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What Happened to Mitten Squad? [Explained 2024]

What Happened to Mitten Squad? [Explained 2024]

What Happened to Mitten Squad?: Balancing your personal and professional life can become particularly difficult especially when you are dealing with an addiction. Even online celebrities like Mitten Squad step away from work due to alcohol abuse.

Mitten Squad announced taking an indefinite break from the platform in March 2021 after battling addiction for several years. It has been over two years since the popular gamer released a video.

So, what happened to Mitten Squad? Will he ever make a comeback? To learn more, continue reading the article. 

Who is Mitten Squad?

Mitten Squad, whose real name is Paul, is a popular gaming YouTuber. He is famous for his “Can You Beat” series, where he takes on popular Bethesda games with creative self-imposed challenges. 

Mitten Squad has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. He started his career by uploading Minecraft content but soon began making “Top 10” which was a huge success. 

Moreover, he is an American, born on May 15, 1996.

What Happened to Mitten Squad

What Happened to Mitten Squad?

In March 2021, Paul announced that he was taking a break from YouTube. The statement came after his alcohol addiction took a toll on his personal life and friends. 

He uploaded a tweet calling the hiatus “indefinite” and admitted that his drinking had gotten out of control. Towards the end of the massage, Paul hoped that he would never drink again. 

A year later in May, the YouTuber was diagnosed with pancreatitis due to his addiction. He was again hospitalized in November after suffering a relapse. 

What is His Current Status And Will He Come Back?

As of August 2024, Paul has yet to make a comeback on YouTube, making over 10 months since his last upload on the channel.  

No public announcements have been made about an imminent return, but his dedicated fanbase eagerly waits for his eventual comeback to the platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Mitten Squad’s most recent upload on YouTube?

Mitten Squad’s latest upload is titled “Can You Beat Fallout 4 With The Impossible Gun?” and was released on July 7, 2022. 

What medical condition has Mitten Squad been diagnosed with?

Mitten Squad has been diagnosed with pancreatitis.