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Wisey App Review: What You’re Not Being Told (Read This!)

Wisey App Review: What You’re Not Being Told (Read This!)

Whether you are an office worker, an entrepreneur, a housewife, a businessman, or a student – it doesn’t matter what role you play, at some point, we all tend to procrastinate, and some of us actually do that a lot more than we think, which needs to stop. 

Now, what are some of the ways you can stop procrastination? Gladly we have plenty of options online, with some apps like Wisey, claiming to help you eliminate your procrastination entirely and be productive with each passing day. 

Yet, is it really helpful? Does it actually help you eliminate procrastination? We have similar questions being asked by many others, and if you want accurate answers too, then all you have to do is have a look at our Wisey app review mentioned below. 

What is Wisey?

Wisey claims to offer you a bunch of exercises for regular life, which will help you get rid of procrastination. In simple words – it will help you get productive with simple things and stop putting off tasks for later.

Moreover, it comes with certain goals, such as – strengthening your willpower, reducing anxiety and stress, achieving more goals in less time, and becoming the best for yourself. 

Wisey App Review

Is the Wisey App Legit?

Unfortunately, the Wisey app doesn’t seem like a legitimate platform because we have plenty of scam and fraud reports against it — and the majority of them are from verified users on verified platforms.

To be exact, there are many things to point out as disadvantages and risks for going for this app, and to start with – some users claimed that although they applied for a free trial, they were charged before it could end.

For others, they were charged twice the original amount of the subscription after the free trial, and when they opted to cancel it, they were still charged some unknown ‘additional’ stuff, which had no way of cancellation on the app.

Additionally, many complained about how you are not given a reminder before cutting the sum from their account, and for a few, when they canceled the subscription for the next month in the middle of the current month, their accounts were closed without letting them use the current month’s worth of services which they paid for. 

In addition to that, we had a bunch of users complaining about how they were charged an extra upgrade fee along with the initial subscription fee, and even when they paid for it on time, they never got access to the additional or upgraded services. 

Final Words 

Apart from the points mentioned above, we rarely found any positive reviews about the platform — literally couldn’t find even a couple of them.

Therefore, we certainly think that it is an illegitimate platform, and even if it were to be real – it is surely not worth your time, effort, and money, because there are just too many risks involved.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and hope our Wisey app review was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Wisey good?

No, unfortunately, the app has received hundreds of scams and fraud reports from verified users with multiple negative ratings, so we certainly don’t think it is a good app. 

What is Wisey app? 

The Wisey app is a platform that offers a bunch of activities to help you get rid of procrastination and get back to being productive every day.