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What Is NFL1H on PrizePicks? [2024]

What Is NFL1H on PrizePicks? [2024]

What Is NFL1H on PrizePicks: Prizepicks is the easiest, fastest, and most exciting daily fantasy sports game where you can choose 2-6 players and pick more or less on their projection.

If you are wondering what is nfl1h on Prizepicks, then don’t worry, in this article, we’ll mention everything you want to know about nfl1h on Prizepicks.

What Is NFL1H on PrizePicks

Prizepicks is a daily fantasy sports platform where you can predict the fantasy performance of any individual player in several sports, including football, basketball, baseball, golf, hockey, soccer, and more.

And NFL1H refers to the specific type of game format or in other words, the first half of the National Football League game, which is the first two quarters of the game.

When you select players for your nfl1h on Prizepicks, you are making predictions regarding how that player will perform during the first half of the game and their real-life performances in the first half of their games will determine your score and potential cash prize.

In order to participate in the nfl1h contest, you’ll need to select a specific game you want to include in your lineup. Then, you can choose up to five players from those games, each of whom is assigned a point value depending on your projected performance in the first half.

Your final score and prize payout are determined by the total points earned by all selected players in the first half of their respective games.

So, we can say that nfl1h is a specific game format within the NFL category on Prizepick that primarily focuses on predicting player performance in the first half of games played during a given day’s schedule.  

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