect their safety by defining a safe zone for tracking children and receiving notifications when they leave the intended zone.

By remotely watching phone actions and viewing what applications youngsters install or remove, one may create a phone activity timeline. You may remotely screen schedule daily or weekly app usage in addition to screen Time Schedule and measuring how much screen time kids spend online.

You may ban or limit particular problematic applications, and the app will notify you immediately if your kid tries to access one of the restricted apps or games.

Website Filter and Brower History is a feature that filters websites to protect children from inappropriate content, gambling, and other potentially harmful sites while also tracking their browsing history.

It also features a feature called Suspicious Photos Detection, which sends an instant alert when it identifies harmful images in children's phone albums and allows parents to view explicit images straight on their smartphone.

Not only that, but it also offers Suspicious Text Detection, which detects potentially dangerous phrases in search history, received or sent messages on social networking apps.

Another feature is Drive Safety, which keeps track of driving speed, time, and harsh braking and assists adolescents in developing healthy driving habits.

Google Maps

Google Maps apps like life360

Google Maps will let you navigate your world more quickly and easily. There are almost 220 nations and territories included on the map, as well as hundreds of millions of companies and locations.

No matter where you are on the globe, get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit information, and discover local communities by knowing where to eat, drink, and go.

With real-time updates, you can go to different locations faster. Also, by discovering local restaurants, events, and activities that interest you, you may discover new areas and explore like a local. You may also keep up with what is hot and what is fresh in the areas you care about.

Offline maps allow you to search and navigate without an internet connection. You can also use Street View and indoor imaging to identify restaurants, stores, museums, and other locations, as well as to navigate large spaces like airports, malls, and stadiums.


GeoZilla apps like life360

Invite family members and share your live location with them. When it comes to tracking a family's position to ensure their safety, GeoZilla is a lifesaver.

The GeoZilla Family Locator app allows you to share your whereabouts in a private circle that only your family can see, as well as quickly connect with family using your phone's GPS tracker.

You may also find out when family members depart or arrive at a location, as well as check where they have been over the week.

The best feature is that you may use the Family Locator's private messenger to text and exchange photographs from your daily life.

GeoZilla also works with Wear OS. As a result, you may use your Android wristwatch to share your current position with your family.

You may use Driver Safety reporting to see whether a member of your family is speeding or texting while driving. In the case of a roadside accident, Crash Detection will send an alert to your emergency contacts, allowing you to receive help sooner.

To keep the GPS at bay and your battery life from degrading, use Significant Location Change (SLC) to put the family location tracker in sleep mode until you have moved considerably on the map.

To find out if loved ones arrive safely and on schedule, use the family locator app to get alerted as they leave home.

If they need to contact you, add them as an Emergency Contact in GeoZilla GPS locate & tracker, and we will email you their position information.

Never again be concerned about whether or not your loved one is safe. With the GeoZilla family locator & GPS tracker, you may rest a little better knowing that they are linked to GPS monitoring and that your loved ones are secure when they are not at home.

Google Family Link

Google Family Link apps like life360

Google's Family Link parental controls software is worth a go. Whether your children are toddlers or teenagers, the Family Link app allows you to create digital ground rules for them from your smartphone, guiding them while they study, play, and explore online. For children under a specific age, Family Link allows you to establish a Google Account for your child that works in the same way as yours and gives them access to most Google services.

You may direct children to appropriate content with Family Link parental settings. View their app usage as All screen time is not created equal. With activity reports revealing how much time your child spends on their favorite applications, you can help them make good decisions about what they do on their Android smartphone. You may see reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The software aids management by allowing you to accept or deny apps that your kid wants to download from the Google Play Store via handy alerts. You may also control in-app purchases and disable certain apps on your smartphone from your device.

It might be difficult to know which applications are appropriate for your child, but Family Link provides a list of teacher-recommended Android apps that you can download directly to their smartphone.

It is up to you to choose how much screen time your child needs. To help them discover a suitable balance, Family Link allows you to establish time restrictions and a bedtime for their monitored devices.

