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Windy App Review: Is It Legit? [2024]

Windy App Review: Is It Legit? [2024]

What is Windy app? How much does the Windy app cost? What are the features of any app? Is Windy app legit?

We are ready to give you correct answers to all the questions mentioned above if you are willing to continue reading this Windy App review article.

What is Windy App?

Windy is a popular incredible tool for accurate weather forecast visualisation. It is known for being detailed, fast and intuitive, offering the most accuracy in weather trusted by professional skydivers, kiters, paragliders, pilots, fishermen, etc.

The application is best in use whenever you are planning a trip, pursuing any outdoor sport, tracking a tropical or potential incident or simply wishing to know the change in the climate.

Windy App Review


It is free to install and use for both iOS and Android users but comes with enough purchases in case you wish to upgrade your experience. Windy offers two pricing plans for users as follows,

  • One-time payment for one year worth $35.39.
  • An annual subscription is worth $22.41 and you can save 37% by paying only $1.9 a month.


  • The platform offers all the leading weather forecast models like ICON, ECMWF, GFS and more.
  • It offers high-resolution satellite composite.
  • It provides 51 global weather maps.
  • It offers 16 altitude levels from the land to 13.5km/F 450.
  • Offers detailed Meteogram and aerogram.
  • Offers altitude and time zone information along with sunset and sunrise timing.
  • You can search over 50,000 airports.
  • It offers detailed wave and wind forecasts for servicing or kiting spots along with over 1500 paragliding spots.
  • Offers information for over 50,000 weather WebCams.
  • Can be accessed in more than 40 globally famous languages including English.

Important Highlights 

Email Alerts

Email alert is an important highlight of the app. Through their mobile app or website, you can select any place across the world and tap on the bell icon to receive alerts of that place through email according to your adjustments.

You have to follow strict criteria and add accurate information to all the required blanks present to get the alerts. 

For instance, it will ask you about the alerts for new snow, temperature, wind, waves, rain and overall climate and you have to put ranges, numbers and percentages accordingly.

Detailed Forecast 

The application gives you a thorough idea of the current forecast of the location. From wind, wind gusts, rain, thunder, temperature to clouds, waves, air quality and so many more are added to the list. You will get a detailed forecast about the place you are viewing.

You will also see some options which you have never even heard of before like solar power, UV index, CAPE index, thermal, swell, sweet 2, swell 3, tidal currents, PM2.5, aerosol, SO2, CO concentration, fire intensity, moisture anomaly and so many more.

Climate Radar

The climate radar option is well, another big list of options from the right-hand side. The list includes reported wind, airports, WebCams, paragliding sports, surfing sports, tight forecast and more. 

As you tap on the preferred option, you will see the icon visible on the map on the accurate places. Along with the weather radar, the app also has the satellite radar option.

Windy App Review

Windy App has received a positive response from users on both the Google play store and App Store. It is downloaded by thousands and thousands of people on both platforms and voted positively.

Is it Legit?

Yes, the Windy app is a legit app. It is popular among the users Interested in huge order sports like paragliding, skiing, etc. It is best known for offering accurate information, one of the many points that makes it entirely legitimate.

Final Words 

Windy app is a reliable app and we will gladly suggest you to go for it. While it offers outstanding premium quality services, you only have to pay a few bucks for using the app for a year. It can also be used for free in case you are not willing to pay just yet.

We hope by reading our Windy app review article, you have received all the answers to your questions

Frequently asked Questions 

Is the Windy app free?

Yes, the Windy app is free to use and can be installed for free from both the Google play store and App Store. But, if you are willing to pay a few bucks per year to get the advantage of its outstanding premium benefits then you can opt for the in-app purchases.

What is the most accurate wind app?

The Windy app can be known as the most accurate wind app. Not only does it provide accurate results for wind, but the platform also offers a huge list of options to choose from. It offers high-resolution images and live forecasts for you, all while being insanely accurate.

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