6 Retail Stores like Kmart to Try Out! [2022]

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Stores like Kmart: Kmart is a good brand when you want to buy all the items one needs in daily life.

These brands are usually popular because of the outstanding deal and offer they offer which can save a lot of money. Also, they have more than just a few physical stores in cities and areas of population.

About Kmart

Kmart is a department store chain company from Australia. The brand has launched 323 physical stores In New Zealand and Australia, with a separate entity with the same name launched in America. 

It is a national retailer dealing in categories like clothing, bedding, furniture, electronics and home decor. The brand offers a service where you can buy anything online and offer to pick it up from the nearest Kmart store.

Kmart’s website comes with a store locator. They have after pay available on both online and in-store platforms. Zip is available but only on — an online platform. With Kmart, you get to personalise your home and get productive eventually. 

Kmart is a good one’s choice when they need to get daily use items at reasonable prices. However, if you still want to try other stores like Kmart — for exploration purposes, in the article below, we have presented you with a list of other stores like Kmart. 


essential Stores like Kmart

Target Corp, popularly known as Target is a big box store company of department stores. It is said to be the eighth biggest retailer in the USA. In Target, you get anything and everything you need in your daily life.

From clothing items like tops and jeans for both men and women to food and beverages — they also offer beautiful pieces to decorate your sweet home. It is one of the best stores like Kmart.

Target goes along with the tagline — ‘expect more and pay less. They offer varieties in every section they deal with and with every item being sold at a discounted price, you save more and pay less automatically. They have some good return and exchange policies and customers can also opt for ordering online and picking the package from their nearest Target mall. 


  • They are present in almost all the states in America and Australia.
  • They offer all types of needful items at affordable prices.
  • You can opt for placing the order on their official website and selecting the closest target package pick up option to save your shipping fees.
  • They offer good quality materials and have fresh snacks, groceries and other easily perishable items.
  • They offer weekly deals, monthly deals, seasonal deals and many other types of offers every time you visit their online store.

Products: Party supplies, office essentials, School supplies, household essentials, luggage, pets, health, personal care, beauty, sports & outdoors, movies, music & books, video games, electronics, toys, kitchen & dining, furniture, patio & garden, college, home, pride, clothing, shoes & accessories are the categories you can shop from at Target. 


department store chain brand
Toys & games, auto, baby, leasing, home improvement, bags & accessories, manage layaway, connected solutions, beauty & fragrances, office supplies

Sears, Roebucks and Co, usually known as Sears is a department store chain brand from America. You get to shop under tools, clothing, appliances and mattresses like categories at Sears.

You can also search for big brand names like craftsmen tools, Serta, and diehard to buy products from at Sears which is one of the best stores like Kmart.

The brand has a special section for deals on the website, where you can find ongoing deals and choose the most suitable one for you to save money. Along with the gift cards option, they also have a separate section for gift ideas where you can find the best suitable gift for your loved one.

The website is user-friendly and comes with an in-site store locator. They offer free shipping if your order total is more than $59 and free in-vehicle pickup. 


  • You get in-vehicle pick up if you ordered from their official website for free of charge.
  • They offer free shipping for orders worth more than $59.
  • They have a store locator option present at the very top of the homepage or landing page among other options.
  • They offer a feature where you can collect points through various actions on the website and use those points to save money on future orders. 

Products: Toys & games, auto, baby, leasing, home improvement, bags & accessories, manage layaway, connected solutions, beauty & fragrances, office supplies, health & wellness, books, fan shop, food & grocery, pet supplies and Fan shop clothing are the main categories you can shop different products from on the website. 

Dollar Tree

discount store
best alternative of Kmart stores

Dollar Tree is an American-based discount store chain company. The brand owns and handles 15,115 physical stores. At Dollar Tree, you can shop for bulk orders under categories like School essentials, college and office supplies, church supplies, party planners and many other things. It is one of the shopping sites like Kmart for daily essentials.

Dollar Tree usually works to supply essentials to all types of professional businesses including restaurants and churches. They offer the best quality products and as the buyer is buying in bulk, the price reduces according to the item bought. The brand’s website comes with an on-site store locator and a list of store locations in case your GPS is not working.


