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6 Best Apps like PrizePicks & PrizePicks Alternatives [2024]

6 Best Apps like PrizePicks & PrizePicks Alternatives [2024]

Apps like PrizePicks: Daily Fantasy Sports is a widespread topic currently on the internet with millions of players globally spending billions of bucks on different contests. With DFS being in such high demand, knowing and using only one app like PrizePicks might not be enough for you.

About PrizePicks

PrizePicks is known as the fastest and simplest DFS game with thrilling daily fantasy sports updated regularly. You get to decide the number of players in your team, choose from 2 to 5 players, and decide on their stat projection. Also, you can swap to the multiplayer mode or invite your friends to play against you. 

Though it is a good option, are you not interested in trying some other options where you can also find better and easier tools other than PrizePicks? If It is a yes from you, then we are happy to present you a list of 6 amazing apps like PrizePicks in the article below.

Underdog Fantasy

Apps like PrizePicks

Underdog Fantasy is more like a video game with regular and season-long fantasy contests. It is known as the best place to play fantasy sports with the list including daily draft, best ball and pick’em. The game specializes in both football and basketball where you can also make use of real money, bet and win with your love for both sports.

With Underdog Fantasy you don't have to worry about trades, injuries, setting lineups, and waivers. But, your complete focus must be on the best ball and on the fun part that is draft. After drafting you can opt for setting the ball while waiting for your win. 

Underdog Fantasy can be called one of the profitable apps like PrizePicks because it offers the promising and perfect complement if you are interested in regular season-long leagues along with more chances of winning some real cash.

Key Highlights

  • It does not use pros that have advanced algorithms to flood contests and decrease your chance of winning.
  • Your best players will be automatically selected every week based on your first lineup and draft settings
  • Offers a custom ranking feature where you get to tweak the player list according to your liking so that you can keep an eye on your favorite players.
  • Offers unlimited withdrawals.


OwnersBox App

OwnersBox is like daily fantasy sports are being reinvented with unique features and different types of fun. Basically, it is an innovative sports-tech entity interrupting the way users play fantasy sports but adding different tastes for different excitement.

It specializes in offering major North American stores and popular tournaments like MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL. With OwnersBox you get to unlock the power of sports while joining a community filled with daily fantasy fans. 

On top of all, as a new or loyal player to the game, you get exclusive promotional offers like a signup promotion where you can get one free $10 entry for lightning lineups and a first-time deposit bonus with a 100% deposit match up to $500. 

Key Highlights

  • Players can withdraw the money through the 30-minute payout feature within 30 minutes of the end of the game.
  • You can withdraw the amount through your bank or any major debit or credit card with just one tap.
  • Offers the spin the wheel feature where you can first pick your favorite lineup and then multiply the money. 
  • You can add over one line-up to increase prizes.

DraftKings Daily Fantasy

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Apps

DraftKings Daily Fantasy is one of the most similar apps like PrizePicks where you get to start by drafting a new line-up, adjusting the settings, picking your favourite stars from the options available, and joining the public contest.

It specializes in delivering the NFL football season games while offering multiple chances for winning real money through cash prizes. If you are interested in NFL Week One or Super Bowl, at DraftKings Play you can lock your football lineup, choose different players every week and start playing. 

Apart from football, you can also play in regular or weekly contests on sports such as football, basketball, baseball, e-sports, league of legends, MMA, tennis, hockey, golf, soccer, and NASCAR. 

Key Highlights

  • Offers all the real-life teams and players under the salary cap to draft a team lineup.
  • You can challenge your friends or compete against other sports fans by inviting them to your game.


Fanduel App

FanDuel Group is another popular American-based company offering daily fantasy sports, sports books, and horse racing. It is a premium destination for all sports fan lovers online as it developed the concept of fantasy sports while giving fans the ability to play live matches using their favored real-life players in lineups. 

FanDuel is one of the most trusted apps like PrizePicks offering multiple exclusive promotional offers like new users getting a $10 bonus when they play for $1 on its app. You can create your custom lineup, invite your friends to challenge them, bet accordingly and play for real cash prizes. 

