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What Happened to Serenity17? [Explained 2024]

What Happened to Serenity17? [Explained 2024]

What Happened to Serenity17?: A career as a YouTuber can be exhausting, often leading many content creators to take frequent breaks from the platform to focus on themselves. Nevertheless, these hiatuses often remain indefinite, leaving many fans eagerly awaiting the return of their favourite creators. 

One such name is popular gamer Serenity17, who announced his break from YouTube in 2017, stating that he needs time to focus on his mental health. 

Serenity17 is yet to make a comeback, as of September 2024. So, what happened to Serenity17? Will he ever return? To get more information, continue reading the article. 

Who is Serenity17?

Serenity17, whose real name is Alexandre McGuire, was a professional Rainbow Six Siege player and streamer. He began his YouTube career in 2015.

He is known for his expertise in playing intense shooting games where he shows an innovative gameplay style and excels in handling challenging in-game scenarios.

Alexandre hails from Ottawa, Canada and was born on December 24. 

What Happened to Youtuber Serenity17?

In 2017, Serenity17 announced his decision to step away from his professional gaming career and streaming due to burnout. He also mentioned losing his passion for the game and feeling overwhelmed by the competitive scene. 

The gamer added that he needed time to prioritise and focus on his mental health. As of September 2024, Serenity17 has yet to make any announcements about an imminent comeback in the future. 

Some fans speculate that the YouTuber has quit streaming while others hope for a return. All in all, it is safe to say that the YouTuber is still actively playing but has chosen not to stream his gameplay for now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTuber Serenity17 dead?

No, YouTuber Serenity17 is not dead and is currently on a break from his professional gaming career. 

Where is Serenity17?

YouTuber Serenity17 has shifted away from making content professionally but occasionally engages in gaming sessions with fellow streamers.