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AMC Prime vs Dolby Cinema: Which Is Better? [2024]

AMC Prime vs Dolby Cinema: Which Is Better? [2024]

AMC Prime vs Dolby Cinema: Whether you want to sit at home and wait for your favorite actor's movie to release or want to visit a nearby theatre and watch it on a big screen, there are several options present in the market for either of the cases.

Talking about live streaming of newly released content, AMC Prime can give you a good experience in that. As for big screen experiences with unmatched benefits like effective audio and comfortable seats, Dolby Cinemas has an upper hand.

Which of the two can give you the best experience? Is AMC Prime worth sitting at home and streaming the content or Dolby Cinema can do a better job through their big screens and additional effects?

To know the answers to all the lingering questions in your mind, we suggest you go through our comparison article between AMC Prime and Dolby Cinema mentioned below.

AMC Prime vs Dolby Cinema: Introduction

AMC Prime

AMC Prime vs Dolby Cinema

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc, commonly known as AMC Theatres is the largest movie theatre chain company in the world. It was founded in 1920 and has over a century worth of experience in this business.

AMC Theatres has acquired the biggest share of the US Cinema market and is ahead of other leading companies in the same industry like Cinemark Theatres and Regal Theatre.

AMC Prime, also known as AMC+ is a streaming subsidiary service by AMC Theatres that has some additional benefits like award-winning series and movies with exclusive content to offer. 

They offer the most anticipated and original collection of movies and series with ad-free services. To put it in simple words, the Prime members of this club get to experience the premium streaming bundle from the brand.

Dolby Cinema

AMC Prime vs Dolby Cinema

Dolby Cinema is a premium cinema chain established by Dolby laboratories. It is one of the most vigorous opponents of Cinema’s XD, IMAX, and Regal’s RPX.

Dolby Cinema helps users to experience the emotional impact of every movie they are watching. It helps you witness the subtle details along with ultra-vivid colors from Dolby Vision and gives a great experience with immersive sound effects for 2D, 3D, and 4D movies.

Through Dolby Cinemas, you get to feel the power of stories while viewing your favorite actors, actresses, or villains on the best-quality screens. Moreover, to get a list of upcoming or currently playing movies in Theatres near you, you can visit its website.

AMC Prime vs Dolby Cinema: Tickets and Prices

AMC Prime

AMC Prime offers multiple services and benefits in return for subscriptions. If you wish to get an experience of their services, you'll have to pay for these services as they do not offer any service for free.

As AMC Prime is available in collaboration with other streaming service providers like Roku, Amazon, and Apple, you get to face different subscription plans depending on which platform you are paying for the subscription.

Following are the cost for subscription plans if you subscribe directly from AMC,

  • Monthly Subscription – The standard monthly subscription will cost you $8.99 per month which comes with taxes included.
  • Annual Subscription – The standard annual subscription plan will cost you $83.88 annually and taxes are already included. If you pay for this subscription, you'll save 2 dollars every month with an average of $6.99 per month.

If you are subscribing from Amazon, Apple, or Roku, the standard monthly cost will be $8.99 with tax included. There is no option for an annual subscription plan. At times, these big streaming service providers can offer promotional deals where you can save some bucks.

Dolby Cinema

The ticket prices at Dolby Cinemas are similar to that of any other theatre chain. The pricing usually differs between the general seats and recliners. At times, there can be more than two sections and pricing will differ according to the positions of seats, just like in any other theatre.

Whether you purchase the tickets online or visit their reception to do the same, you will be charged the actual price of the ticket along with convenience charges and taxes. In case you have any gift cards or promotion codes, you can use them at both places.

AMC Prime vs Dolby Cinema: Additional Charges

AMC Prime

The service does not cost you any convenience charges. As AMC Prime is a streaming service provider, you may be charged convenience charges from your bank for the transaction. Apart from this, there is no mention of convenience charges from AMC Prime whatsoever.

Dolby Cinema

The convenience charge will be added to the total sum at the time of purchase. You cannot ditch these convenient charges that include taxes, or other additional charges at any cost. 

At times, even if you have a promotional code that can get you a free ticket, you will still have to pay the convenience charge, which is usually around $2 per ticket.