Additionally, you’ll also get extra benefits and promotions at the time of festive seasons and occasions and you can show your talent online in popular tournaments such as NCAAF, PGA, UFC, NFL, MLB, AHL, soccer, NBA, and more. 

Key Highlights

  • You aren't required to commit to a season-long place and you can make last-minute changes and draft the perfect team.
  • The app’s Late Swap feature contest allows players to adjust all the players until their individual game starts. 
  • Users get complete scores, data, and news along with daily coverage of popular tournaments like premier league soccer, Champions League soccer, MLB, NBA, NCAA, NHL, and NFL.
  • Offers free games around year-round for inexperienced players where you can play all your favorite sports and add your favorite players to the team lineup.

Vivid Picks

Vivid Picks App

Vivid Picks is a new way to play fantasy sports. It is an exciting and real money sports application that is turning the idea of fantasy sports gaming into something distinct yet amusing. Although it has the regular features like playing, Twitter, Esports, fantasy, etc, it has different gameplay which makes gaming and playing extra exciting. 

Moreover, it is an easy-to-use platform where you can choose your dearest sport, find a game of your liking, choose the top players from real life to add to your team lineup and start laying immediately. Also, since the platform work and is based on matchups and over unders, you don’t have to worry about selection scores, salary caps, drafts, and hours of research.

So, Vivid Picks is one of the promising apps like PrizePicks because apart from playing online, it also allows you to watch live the biggest competitions and bet while predicting with your friends. And if you are lucky enough to become one of their top players, then you will also earn 20x your entry amount.

Key Highlights

  • You can follow your friends or influencers on the platform to stay connected.
  • The leaderboard feature will allow you to dominate others and stay at the top with amazing records.
  • You can score tickets for the current season‘s most trending upcoming game.
  • Whenever you win against your friends, you get a payout boost.


SuperDraft App

SuperDraft Fantasy Sports can be called one of the most famous and fan-friendly fantasy sports apps like PrizePicks because while it allows you to choose everything from start to end in the game, it also offers multiple options to choose from, unlimited choosing of favorite players in team lineup and much more fun features and tools. 

Users on SuperDraft enjoy playing and having fun in sports like MMA, golf, football, basketball, baseball, college football, ice hockey, NBA, PGA, NFL, MLB, and many more. Also, you don’t have to be experienced in this field or playing at all, just install the app, adjust the settings, make your team based on the stats and real-life experiences and start gaming right away. 

In case you don’t want to try the game alone then you can also invite your friends to play against them or choose to go with the multiplayer mode. Along with the multiplayer mode, you get more features like Super 15, player pops, etc. 

Key Highlights

  • Player props is a game mode feature where you can place your entry on under or over and get a chance to win about 20X on your entries.
  • The one-game champion mode allows you to get rid of regular fantasy football drafts and draft players from the game you’re currently watching and then pick one player as a champion.

Final Words 

In this article we have presented you with all the best apps like PrizePicks we found on the internet. The internet of course has more options to offer but you never know which app is fake and which cannot be trusted entirely. 

Therefore, we will highly suggest you try all the apps mentioned in this article before you choose to try some other apps. With this, we have ended our list of best PrizePicks alternatives and hope you have found a good alternative. 

Frequently asked Questions 

What are apps similar to PrizePicks?

Fanduel, Vivid Picks, Underdog Fantasy, DraftKings Daily Fantasy, OwnersBox and SuperDraft are the trusted apps similar to PrizePicks.

Which is the best DFS site?

Since DFS is one of the trending topics on the internet not only among competitors and users but also among the service providers, it is quite hard to pin-point only one site as the best DFS site and that is why, we have a list of the best DFS sites including Underdog Fantasy, DraftKings Daily Fantasy, OwnersBox, Fanduel, Vivid Picks, and SuperDraft.

What is a DFS app?

A DFS app is a platform where you can play and bet on daily fantasy sports games to win real cash prizes mostly. 

Which is the best fantasy app?

As everyone has different tastes and preferences, we will recommend you try all the fantasy apps from our curated list including Underdog Fantasy, Vivid Picks, SuperDraft, DraftKings Daily Fantasy, OwnersBox, and Fanduel, and decide which is the best fantasy app for you.