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Fix: Excelsior Pass Error Code 7009 [2024]

Fix: Excelsior Pass Error Code 7009 [2024]

Excelsior Pass Error Code 7009: Excelsior Pass is a safe and digital copy of your COVID-19 vaccination record. It offers a free and secured record to verify the individual's COVID-19 vaccination results – either positive or negative.

Excelsior Pass is an online free program by the New York government and it offers services through its site. The same site has been doing a pretty good job serving New York citizens, until just recently, when it started showing some error codes like the latest Excelsior Pass error code 7009.

According to our research, Excelsior Pass error code 7009 is not an issue from your device, network connection, account, etc, – but can be a problem from the Excelsior Pass site backend. 

In this case, are you supposed to just sit back and do nothing? No, because that’s not the only solution to this issue, and to know what else can solve this problem – continue reading this article!

What is the Excelsior Pass Error?

Excelsior Pass error code 7009 appears when users try to use the plus origin of Excelsior Pass. It’s mainly appearing when you try to access the vaccination records of kids in the age groups 5 to 11. 

Excelsior Pass Error Code 7009

Check Twitter

After continuously facing the Excelsior pass error code 7009, you should try visiting some popular social media sites like Twitter to see what other users who are facing the same problem as you are doing in the crisis.

Moreover, if you’re fortunate enough, then you might as well find the actual cause and solution to the problem.

How to Fix: Excelsior Pass Error Not Working

Wait for a While

Since the issue seems to be from the Excelsior Pass website servers, there is nothing much you can do about the problem manually. Therefore, it’s better to wait for a while and let the issue get resolved on its own.

Contact Excelsior Customer Care

After waiting for a couple of days, if you’re still facing the Excelsior Pass error code 7009, then the only option left for you is to contact Excelsior customer care services.

Additionally, the fastest way to get a response from Excelsior Pass is to reach out to its help desk at (844) 699-7277 to receive help.

Furthermore, you can try visiting its FAQ section on its official site here for quick doubts, and questions regarding the overall program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NYS Excelsior Pass error code 7009?

The NYS Excelsior Pass error code 7009 has been preventing a good amount of users from accessing their COVID-19 results. But, the issue isn’t from your Internet or device and might be from the Excelsior pass site backend so all you can do is wait for it to get resolved on its own. 

Why doesn’t my Excelsior Pass work?

If your Excelsior Pass isn’t working, then the first thing you should do is confirm the eligibility. If everything seems good and the issue is still there, then, make sure that the data you have entered like the name, date of birth, etc is matching your CDC vaccination card.