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How to Learn Tagalog for Free? [2024]

How to Learn Tagalog for Free? [2024]

Tagalog is an Australian language, majorly spoken in Luzon and some of its neighboring islands. It is known to form the basis of the standardized national language of the Philippines and is highly inspired by English and Spanish.

Now, why are we suddenly talking about the Filipino language? Recently we have seen many people wanting to know how they can learn Tagalog for free, and if these ways were easy, then that’s just better. 

Talking about you, are you also interested in learning Tagalog for free? If yes, then all you have to do is have a look below because this article includes the easiest answers to your question – how to learn Tagalog for free?

How to Learn Tagalog for Free?

Fortunately, there are many methods that can be used to learn Tagalog for free, and some of the easiest ones are mentioned below:

Watch Movies

Watching movies in the Tagalog language, especially the ones that are not dubbed but originally made in Tagalog, can actually help you learn the language naturally — and you can find plenty of popular and interesting Tagalog movies on the Internet. 

Use Language Learning Apps

As you might have already known, there are many good and trusted language learning apps on their Google Play Store and App Store that can help you learn multiple languages easily, including Tagalog.

Of course, not all of these good platforms will offer their services for free, but it is your job to find the free option, or you can always go for free trials if available. 

Language Learning Apps list

Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube is home to learning millions of topics and things, without any doubt, and it is also a reliable platform if you want to learn any kind of language, such as Tagalog.

YouTube will help you get in touch with several different language instructors and people who actually make language learning fun and exciting. 

Listen to Tagalog Music

If you like listening to music, then you can browse popular and hit songs in the Tagalog language and indulge yourself naturally in learning it — also understanding advanced vocabulary and phrases in the process.

To give you an example — Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and many other popular music streaming service providers allow you to listen to different language music, including Tagalog. 

Find a Language Partner

Now, many of you might not be in touch with someone who speaks Tagalog natively, but if you do have someone with the same origin, then you must take advantage of the opportunity.

Additionally, practicing your language skills with a native speaker is actually one of the best ways to learn and improve, and since we are talking about language partners, they will also help you understand your mistakes better.

However, if you don’t have any native speakers in your connections, then you can also search for some reliable online and offline language learning schools and communities. 

Final Words 

As already mentioned, there is a good list of ways you can try out to learn Tagalog for free, with actual good results.

On the contrary, we have just made the task easier for you and mentioned all the easiest ways to learn the language for free in this article. 

With that, we have mentioned the perfect answer to your question – how to learn Tagalog for free? And hope the article was helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to learn Tagalog for beginners?

To learn Tagalog for beginners, you can try some natural methods like watching YouTube videos, listening to Tagalog music, finding a language partner, or watching Tagalog movies. 

What is the easiest way to learn Tagalog?

There is no specific easiest way to learn the tower language because we all learn differently, but some of the easiest ways can be – finding a language partner, school, or community, listening to Tagalog music, and watching Tagalog videos and movies.