You may remotely lock a monitored device anytime it is time to take a break, whether it is to go outdoors and play, eat supper, or simply spend time together.

It is convenient to be able to locate your child when they are out and about. As long as they are carrying their Android handset, you may utilize Family Link to locate them.

While Family Link can help you control your child's Google Play purchases and downloads, they will not require your permission to install app updates (including permissions-expanding upgrades), applications you have already approved, or apps you have shared in Family Library. Parents should examine their child's installed applications and app permissions frequently.

Foursquare Swarm

Foursquare Swarm apps like life360

The easiest method to keep track of where you travel is to use Swarm. Check-in so you can remember anywhere with Swarm, whether you choose to be a local or are seeking to explore the world.

This is how easy it is to keep track of your life. Each time you check in, we will add a point to your map so you can see where you have been. Add a photo or a comment to your check-ins to make the memories even better for your future self.

Is there an Indian restaurant nearby? Check. Is there a karaoke bar? Check. Have you ever visited an art museum? This is your chance to try something new! Explore more and gather various sorts of locations to keep track of and recall your past. Along the way, you will collect amusing Stickers.

Keep up with your pals and stay in touch. With a check-in, you can share your position and discover who is nearby. When you are out and about, a chance check-in might help you locate friends and see who is around.

Have no pals in the area? That is not an issue! Not only is this app a terrific way to keep track of your own experiences, but it is also a great way to keep track of your friends' adventures, no matter how far away they are.

It allows you to Lifelog your travels, allowing you to focus on the good moments rather than the questions.

Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Family Safety apps like life360

The Microsoft Family Safety app empowers you and your family to develop healthy behaviors and safeguard those you care about via digital and physical security. Get a piece of mind knowing that your family is a little safer while also allowing your children to study and grow independently.

Make a secure internet environment for your children to explore. On Microsoft Edge, establish parental settings to filter problematic applications and games and to limit surfing to kid-friendly websites.

Assist your children in balancing their screen time. On Android, Xbox, or Windows, set limitations for certain applications and games. On Xbox and Windows, you may also utilize device management to impose screen time limitations across several devices.

Set up activity monitors to have a better understanding of your family's online habits. View your children's internet activities in a weekly email to help you start a dialogue about them.

Stay connected even when you are not online by using location sharing. Keep track of where your family is and share your location with the family tracker. Additionally, save regularly frequented locations such as work and school.

Get location notifications when someone leaves or arrives at their location with a Microsoft 365 Family membership, and utilize Drive Safety to develop safer driving habits. Find out how your family does on the road, including how often they use their phone while driving, their highest speed, and even how many times they get into an accident.

You can configure suitable filters, limitations, and permissions for your family using Microsoft Family Safety.

Find My iPhone

On iPhone, use Find My to locate a device.

To find and play a sound on a lost iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods, or Beats headphones, use the Find My app (supported models). You must enable Find My [device] before it is lost to locate it.

If you lose your iPhone and do not have access to the Find My app, you may use Find My iPhone on to locate or play a sound on it.

If you see your device's position on the map, you can obtain turn-by-turn instructions for it. If you switched on the Find My network for your compatible AirPods and you are near them, you can get further instructions in iOS 15.0.1 or later.

If your buddy misplaces a gadget, they may use to track it down or make a sound on it by logging in with their Apple ID and password. See the iCloud User Guide's Locate a device in Find My iPhone on for further information. You may use Find Me to find a family member's missing device if you set up Family Sharing.

My Family Locator

My Family Locator apps like life360

MyFamily was created to ensure family safety and parental control. My Family Locator is the most accurate and user-friendly solution available for keeping your family linked throughout the world. It is an easy method to feel safer all of the time.

My Family is a real-time location finding service that allows relatives to communicate their whereabouts in private. MyFamily uses a shared, private map to locate you and your loved ones. This option allows you to quickly and precisely display your location.

My Family app gives warnings about this phone when the battery level falls below 15%, and you may remind your child to charge the phone.

