5 Best Apps like Flex – Rent To Try Out [2023]

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Apps like Flex – Rent: In day-to-day life management on time and money single-handedly is a difficult job. In the chaos of the same, we sometimes can’t manage and save money, and sometimes the time and vice-versa goes on. 

Many times we need to get on a strict budget to fulfill basic needs, luxury wants, and also savings. More difficulties come for those who have tight schedules and forget to pay rent, and bills on time. 

For the rentals, it can be scary if you forget to pay rent on time, and sometimes it is hard to save payments for the next month if the budget is failing to fulfill basic needs. Hence people need a middleman who can solve the issue of payments and savings. 

In this article, we are going to have a deep discussion round on the best five apps which will help you rent with the return facilities and which work similarly to the Flex Rent application. The apps similar to Flex Rent namely are Jetty, Pinata, Till, Xspaced, and Stake. 

By the end of the article, you will have all the information regarding these five apps and how they work, and key features which makes them the best alternatives or the closest alternatives to the Flex Rent app. 

Summary of Flex – Rent 

Flex Rent application is available both on apple devices and android devices. You can download the Flex Rent app from the apple store and google play store. 

Flex allows you to make a schedule throughout the month to pay rent as per your decision. It analyzes your finances and also recommends a customized schedule for your rent payments that suits you the best. 

The traditional routine for the rent payment is on the date 1st but with Flex you can customize the schedule into bi-weekly payments or weekly payments as per your choice and liking. 

Flex also has an automatic pay rent feature which pays rent on your specified schedule and guarantees you to never be late for the rent ever again in your life. Flex currently doesn’t have a free plan for its users. 

If you want to use the Flex application they are going to charge you up to a $19.99 per month membership fee with the feature of no payment processing fees, interest charges, late fees charges, or any other kind of hidden charges. 

Regarding the safety and security of payments with Flex, it gives you protection similar to the bank’s security. It has 256-bit encryption for data protection and mainly it never stores any data on your devices. 

1. Jetty 

Jetty Apps like Flex Rent

Jetty has a lot of options for renters, builders, and many more customers. Jetty Rent is the best alternative for Flex Rent. The other products offered by Jetty are Jetty Deposit, Jetty for properties, Jetty Protect, etc. 

We are here going to talk about the Jetty Rent facility which made for the rentals to pay rent on time, or pay it later as per terms and conditions. 

In short, Jetty Rent is a flexible rent payment program for the renters who lack the management and savings for the rent payments monthly. Currently, Jetty Rent has a unique feature of rent now and pay later facility for the financial crisis and emergencies. 

How do Jetty works?

  • It works on a very simple formula which is they will pay rent on the behalf of renters every month and will give renters time to pay them back their amount. 
  • They don’t cost you any late fees because they pay for you when you can. 
  • It allows you to take control of finances and look out for the flexibility options provided by Jetty. 
  • All you have to do is set your payment dates for the months and then forget it because Jetty will pay that for you if you forget. 
  • Jetty then will automatically pay your rent as per the schedule and will give you a period to repay. 

Key Features of Jetty 

  • Jetty is currently a loan product for renters. 
  • Jetty has a unique feature of renting for now and then paying later. 
  • Jetty also provides you with a customized schedule and quota as Flex. 
  • Jetty generally allows you to pay them into installments without giving you a burden for the same. 

2. Pinata 

Pinata app

Pinata is one of the closest alternatives to Flex with more benefits and easy going user interface. Pinata gives you a bucket full of rewards for paying rent on time. 

Pinata is said to be the first program that offers both returns on reward and credit building facilities. Pinata offers both the account opening and credit building at free cost. It offers a reward each month on payment days. 

Pinata also offers cashback offers from the shopping brands where you can save little expenses by using your Pinata wallet for payments. 

How do Pinata works?

  • Simply you have to do is download the app from the apple store or play store. 
  • You can easily create a free account through their snappy account creation. 
  • Once your account is opened, you will receive an e-gift card of $30 and your first Pinata Cash to spend on rewards of popular brands. 
  • Then you can easily schedule rent payments similar to Flex.
  • Every day when you pay rent you will receive cashback in your Pinata Cash wallet which will give you a return on rent facility. 
  • You can earn cash and referral rewards by paying rent on time.

Key Features of Pinata 

  • It has a free rewards and credit building program for the renters. 
  • You can also win gift cards and other rewards such as being a renter and the benefits of using the application like Flex. 
  • Rewards given by Pinata are associated with amazon, obe, Starbucks, Target, TaskRabbit, The Container Store, and many more. 
  • It also gives you rewards in cash which are being stored on your Pinata Wallet which you can use as per terms and conditions. 
  • It also has a credit building engine that improves your credit score with reported rent payments. 
  • It also has unique deals which allow you to save money and get cashback offers from the brands which are loved by the customers most like Flex. 
  • Pinata has both local brands and national brands to get rewards with. 

3. Till 

Till app

Till is the simplest user-interface program beautifully curated for the new renters and beginners who face problems in savings and paying rent timely. 

Till helps its customer with the customized schedules which are approved by the landlord and trusted by renters all over the globe. The working procedure is quite similar to the Flex in customizing schedules and paying rents. 

