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Zaful Review: Quality, Shipping Time, Size, Scam?

Zaful Review: Quality, Shipping Time, Size, Scam?

Zaful Review: Are you wondering what is Zaful? Want to know what is the quality, processing time, shipping time, and charges? 

Don't worry; This article will help you with that! In this article, we'll show you a Zaful review that will help you know everything about Zaful.

Are you shopping for trendy and stylish clothes that won't cost too much? Fast fashion is a highly money-making business. People who frequently purchase products online might have heard about Zaful. 

Zaful has everything you might be looking for, from regular clothing, sportswear, accessories to swimwear and many more. Read on further to know about Fashion Nova Review.

Zaful Review: Begin!

Zaful is a super trendy website, where you'll find amazing offers and discounts for new as well as current users. 

Be it women's or men's fashion, Zaful got your back! Besides regular clothing like shirts, dresses and pants, you'll be able to find swimwear and activewear, along with accessories of every kind. 

Zaful is partnered with over 128 suppliers around the world. It states itself as a business that directly sells to users. As there's no in-between involvement, this might be the reason why their merchandise is pretty inexpensive. 

One of the main things about Zaful is that it manufactures and designs its own clothing, unlike other sites which only resell act as a marketplace where other vendors can sell. 

Zaful Review: Quality, Sizing Etc!

Here is everything that you want to know about Zaful Review:


Now, we'll take a closer look at the clothing and quality of the Zaful's clothing. Zaful offers accessories and apparel for both women and men, including bottoms, cardigans, sweatshirts, tops, jackets, loungewear and many more. It is particularly popular in its diversity of adorable and fashionable dresses at an affordable price. 

You can almost find any style you find, from sweaters, dresses to bodycon and swimwear. 

One thing that users regularly complain about is its low-quality apparel. There have been several cases where consumers were really disappointed and annoyed with their orders since the clothing typically looked like low-quality imitations of the product's featured photos. 

In fact, many customers have stated that the featured images on the app and website aren't original pictures. 

These pictures are stolen from other sources like Facebook ads. They ordered something, thinking it would look like the images featured in the products listed on their website, only to get a poor-quality product. 

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Some customers have said that they have got the perfect sizes and everything they've ordered from Zaful has fit great. 

On the other hand, few users said that its sizing is really awful because it doesn't offer any universal way of sizing. 

You should remember that the sizing charts are over the website and the app. This means there is no standard size chart from product to product. For example, a large might be 6 on one dress and 10 on another. 

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Processing Time

Just to be clear, the item's processing time is the time from getting your order to physically dispatching it. 

Once Zaful receives your order, it'll perform complex quality-control tests and checks to ensure that the product's quality is up to your expectations. This comprises detailed in-house checks, including zippers, embellishments & motifs, lining, material quality, seams, interiors and more. 

This entire processing time can vary depending on the design, complexity and size of the certain item. Usually, it takes 24-hours of business days to process your order, which can be affected by the item's availability, national holidays, the time of the year, etc. 

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Shipping Time 

Zaful provides standard and express shipping so that you can choose an option depending on your shipping requirements. Since every order comes from China, all these shipping methods usually take a long time, and thus many people think that it is a scam.

Although Zaful states that it takes 3-10 business days to arrive, its shipping time usually depends on the area you live. 

For example, its standard delivery for US customers typically takes 6-8 business days, and the express delivery takes 3-7 business days. For the UK customer, its standard delivery takes 6-7 business days, and express delivery takes 3-7 business days. 

Zaful offers free standard shipping on orders over $49, which is pretty high. Nevertheless, they do have occasional sales where you can find that they lower it to $35.  

For more detailed information on standard delivery and express delivery, visit this page:

NOTE: The shipping time is predicted and starts from the date of shipping, instead of the date of order, which can take longer than the expected date. 

