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Parentvue Error Code 10.2 [How to Fix]

Parentvue Error Code 10.2 [How to Fix]

Parentvue Error Code 10.2: Parentvue is a web-based mobile app that allows parents to access their child's academic information from anywhere with an internet connection. 

It is used by schools to provide parents with real-time access to their child's grades, attendance, assignments, and more. 

However, some users may encounter specific Parentvue Error Code 10.2 while using Parentvue. In this article, we will delve into the details of Parentvue's common occurrence of Error Code 10.2 and guide in resolving this issue.

What is Parentvue Error Code 10.2?

Parentvue Error Code 10.2 means that you cannot log in to your Parentvue account because you entered the wrong username or password. The following are some potential causes for this problem that you may be experiencing:

  • You typed your username or password incorrectly.
  • Your username or password has been changed recently, and you are using the old information.
  • Your account has been disabled because you tried to log in too many times with the wrong username or password.
  • Your account has not been activated yet.

How to Fix: Parentvue Error Code 10.2

Re-Verify Your Details:

  • Double-check your username and password to ensure there are no typing errors. Mistakes can happen, so make sure each character is entered correctly.
  • If your login information has changed recently, such as a new password, update your credentials accordingly.
  • Ensure that your account is verified and activated. If there is a verification process, follow the steps to re-verify your details.

Reset Your Credentials:

  • If you suspect that your username or password is incorrect, use the “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” option on the login page.
  • Follow the provided instructions to reset your password. You might receive an email or a verification code to confirm your identity.
  • After resetting your credentials, try logging in again with the new information.

Contact Your School Office:

  • If the issue persists, reach out to your school's office for assistance.
  • Confirm with them whether your account is active and not disabled. If it's disabled due to multiple failed login attempts, the school office can provide guidance on re-enabling it.
  • They can also assist in verifying your account details and ensuring that everything is in order.


What does Parentvue Error Code 10.2 indicate?

ParentVUE Error Code 10.2 indicates that there's an issue with the entered username or password. This error often occurs due to mistyped login details, recent changes to credentials, or account-related problems such as disabled or inactive accounts.

What can I do to fix Parentvue Error Code 10.2?

To fix Parentvue Error Code 10.2, first, double-check your username and password. If there have been recent changes, update your credentials or ensure your account is verified and active.

What should I do if my login information has been updated recently?

Reset your credentials using the “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” option on the login page and follow the provided instructions.