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What Is Wrong with Beetlejuice? [2024]

What Is Wrong with Beetlejuice? [2024]

What Is Wrong with Beetlejuice?: Lester Green, popularly called Beetlejuice, is one of the popular names in the entertainment industry with a disability. He is a proud and skilled comedian and an actor – also made an appearance on popular shows, such as The Howard Stern Show. 

Although a famous body, there are many things quite unknown about him, and many fans, as well as people who are just curious about his unique personality, are interested to know what exactly is wrong with him. 

So, are you also interested to know What Is Wrong with Beetlejuice? And some more details about that? If yes, then continue reading this article because it contains the exact answer you are looking for, in detail.

What Is Wrong with Beetlejuice?

Beetlejuice was born with two disabilities, microcephaly and dwarfism. 

Dwarfism, as the name says, is a type of disability that causes one to be clearly shorter than the average height of a human. As for microcephaly, it causes one to have a smaller head than the usual head size. 

Together, both these disabilities have caused a variety of physical and intellectual disabilities in Beetlejuice, and the celeb has also openly spoken about them and how significantly they have affected his life. 

The highlighted part of his life was that he was openly bullied and had faced much discrimination because of his height and head size. On the contrary, the man was courageous enough to embrace all his flaws and further became a proud comedian and actor. 

Final Words

As mentioned above, Beetlejuice had two disabilities, but the man had a strong heart and a will to prove evil people wrong. He is still striving to become a better entertainer and is a good role model for many similar people globally.

With this, we have clearly mentioned the answer to your ‘What Is Wrong with Beetlejuice’ and hope the article was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Lester Beetlejuice still alive?

Yes, Lester Beetlejuice is still alive, his active years count from 1999 to the present, as of 2024. 

What is wrong with Beetlejuice Lester?

Beetlejuice Lester is an American entertainer who was born with two major medical conditions, named microcephaly and dwarfism.