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4 Rare Websites like MySpace to Check Out [2024]

4 Rare Websites like MySpace to Check Out [2024]

MySpace was one of the leading popular social networking platforms globally, somewhere between 2005 to 2008. Founded in 2003, it was quick to attract the hype among teenagers and young adults and was initially a file-sharing site.

As of 2024, MySpace still exists, but of course, it has been replaced by multiple other social networking sites, and now it is popular for those interested in nostalgic vibes from the early days.

Now talking about the main highlight – if you have been using MySpace for a while now, and are interested in more similar platforms, then there are plenty, and to give you the names, we have mentioned a list of the best websites like MySpace in this article.

List of Websites like MySpace:

1. SpaceHey 


SpaceHey, founded in 2020, is an online social network platform launched by a German company. It acts as a homage to the once-dominating MySpace but is actually nowhere near officially related to it.

Moreover, SpaceHey comes with a retro theme, a  platform that majorly focuses on customizability and privacy – all to give you a friendly place where you can have fun, meet new people, make friends, and be productive.  

Key Highlights

  • You can enjoy nostalgic SNS tools like blogs, forums, bulletins, instant messages, and more.
  • It offers full customization, where you can add custom layouts and include CSS and HTML codes to your profile.

2. FriendProject 


FriendProject is another one with the old feels — a social networking platform where you can make new friends, make connections, be creative, and create custom profiles.

Overall, FriendProject has a cool and old-style user interface, a desktop screen filled with red and white shades, with the same old font for titles and content. 

Key Highlights

  • The website is integrated with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter (now X).
  • It offers full personalization of your platform, where you can change shades, add patterns, change designs, include elements, and do more.

3. Facebook 


Ok, we know what Facebook is – the leading social networking platform as of January 2024. Facebook has been leading the way for quite a while now – with a user base of over 3 billion. 

Moreover, Even though technology has advanced drastically and Facebook had multiple chances to change the theme — it did change but still gives the old feeling of SNS. 

Key Highlights

  • It allows you to share and watch different types of media.
  • You can enjoy instant messaging with additional features.
  • You can increase the number of connections and even establish an online business. 

4. Friendster 


Friendster was once a trusted social networking site, founded in 2003. It is where you rediscover the joy of early social network generation, with all the old and retro themes.

However, the platform was closed down due to some reason, but as of January 2024, it is coming back to business soon — and in case you want an early, you can always add your email to the list. 

Final Words 

You might find some more titles in the market – but do they guarantee you the same privacy and safety? No.

But, the names mentioned above prioritize safety and privacy of users, while the user base is also enough to keep you refreshed with new people.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and hope our list of the best websites like MySpace was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a website like old MySpace?

Yes, there are a few websites like old MySpace, and they are — Facebook, SpaceHey, FriendProject, and Friendster. 

Are there more websites like MySpace 2023?

Yes, Facebook, Friendster, SpaceHey, and FriendProject are some more websites like MySpace 2023.