  • The brand offers both — the list of physical store locations and store locator on their website.
  • The more you buy, the more the price will reduce as per quantity.

Products: they offer products under categories like — health & personal care, food, candy & drinks, Home & Office, Kitchen & Home Decor, Toys & crafts and special items for holidays, seasons and celebrations.

Sam’s Club

Sam's Club one of the best companies like Kmart

Sam’s West Inc — popularly called by the name Sam’s Club is a chain of membership-only retail clubs operated by Walmart Inc. The brand helps you save time and shop swiftly all at once. They offer an affordable range of items which are made to last. Sam’s club can be called one of the best companies like Kmart in terms of swift working management and flow.

The brand offers an additional option to get the customer’s stage upgraded to the Plus level where he or she can experience extra benefits from the brand. One of the biggest benefits of using the Plus stage membership is that you get free shipping on all your Sam’s club orders. 


  • Curbside pickup is available from Monday to Saturday and starts as early as 7 am. 
  • They provide offers like two pairs of one item at a larger discounted rate that helps you get a big quantity and a much less expected amount.
  • They offer different sections for new arrivals and items under savings and clearance offers.

Products: Grocery, Household essentials, clothing, jewellery & shoes, electronics & computers, tires, home, baby, pharmacy, health & beauty, sports & fitness, outdoor living appliances, toys, games & books, flowers & gifts and treasure hunt are the categories you can shop products from. 


luxury department stores

Macy’s is a well-known American chain of luxury department stores. You get to shop from the latest fashion brands at Macy’s. The main goal of the company is to get you all types of fashion clothing and apparel in one place. For every style, you pick to adopt — Macy’s must help you dress in a unique vibe!

Macy’s is called one of the best stores like Kmart because it not only focuses on clothing but like Kmart, it has home decor and other lifestyle products to offer. The quality is good and items are easy to use and made to last. The brand offers free shipping on all the items listed on its website. If you wish to shop for special occasions but the budget is strict — Macy’s is your ideal destination.


  • The Macy’s star rewards program helps you earn additional offers and discounts in the name of rewards.
  • The brand offers free shipping all the time.
  • They offer a special service where you can order and customize a gift and ship it to an address other than yours.

Products: they offer products under categories like — Plus size, women, men, kids, shoes, handbags, watches, Petites, juniors, jewellery, home, bed and bath.


Retail company hypermarkets
best choices in our list of stores like Kmart

Walmart Inc, popularly known by the name Walmart is a Retail company in the United States. The entity strives to handle a chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores and discount department stores. It is one of the best choices in our list of stores like Kmart because both the brands serve customers similar types of items in similar ways.

Walmart runs a few of the cheapest department stores while offering the customer everything from Clothes to food. They have items to decorate your home and tools to fix your messed up garden. The brand has a level 2 stage of itself called Walmart+. 

The ones who join this club get two big benefits. They can get fresh shipping on all the orders placed through Walmart’s website. Also, they can receive free deliveries from the physical Walmart stores without any limits. 


  • They offer variety and quality at low prices. 
  • You can get unlimited free shipping without any minimum order total if you join their Walmart+ membership. 
  • They have multiple discount and clearance offers whenever you visit them.

Products: Grocery, electronics, clothing, shoes $ accessories, home, furniture & appliances, toys & video games, home improvement, Patio & Garden, household essentials, beauty, personal care, pharmacy, health and wellness, sports & outdoors, pets, auto, tires & industrial, stationery & office supplies, arts, crafts, sewing & party supplies, movies, music & books and gift cards are the main product categories found at Walmart’s official website. 


All the above-mentioned brands are a perfect fit to get listed under Kmart Alternatives. They all work similarly and make sure to provide customers with just the right product they need. We hope now you have chosen the best alternative to Kmart.

Frequently asked Questions 

What are stores like Target and Walmart called?

Stores like Kmart, Walmart and Target are called Big Box stores. All these brands have a huge number of physical stores and a popular online store running. They are leading in the department store market and are thus called Big Box stores.

Which is the best Kmart Alternative? 

Target and Walmart can be the best Kmart alternatives.

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