What Happened to Kalyssa DCC? [Explained 2023]

What Happened to Kalyssa DCC

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What Happened to Kalyssa DCC?: Professionals often embark on career transitions or pursue new opportunities without always specifying their motivations. A prime example of such a shift is Kalyssa Singleton, renowned for her role as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (DCC). 

This article will shed light on Kalyssa’s departure from the team and her true intentions behind her resignation. Until now, the reason has remained to be a subject of speculation with many claiming that family reasons played a part.

So, what truly resulted in Kalyssa leaving DDC? What happened to her? Continue reading to know all about it. 

What Happened to Kalyssa DCC?

Kalyssa Singleton was a rookie cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DDC) during season 12 in 2017. Surprisingly, she chose to resign from the team after the football season ended but before the official conclusion of the squad year. 

The precise motive behind her resignation is still unclear but there are some speculations regarding it spreading online. 

What Happened to Kalyssa DCC

Why did she leave DDC?

Kalyssa has not spoken publicly about the reason behind her resignation. However, numerous reasons abound that might hint at what the reason may have been. 

Some fans insist that Kalyssa departed from DDC because she aspired to pursue modelling as a career. Moreover, her pictures did not align with DDC standards, potentially contributing to her decision to quit. 

Another speculating reason behind her leaving DDC is that she simply did not enjoy the experience in the squad. Some even suggest that personal family matters played a role. 

All in all, Kalyssa has kept her tongue-tied about the situation. She is also barely active on social media after leaving DDC, opting to keep her account private. Thus, while it is difficult to figure out what she must be doing currently, fans insist that Kalyssa is working as a model now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kalyssa Singleton?

Kalyssa Singleton is a rookie cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DDC) during season 12 in 2017.

Does Kalyssa Singleton have a degree?

Kalyssa Singleton has a ULCA certificate in Interior Design. 

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