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Why Does Temu Give Free Stuff? The Truth Behind Freebies (Read This!)

Why Does Temu Give Free Stuff? The Truth Behind Freebies (Read This!)

Starting with the main introduction – Temu is one of the leading online retailers in the US, and always seems to have something interesting waiting for its customers, whether we are talking about enhancement in its inventory, or more exciting offers.

Similarly, it offers multiple chances of giving away free stuff – where you can actually get free items or other interesting rewards by doing some simple tasks on its platform.

However, why does Temu give free stuff? We have had many users wondering about this for quite a while now, and if you are one of them — then you are on the right page because the answer to the above question is mentioned right below, in this article. 

Why Does Temu Give Free Stuff?

The main reason why Temu likes to give away free stuff is simply a promotional strategy, where the core reason for giving away free stuff is to attract more customers to its platform, who will eventually also buy from it more often. 

For a better understanding, some of the main highlights are mentioned below:

Positive Feedback 

Who doesn’t like free stuff? We certainly do, and customers tend to give and have a positive perspective about the platform when they receive free stuff, even if the free product isn't even that good. 

Free Trials

Giving away free items allows users to get free trials of the product which will not only make them want to buy the same again, but even the sellers and the platform will know if the product was worth it or not. 

Exciting Limited-Time Sales

Exclusive and limited sales always create a sense of urgency and excitement within customers, which will not only make them buy sooner but the bigger the sale, the more chances the customer will come back for another sale. 


Temu does a good job of offering free staff as prizes through games on its platforms, which automatically creates regular engagement with the marketplace, and eventually seduces the customer to at least add some items to their cart. 


The referral program by Temu is one of the main highlights of the platform, which will help you get many rewards, which in return will give Temu many invites and more users, like a 50-50 win for both parties. 

How to Get Free Stuff on Temu?

Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can get free stuff on Temu, but for a starter’s guide, and to help you start from simple ways, the easiest ways to get free stuff on Temu are mentioned below:

Play In-App Games

Temu has multiple app games that offer free stuff like coupons, special offers, cash credits, and stuff like these for free when you reach certain levels or complete the game. 


Temu is always filled with multiple promotional offers and deals, which will get you coupons that come with free items or similar deals.

Participate in Events

As you might have already guessed – Temu offers multiple events and chances to help you participate in things like giveaways and contests, which often have free items or other rewards as prizes.

Final Words 

Apart from the reasons mentioned above – we saw many say that in return for giving away free stuff, Temu steals your private information to sell it to other companies. 

However, as of February 2024, there is no concrete proof to support such accusations and claims, and all the reasons mentioned above are enough for Temu to offer free stuff to their customers.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and hope you now know the answer to your question – why does Temu give free stuff?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you actually get free stuff on Temu?

Yes, according to thousands of Temu customers, you actually get free stuff on Temu through multiple ways, like by joining its referral program, playing games, participating in giveaways, and such.

Is Temu free gift real or fake?

According to hundreds of reviews and users, the Temu free gift rumor is real, and you actually get free gifts through multiple ways on Temu.