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7 Best Apps For Driving Test Cancellations [2024]

7 Best Apps For Driving Test Cancellations [2024]

Apps For Driving Test Cancellations: Passing for a driver’s license is often challenging. The most frustrating challenge of this journey is securing a suitable and timely appointment for a driving test. Many test takers must wait a long time due to a sudden schedule change or un-informed test cancellations, which frustrates anyone. 

This is due to the increased demand for driving tests, which initially results in long waiting periods and unscheduled or uninformed cancellations. However, technology has come to the rescue in the digital age. Numerous apps and online services have emerged to ease this burden, assisting individuals in finding, booking, and managing driving test appointments effortlessly. These applications track test centers, monitor real-time cancellations, and alert users when coveted slots open up, simplifying scheduling driving tests. 

This blog will delve into the best app for driving test cancellations, making the journey to driver's licenses more efficient and less frustrating.

List of 7 Best Apps For Driving Test Cancellations

1. Testi

Testi app

Testi is a UK-based service application that will help people find test cancellations and all the newly available tests. 

This way, one can get their driving license as soon as possible. Under this service, a third party will check the DVSA website for you and let you know once a cancellation or a new test is available. 

People can also do this themselves, but they must spend much time logging into the website and checking the suitable slots. All of the UK test centers are available here. This service is free, but some features are premium only, and you must pay £19 to use premium services.

2. Driving Test 4 All

Driving Test 4 All

Driving Test 4 All is a quick and easy-to-use application. All you have to do is make a one-time payment of £18, complete the simple form available, and then wait for the notification you will get when a driving test slot is available. 

Users can choose up to five driving test centers anywhere in the UK. One must tell them when they want to take their next test. 

You will get either an early driving test or your money back here. The facility of automatically booking a driving test is also available on this application, which will match your preferences without waiting for confirmation.

3. Driving Test Now

Driving Test Now

Now, one can control their driving test cancellation service by using Driving Test Now. 

Under this service, the company will search for driving test cancellations every minute across all the test centers to provide you with the driving test you want to take on both early and later test dates. 

Users must pay one-time service charges of £17.99 for unlimited usage until they pass their driving test. The facility of auto booking on your behalf is also available here. Also, if they won't be able to book an earlier driving test, then you will receive a full refund.

4. Driving Test Cancellation

Driving Test Cancellation

With the help of the driving test cancellation service, you will get a notification every time a new slot becomes available. 

This cancellation occurs when someone cancels or rearranges their driving test. Sometimes, this happens when the instructor is unavailable; someone is not feeling well, has a family emergency, or is not ready to take their driving test. One needs to spend a one-time fee of £17.99 to avail of the service's benefits.

5. Fox Driving Test Cancellation

Fox Driving Test Cancellation

If you want to get your driver's license immediately, canceling the Fox driving test is the best app for driving test cancellations. 

This application will continuously check for driving test cancellations while ensuring you find an early driving test. One has to pay the fee of £4,99 to benefit from this application. This software checks the DVSA booking system. After every 30 seconds, one can select five driving test centers from more than 300 available options. If you fail, you can use this service to find a driving test cancellation again at no extra cost. 

6. Speedy Test

Speedy Test

If you don't want to wait months for a driving test, then you can find the slot as soon as possible by using speed tests. 

All you have to do is pay even time fees of £19.99. You will get a full refund if you don't see a cancellation. 

Speedy Test checks for practical driving test cancellations all day and will notify you through text messages. Here, you can choose up to three different test centers for the software to monitor for you.

7. Driving Test Genie

Driving Test Genie

Driving Test Genie is one of the best app for driving test cancellations. Here, you can book your driving test with DVSA for £62. All you have to do is pay a time payment of £17.99 to benefit from this fantastic application. 

When will you also get a free trial of the services available on this application? A frequent driving test-checking service will be provided to the user to give them the best chance of finding a test date that suits them.


If you want to pass the driving test in the UK, then a good understanding of road rules is required, and you should also be able to apply them confidently and safely. You will increase your chances of success by using the best apps for driving test cancellation services or applications. One can ensure that they will receive a notification every time someone cancels or changes their driving test slot for some reason. 

Therefore, use the applications or services mentioned above for the best results.


How do cancellations of driving tests operate?

A driving test cancellation occurs when a student's scheduled test time opens up. 

Are cancellations of driving tests refunded?

You will receive a complete refund if you give at least three working days' notice. 

How probable will I find an earlier test through an app?

By monitoring the DVSA website on your behalf, there is a strong probability that the app will locate an earlier test. It will notify you when it discovers a cancellation or a new test.