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Warblr App Review: Everything You Need to Know! [2024]

Warblr App Review: Everything You Need to Know! [2024]

Warblr App Review: For someone who loves nature and wishes to spend all the time you can alongside plants, birds, and animals, you would surely be interested to know more about the birds that are seen in your surroundings or visit you in your house windows and balconies. 

However, if you don’t know where to start, then, like many apps telling you more about random plants and animals, we also have a UK-based app helping many learn more about birds of many different kinds — called Warblr.

With one look at its introduction, it looks like all flowers and fruits, but is that all? Does the Warblr app actually work? If you want to know the truth, then all you need to do is continue reading, because the article below contains a thorough Warblr app preview. 

What is the Warblr App? 

Warblr is an underrated app that automatically recognises birds through their songs – more like voices. It claims to have a simple way of working through recordings where you will record the voice or singing with your smartphone, and the app will identify the bird for you.

Along with the names, the app comes with a detailed profile. It tells you many more things you would like to know about the bird, and the once stranger bird will be all familiar to you within minutes. 

Warblr App Review

How Does it Work?

The working of the Warblr app is super easy as already mentioned, and all you need to do is record, and you can easily find the recording button on the app’s home screen. 

Then, after recording the voice, the app will give you results including details, such as its scientific name, species, description, and images. 


There is indeed a price you need to pay in order to continue using all the premium services of the Warblr app, and the sum is only €4.99.

Key Features

Mixed Results

After you have recorded the voice, the app will not give you a specific answer.

Instead, you will get a list of all the birds that sound like the one in the recording, along with their scientific names and the percentage, like 97% chance the bird is a parrot, pigeon, etc., which will only help you learn more.

Give Feedback 

After you have reviewed the results, if you think there’s something wrong with the results, then you always have the option of giving feedback.

It includes your feedback on results as well as the additional or updated information you have about the bird. 

Does the Warblr App Actually Work?

After going through the information mentioned above — we are quite sure you might be at least a bit interested in trying the app. However, hold your horses, because the reviews and ratings surely don’t look good.

Yes, while a bunch of positive reviews talk about how quick and effective the app is, the majority of the reviews talk about multiple disadvantages after wasting €4.99 on its update, with a disappointing 1.5/5 rating on the Google Play Store. 

While a few mentioned how you can instantly get to know about the birds in your surroundings and areas, others mentioned that it glitches a lot. It also doesn’t live up to the pricing, and you hear only one bird voice from every recording – not different voices, as you are supposed to. 

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many more points under the spotlight. 

Yet, we think you should try installing the app on your device and checking for yourself if it works for you or not – and we are only suggesting this because you need not pay anything at the start, and you can always delete the app if you find it unpleasant.

That is all from our side for the Warblr app review, and we hope that the article was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I get the Warblr app for iPhone?

Yes, the Warblr app is available on the App Store for iOS devices, including iPhones, and you can install it for free.