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Xbox Error Code 0x801900cc [How to Fix]

Xbox Error Code 0x801900cc [How to Fix]

Xbox Error Code 0x801900cc: Who doesn’t know Xbox? It is one of the leading titles in the gaming industry, offering gamers an outstanding gaming experience through games, gaming systems like Xbox One, Xbox X series, etc, and more services.

Everything’s been good with Xbox and its systems, until recently when we started hearing some complaints by users about error codes like ‘Error Code 0x801900cc’ appearing mostly while playing at a party. 

Now coming to you, are you also facing a similar error code issue? If so, then don't worry anymore because, in this article, we are going to give you the best troubleshooting solutions to solve your ‘Error Code 0x801900cc’ problem. 

What is the Xbox Error Code 0x801900cc?

Error Code 0x801900cc is one of the many errors you might be facing while playing games on your Xbox One or series X or S console. Your game might freeze suddenly, have trouble starting, or end in the middle.

How to Fix: Xbox Error Code 0x801900cc

Check Server Status

As soon as you start getting the error code, you must first check the service status of Xbox – if it's up and working. How to check it? Follow the steps below!

  • Visit the Xbox support page on Microsoft.
  • Tap on the arrow beside Xbox at the top.
  • Select the Xbox Status option.

Wait for a While

If nothing worked for you, or you got to know that the issue is from the Xbox backend, then your only solution is to wait for a while till the issue is resolved. 

Contact Xbox Support

You can contact the customer support services of Xbox for a clear and fast answer to the problem. To contact Xbox support, you have to visit its support page on Microsoft, go to the ‘Contact Us’ page through the main menu, and tap on the green button that says ‘Contact Us’. 

Through the green button, you can request phone support which is available from Monday to Sunday from 6 AM to 5 PM, or web chat which is available 24/7. 

Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Check your Internet Connection

Make sure your Internet connection is on point, or at least working at medium speed because Xbox will take a good amount of network and speed to load content. 

In case the Internet is not working, or is slow, then you can try restarting the device or switching the Wi-Fi or mobile data off and on after a few seconds. 

Check for Common Issues

You have to check for common issues and solutions like, if you’re having an issue with the game launch – search for its troubleshooting steps on the net, if you see different error codes – type the code in search results for a specific troubleshooting method, etc.

Power Cycle your Console

Power cycling your console might take time, but since it reboots the system entirely, it can kick out temporary bugs and glitches in one try. To power cycle the console, simply turn it off and turn it back on after 10 or more seconds.

Use Different Profile

Often, the gameplay is affected by unwanted and corrupted profile data stored in your Xbox console. If you try using a different profile to play the game for some time, the corrupted data might get deleted automatically.

To switch to another profile, you can press the Xbox button on the console for the guide, go to the ‘Profile and System’ option, and then select the ‘Add or Switch’ profile option.

Re-add your Profile

Removing the profile and adding it back after some time can help similarly when you try another profile. The steps are similar and the corrupted data will be deleted automatically.

Restart your Game

If the issue is somewhere in the game, you can simply restart your game — quit the game in the middle, even if it is still frozen, and start the game again from the start. Also, wait for the game to start entirely before starting to play.

Clear Local Saves and Resync with Cloud

At times, the local saves of your games might be polluted due to any random reason, so deleting the local saves and re-syncing the profile with the cloud might help you get rid of the problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the Xbox Error Code 0x801900cc?

To fix the Error Code 0x801900cc issue, you’ll have to try some troubleshooting solutions like restarting your game, trying a different profile, removing and re-adding your profile, power cycling your console, and making sure your network connection is good.

Why is my party chat blocked?

If you are constantly getting an error message like ‘Your network settings block the Party Chat’, then that might mean that the Internet connection connecting your Xbox console and other members of the party is failing or is poor. 

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