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What happened to Hoonigan? [2024]

What happened to Hoonigan? [2024]

Hoonigan, a renowned automotive lifestyle brand, has been a household name among car enthusiasts for years.

As Hoonigan is prominent in the automotive community, fans are naturally curious about recent developments. If you're wondering what happened to Hoonigan and why there's been a shift in their activities, you've landed on the right page.

In this article, we'll delve into the recent events surrounding Hoonigan, exploring the factors that led to changes within the brand and addressing any questions regarding its current status.

What happened to Hoonigan? [2024]

Hoonigan, formerly Wheel Pros, rebranded to embrace the broader car culture and expand its reach beyond car parts. This shift aims to attract a wider audience of enthusiasts, honoring founder Ken Block's legacy of fostering passion in the motorsports community.

What is Hoonigan?

Hoonigan is a brand and media company founded by Ken Block, a professional rally driver. Hoonigan is known for producing automotive content, including videos, merchandise, and events that focus on various aspects of car culture, racing, and extreme driving.

Through its diverse portfolio of lifestyle brands like Fuel Off-Road, American Racing, and others, Hoonigan offers a wide range of car parts and accessories.

With a global distribution network and growing e-commerce presence, Hoonigan aims to provide easy access to aftermarket additions for automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

Is Hoonigan Merged with Wheel Pros?

In October 2023, Wheel Pros rebranded itself as Hoonigan. This wasn't just a name change; it signifies a broader shift in the company's vision and target audience.

Wheel Pros, originally focused on car parts, adopted the more lifestyle-oriented Hoonigan brand to embrace “fun first” car culture and attract a wider community of enthusiasts.

So, the two entities aren't separate anymore, but Wheel Pros essentially transformed into Hoonigan, expanding its scope beyond parts and tapping into the cultural spirit associated with the Hoonigan name.

Is Hoonigan Died with Ken?

No, Hoonigan didn't die with Ken Block. While his passing in January 2023 was a huge loss, Hoonigan lives on as a brand. They rebranded in October 2023, expanding beyond parts and embracing the car culture spirit.

Though the original YouTube channel closed, creators inspired by Hoonigan keep the spirit alive. Culturally, “hoonigan” thrives as a passion for pushing car boundaries and having fun, independent of any brand.

So, while Ken's absence is deeply felt, Hoonigan continues to evolve and celebrate car culture in his memory.


What is Hoonigan?

Hoonigan is a brand and media company founded by Ken Block, focusing on producing automotive content, hosting events, and offering merchandise for car enthusiasts.

Did Hoonigan merge with another company?

Yes, Hoonigan and Wheel Pros merged in October 2023. Wheel Pros rebranded itself as Hoonigan, reflecting a shift towards a more lifestyle-oriented approach to car culture.

Is Hoonigan still active?

Yes, Hoonigan is still active. Wheel Pros remains within the Hoonigan brand family and continues its operations.