AMC Prime vs Dolby Cinema: User Experience 

AMC Prime

To give a good user experience, it is precisely important to focus on the user interface of the website. The website for AMC Prime is mainly included in two colors, Black and Cyan which can easily strain people’s eyes.

The website allows you to check the latest releases in the industry and which are the trending series in films currently on their platform. Under the AMC plus essentials headline, you'll see the most recommended films and series by the website.

Through their website, the users are also allowed to watch trailers of the series and movies they are interested in. If you are not a subscribed member of their community yet, you can still view the trailer.

To become a member of their community, on the top right-hand side you can see an option that says ‘Get AMC+’. Click on it and it will redirect you to all the steps for becoming a member one by one. 

Overall, they offer a good list of shows and films. From different genres to unique plotlines and stories, you can find everything at AMC Prime. The bottom line is, their website can give you a good and satisfying streaming experience.

Dolby Cinema

Dolby Cinemas official website has an easy user interface. The very first thing you'll see after that introduction is the list of currently playing and upcoming movies at Dolby Theatres. 

By clicking on the movie, you can view a detailed description of it including the cast, description, and other important details. To get the tickets, you can scroll down and find the ’Find Tickets’ blue button.

The booking process is easy. First, it will ask you where you would like to reserve a seat and give a picture of the theatres to choose from. You can view the prices and ticket numbers in the picture, which makes it easier for you to understand where the seats are located.

In simple words, the user experience and Dolby Cinema's official website for booking tickets are satisfying. You are automatically redirected to the next steps at the time of booking and the website rarely lags.

AMC Prime vs Dolby Cinema: Stubs

AMC Prime 

AMC Stubs Premier offers a good bunch of deals and promotions. The deals keep getting updated frequently and you can always find an exclusive deal helping you save more.

For instance, you can get 50% off a year on premium perks like receiving a $5 reward every time you spend $50 and more. This can be only applicable to those who will book tickets online. 

With these deals, you can get a chance to include yourself in the AMC stubs premiere and enjoy more upcoming deals. 

Reserving tickets online for free, receiving a free large popcorn refill, upsizing your popcorn and fountain rings, and many more deals await people who are ready to pay for the premier stubs.

Dolby Cinema

The Dolby Cinema stubs give you a good bunch of benefits and advantages. The prices differ for every benefit. They have different premium benefits to offer like dramatic imaging, moving audio and innovative seating.

For instance, through discounted Tuesdays, you can get all the tickets for five dollars. This is only for AMC stubs members as Dolby Cinema is partnered with AMC Theatres for Stubs purposes.

AMC Prime vs Dolby Cinema: Which is Better?

AMC Prime and Dolby Cinema, both offer a good experience in different ways. If you want to sit back at your home and watch new movies and series every week from an exclusive collection, then AMC Prime is what you must opt for.

If you want a multiplex outstanding performance and experience on big screens, then Dolby Cinema is what you need. It is not only capable of giving you comfort while watching the movie but it also affects how and in what mood you are watching the movie.

The Dolby Cinema are known for its services like powerful image and best sound technologies to meet innovative and best experiences for reserved recliners. To put it in short, both the brands and service providers are worth a shot.

Final Thoughts 

There are different types of people, a few of which can like the best streaming experiences by watching their favorite and most anticipated movie or TV show from their house.

Meanwhile, half of the population would go for that Cinema which can give them the best big screen experience. In the above context, we have mentioned all the best points the user needed to know about AMC Prime and Dolby Cinema.

The conclusion is, both of them are good but for different needs. If you want to sit back at home and experience a good streaming time, then AMC Prime can help you the best. 

However, if you decide to step out of your house and visit a Cinema for a big screen experience, then Dolby Cinemas can do the best work.

So, we hope by reading our AMC Prime vs Dolby Cinema comparison article, now you know which service provider is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is AMC Prime the same as Dolby Cinema?

No, AMC Prime is a part of AMC Theatres that gives you the best streaming experiences while you are sitting at your home enjoying viewing your most anticipated movie or drama. Whereas, Dolby Cinema is a chain of Cinema that gives you an amazing big screen experience. Both of them are not similar unless you are talking about their partnership for various purposes.

What is AMC Dolby Cinema?

AMC Dolby Cinema is the partnership between AMC Theatres and Dolby Cinema. The collaboration gives the users promotional offers at the time of ticket reservation. The additional benefits include better Cinematic experiences, and more.