Return policy  

Since Zaful's merchandise, apparel and shoes come from a large number of sources, the sizing can vary for every product. So, make sure that you check out your cart for the sizing guide of every product you wish to purchase. 

For some reason, if you forgot to ensure your size and receive a product that doesn't fit you or receive something you don't like about how it looks, don't worry! Zaful has an easy 30-day return policy.

You are supposed to contact Zaful's customer service team within 30 days and either return the product or ask for a refund, but remember that you'll have to pay for the return shipping. 

You'll also have to explain to their customer service why you're not happy with the product that you've received, so that they'll consider your refund. 

If the products you've received have some flaws, you should show the issue with photos or videos. 

Also, keep in mind that there is a list of products Zaful will not accept returns for; these consist of Socks, hair accessories, earrings, luck bags, discounted items and beauty products. Typically, it takes 3-6 business days to process your refund.

If you've used a credit card during the time of purchase, you'll be able to receive it in 7-14 business days, and if you use PayPal, you should see the refund in 48 hours. For wallet payments, refunds are usually received in 24 hours. 

For more detailed information on its return policy, visit this page:


Zaful is supposed to offer tracking information on every package it ships, nevertheless a lot of Zaful reviews have complained that the tracking information doesn't really work. 

This means it can be quite hard to check whether the product is shipped or not. However, you should remember that all of these products arrive from China, so it might take some time as the processing time can be quite long.

Things you should consider before purchasing from Zaful:

  • Check Customer Review: Check out what other users are saying about the product. If you see any positive reviews for a similar product, it is possible that you'll find Zaful is legit for your sorts of buying. 
  • Smaller Purchases: If you are a new user, start with a smaller purchase to ensure whether quality and sizing meets your expectations. 
  • Check for Deals and Coupons: When you shop outside of the sale section, you'll see that products are pretty expensive. So, make sure to add one of their current coupons to your cart. 
  • Check Sizing: Since Zaful buys some of its products from third-party sources, paying attention to the sizing and measurement charts is essential. Nevertheless, remember that these sizing and measurements are different for every product. 
  • Check Return Policy: Check what kind of products you can return. If you've received a damaged or defective product or a wrong size product, you can return it within 30 days. You can't be able to return Socks, hair accessories, earrings, luck bags, discounted items and beauty products. 
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Is Zaful Legit or a Scam?

With several negative Zaful comments and reviews available online, it is not surprising that a lot of people are wondering whether Zaful is legit or a scam. Zaful is a legit and a very old site. 

It is one of the top online stores that offer a wide range of products, including tops, pants, shirts, swimwear, accessories and several other fashion trends for both women and men. 

It can be the best option for people who want to stay trendy and fashionable but don't wish to spend too much money. Nevertheless, before buying products, you must consider a few factors like shipping time, shipping charges, quality, etc.

A lot of people have complained regarding the difference between the products they order and the products they've received, as well as the regarding the refunds. However, you can check the “Things you should consider before purchasing from Zaful” section mentioned above for some tips. 

Final Words: At last, We would like to mention that even though Zaful has numerous negative reviews concerning the customer service, quality of the products and the shipment time, it is essential to note that they are constantly improving. 

We hope the this information on Zaful review has helped you to know everything about Zaful. If you have more queries, let us know in the comment section below.


Is Zaful legitimate?

Yes, Zaful is a safe and legitimate online store that sells swimwear and activewear, along with accessories of every kind. 

Does Zaful fit true to size?

It's essential to pay attention to the sizing and measurement charts, but remember that these sizing and measurements are different for every product. 

Can you return on Zaful?

Yes, if you've received a damaged or defective product or a wrong size product, you can return it within 30 days. However, you cannot be able to return discounted items. 

Are Zaful clothes from China?

Zaful is based in Hong Kong, China and also, it outsources products from over 128 suppliers across the world. 

How long does it take Zaful to deliver?

Although Zaful states that it takes 3-10 business days to arrive, its shipping time usually depends on the area you live.