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What Is A Rare AI? [Explained 2024]

What Is A Rare AI? [Explained 2024]

What Is A Rare AI?: When you are usually spending your time exploring social media, it's important for some to know about all the ongoing trends, while others just randomly come across them. In any case, currently, the most famous trend on TikTok is the Rare AI.

Like many other trends that go viral on TikTok, or come from other social media platforms, the rare AI trend is also unknown to many, with millions joining the trend regularly. 

However, if you also want to know what is a rare AI and what makes an AI rare, then continue reading the article because it contains the exact answers you are looking for. 

What Is A Rare AI?

Rare AI is a popular TikTok trend as of August 2024 and refers to an image generated by AI using a specific filter on TikTok, named AI Manga. The trend is simple to join and one doesn’t necessarily need something extravagant to go for it.

What Is A Rare AI

What Makes an AI Rare?

Unlike normal AI-generated images, to make an AI rare, you need something to add to your appearance, or in the background – as long as it’s appearing in the camera frame.

Also, by something — we meant anything will do. For example, you could take a red button and put it in front of your left eye to create an AI image where you’ll have a red eye. 

How to Create a Rare AI Image?

The AI manga filter is simple to use, where all you have to do is get ready in front of the camera, tap on the screen, and your AI image is generated.

However, to make a rare AI, one needs something more than just themself in front of the camera. 

For instance, you can use anything like a pillow, button, cat, paint, etc. to add to the screen — like, take a position with it, tap on the same button, and there you’ll have it — a rare AI, that’s different from the usual AI-generated image. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a rare AI in TikTok?

The rare AI is a popular trend in TikTok, where creators are supposed to use the AI manga filter, and with the help of anything like a banana or pen added to the appearance, they can change their look in the AI-generated image, making it a rare AI.