Till also has a credit builder and provides your full credit reports for showing your credibility. 

How do Till works?

  • All you have to do is open its website. 
  • After opening the website, log in and register with Till.
  • Once you have login with till then apply to pay with Till for the rent payments. 
  • For applying to pay it will take you to the login page first. 
  • If your account is not open, they will ask you to open an account first. 
  • Once you open the account they will need your details like first name, last name, phone number, email, password, etc. 
  • Once you provide all the information, they will see the landlord’s information and then will allow you to create a schedule and pay. 

Key Features of Till 

  • Till Rent allows you to pay rent as per the schedules and allows you to pay it in short installments which will maintain your budget. 
  • Because of the short installments, Till allows renters to save money too. 
  • Till also has a rent protection cover which is for the renters who can’t pay the rent on time. 
  • Till will pay on behalf of renters and then it allows them time to renters to pay them back like Flex. 
  • Till also provides free credit reports for both landlords as well as renters and also gives rewards on rent payments. 

4. xSpaced 

xSpaced renters

xSpaced is the first US Neobank made for the renters to pay rent easily and with flexibility. Xspaced doesn’t even need the landlord to register for paying your rent. 

Xspaced has tied up with the FlexRent tools and hence it makes xSpaced the best similar option to the Flex. It is a virtual, bank that allows renters and tenants to split the bill into smaller installments which they can pay up gradually throughout the month. 

Xspaced is stated to be the first program in the United States which doesn’t need any landlord to register the same portal as the rent payers. 

How does xSpaced work?

  • The procedure is kept very minimal for xSpaced. 
  • You will need javascript to run the website. 
  • You will be asked to sign via email address and password. 
  • Once you set that they will ask you to open a virtual bank account to pay the rent. 
  • Then you can make a customizable schedule like Flex to pay rent at the scheduled time. 
  • If you fail to do so, they will pay rent on your behalf and then you can pay them back in installments. 

Key Features of xSpaced 

  • It is neobank for the renters hence it provides the renter with the xSpaced virtual bank account. 
  • xSpaced offers to save money for the next payments 2 to 4 times a month in short installments similar to Flex.
  • Xspaced allows you to pay from anywhere and then they collect it from an online portal. 
  • It also provides the reminder notification facility to pay rent on time and get no late fee charge for extra burden. 
  • xSpaced supports instant and fast support for the renters to pay quickly without further ado. 

5. Stake 

Stake app for rent payment

The stake application is a happy-go-lucky user interface for rentals. It is super easy and anyone can easily ace the savings and rent payments game up. 

To use the Stake application you need to actively rent an apartment with Stake to use the app. It has a tracker, alerts, and exclusive deals for partners and renters. 

The stake is a good alternative to Flex because of the rewards and bonus earning and super easy return on rent facility. It also has the feature of transferring the earnings from savings, rewards, and referrals directly to the bank account. 

How does Stake work?

  • The stake is the easiest application. 
  • It is available on android and apple devices respectively. 
  • You can download the Stake application from the apple store and google play store for free cost. 
  • Once the application is downloaded, then you can enter your email address and create an account with the Stake app. 
  • Once you login then you can enter some personal details like name, contact number, bank account, address, rent details, etc. 
  • If you want you can apply for the Stake Visa Debit Card too. 
  • Once your account is opened, then you can schedule your payments and pay rent with return facilities like Flex. 

Key Feature of Stake 

  • Stake promises great cash backs like Flex when you pay rent on time. 
  • It also has rewards for connecting debit cards and credit cards. 
  • If you attach a bank account with a Stake profile then they will give you rewards too. 
  • It also has a specialized offer of 1% cashback on everything if you pay through the Visa Debit card provided by Stake. 
  • It also has a bonus point earning system for savings. 
  • It also has a facility for paying cashback by direct deposits. 

Final Verdict: Apps like Flex – Rent

So a thank you note to technology is a must. Without technology, we would never have this type of special benefit and features for the simple task of paying tasks. 

Saving with paying then rent is an impossible task which Flex and other apps made possible. Now you can save rent according to your schedules and your installments without worrying about the late fees and burden of not paying rent. 

Hence, Flex is the best app and we know why. But apps like Till, spaced, Stake, Pinata and Jetty are also providing with same facilities and more bonuses and return on the rent feature. 


How do I contact Flex?

For any customer care-related problems or facing any technical issues with the Flex application, they have a customer portal from which you can contact them for the same. 
The email address for Flex is given as: [email protected] 
They also have a helpline number for the customers which is working 24×7 to solve any queries related to Flex Rent. 
The customer helpline number is given as 888-205-9407. You can dial this number to solve your problems with Flex. 

How do you pay with Flex?

The payment with flex comes with short installments namely weekly or bi-weekly and also comes with a customizable schedule. You can choose how to pay with Flex for rents. 
The payment is totally on the customers how they schedule it and how they are thinking about paying. 

How do I stop flex payment?

To easily cancel or stop flex payment you can directly contact their customer care email address and send a CANCEL or STOP signal to them or you can directly open the app and then click on CANCEL payment to stop it. 

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