The program cannot be installed invisibly, and it can only be used with the express agreement.

Sygic Family Locator

The business just released an improved version of its Sygic navigation software, which has already gained a lot of traction among users. If it were not for a few minor oversights and traps, the app would appear to be a dependable family tracker.

Sygic is accessible for iOS and Android smartphones, in addition to the Fameelee app, which supports all available mobile platforms. Let us take a deeper look at this navigation software and highlight some of its important features.

When compared to the previous edition, the new Sygic app has a more user-friendly layout and a simpler control panel. It appears that the development team made every effort to improve the design by making it brighter and more appealing. Nonetheless, it pales in comparison to the design presented by the Fameelee team.

The software contains standard features such as real-time location monitoring, the ability to create your map with favored zones for each member, alerts, and messages if a member leaves or enters an approved region, and so on. Fameele offers the same possibilities as well as a long-range of other features that you will undoubtedly find useful. Furthermore, it delivers superior service.


isharing apps like life360

The iSharing Location Tracker software allows your family to communicate and stay connected with each other at any time.

Family phone tracker is a real-time location sharing service that allows families to connect and share their location information anonymously. With easy monitoring and alerting messages, our GPS tracker helps parents and caregivers alleviate concerns about their family members' locations.

With iSharing GPS Tracker, you can see the real-time position of family members on a private family map that only Family Locator can see, as well as receive real-time notifications when a family member arrives at or departs places – the greatest approach to safeguard your family!

The GPS location tracker has the extra benefit of assisting in the recovery of stolen or misplaced phones via the locate my phone function. Another useful feature is the ability to issue a Panic Alert by shaking your phone in an emergency.

Can With iSharing, you can turn your phone into a walkie-talkie and send free voice messages.

The GPS finder can rapidly determine the position of any family member for time-sensitive communication. iSharing is a secure location-sharing application.

The iSharing geo tracker software combines GPS coordinates and cutting-edge GPS location data to report on your family's locations in real-time. The iSharing GPS Tracker assists parents and carers in reducing anxiety.


Family360 apps like life360

Family360 uses GPS coordinates and cutting-edge GPS position data to provide your family's real-time locations. It is no longer necessary to send those obnoxious “Where are you?” SMS. Family360 puts this information at your fingertips.

As a highly trustworthy Cell Phone Tracker, Family360 is a high-end family safety program. It can track the position of registered mobile devices, such as cellphones, in real-time.

With our GPS Phone Tracker, you can track Android phones. You must invite your family members and track them on your phone to track any cell phone.

This free program lets you follow people's whereabouts via their phone at any time and in real-time, with their consent. To do so, your protegees must have the Family360 app loaded.

Do you think you have misplaced your phone? Do not fear, your phone will be tracked by the GPS tracker!

You may also make additional circles to which you can invite individuals.

Circle members may detect bogus or mimicked locations, as well as to detect overspeeding by family members, and you will be warned.


MeetCircle apps like life360

Keep your kids safe and focused with the most comprehensive and user-friendly parental control app for home and mobile devices.

Circle Parental Controls allows parents to monitor how much time their children spend on screens, whether they are playing their favorite online game, chatting with pals, or completing schoolwork. The circle includes features such as Pause, History, Rewards, and Bedtime in addition to Time Limits and Filters.

Parents may tailor screen time and WiFi management to their children's ages and family choices, as well as limit or prevent social media access.

The WiFi manager, Internet and website blocker, and mobile device management tools provided by Circle are designed to provide the most comprehensive screen time parental controls available.

With a unique dashboard, kids can use the Circle app to keep track of their own screen time online.

Conclusion: Apps like Life360

When it comes to locating family members, each of these apps should perform well. Check out how these choices for the best family locator app might help you. On a related note, as this is a location tracker app, it is recommended that you read the privacy policy beforehand. Also, be sure you are not abusing these applications by stalking someone or being too protective of a family member. After all, is said and done, a Family Locator will greatly assist you in knowing where your family members are, and the peace of mind that comes with such a service is priceless.

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