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Ticketmaster Error Code u103 [Fix 2024]

Ticketmaster Error Code u103 [Fix 2024]

Ticketmaster Error Code u103: when it comes to an online ticket marketplace, Ticketmaster is one of the top platforms to visit. It’s good for selling and buying tickets for a good range of entertainment events, including concerts, family events, sports events, theater events, etc.

Ticketmaster deals through its website and app, and both serve thousands and thousands of users globally. It usually helps you purchase tickets easily, but according to recent complaints by users, they have been facing issues while purchasing tickets.

With this error, you might face issues while purchasing presale tickets, or the system will not accept payment through cards. But, you don’t have to worry anymore, because we are going to present a list of troubleshooting methods to solve the Ticketmaster Error Code u103 in the article below.

What is the Ticketmaster Error Code u103?

The Ticketmaster Error Code u103 is here to prevent you from purchasing tickets from the Ticketmaster website and app. 

According to users, whenever you try to use any card to purchase the ticket or try purchasing presale tickets, this error code will appear, and you won’t be able to proceed to a successful purchase.

Ticketmaster Error Code u103

How to Fix: Ticketmaster Error Code u103

Is the Ticketmaster Down?

The Ticketmaster Error Code u103 might show up on the screen if Ticketmaster is down due to a sudden service outage. If this is the case, then there’s no way you’ll be able to purchase tickets or even use the Ticketmaster platforms properly.

Therefore, you should check if the Ticketmaster servers are up and running, and to do so, you can try visiting some platforms like Downdetector to check the Ticketmaster service status.

Wait for a While

If you found out that Ticketmaster is down, then all you can do is wait for a while and let Ticketmaster be ready for business again.

Clear Cache & Cookies

Clearing the cache and cookies from your device browser will help a lot in clearing bugs and glitches, which might be the main cause of your facing the Ticketmaster Error Code u103 issue.

To clear the cache and cookies off your browser, follow the instructions given below,

  1. Open your Browser.
  2. Select the icon with three dots located on the top header. 
  3. Choose the History option.
  4. Select — Clear Browsing Data.
  5. Tick all the boxes.
  6. Tap on Clear.

Change your Browser 

If, after trying all the troubleshooting methods mentioned above, you are still facing the same error code, then you should change your browser.

Disable VPN

If you have a VPN switched on, then there’s no chance the connection is secured, and to visit official platforms like Ticketmaster, you need an authorized and verified network. Thus, you need to disable VPN, at least till the time you are using Ticketmaster.

Contact Ticketmaster Customer Care

If nothing mentioned above helped, then contacting Ticketmaster customer care services is the only option left. To contact them, you can visit the help center of Ticketmaster on its official site and look for the kind of help you are comfortable receiving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the error code u103?

The error code on the Ticketmaster platforms mainly appears whenever you try to purchase any tickets. It might stop you from purchasing the tickets through pre-sales or not allow any of your cards for purchases.

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