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6 Top Stores like Party City: Buy Best Festive Costume [2024]

6 Top Stores like Party City: Buy Best Festive Costume [2024]

Stores like Party City: The Halloween season is approaching soon but you have not yet decided which costume to buy, what type of decorations you will need, and what type of party supplies you require and with the main question still unanswered – from where you will buy all the aforementioned? 

If our assumptions were on point and you are not aware of from which shop to buy all the stuff from, then how about you give some of the stores like Party City a try?

About Party City

Party City is a publicly traded retail chain with over 800 store locations. Like the name suggests, at Party City you can shop for all the things you require for a party, let it be a normal costume party or cosplay gathering for Halloween. The best part about shopping at Party City is that while the quality is praiseworthy, you get everything at an affordable price with much room for promotional offers.

Party City is undoubtedly a good option to shop from but since it might not have all the supplies, decoration items, and costumes you are looking for, we have presented a well-curated list of 6 wonderful stores like Party City where you can find huge collections and variety to choose from with other benefits.

Party Depot

Stores like Party City

Party Depot is a trusted online store like Party City where you can buy party decorations and party supplies from. Here, you get to browse a huge variety of party supplies and decorations for each and every type of event. 

While offering all the required categories and filters for easy search, you can also find the prices extremely reasonable while the quality is made to last. It is certain that all the products you buy from this platform can be used for at least 2 to 3 more times before it is time to discard them.

Key Highlights

  • Offers an easy 30 days return policy from the original purchase date.
  • With every new occasion, festival and season, you can get multiple promotional offers and codes available in-store as well as on its site

Categories: wedding, graduation, retirement, birthday, Halloween, kitty party, and more. 

Party America

Party America Store

Party America is one of the promising stores like Party City that you must visit for good quality items at reasonable prices. It offers a big list of categories and has almost every item you need to make your party perfect.

The best part about shopping from Party America is that it has sections named top trending themes where you can find trending themes and specific items under them. Furthermore, the list of top trending films currently includes doughnut time, luminous rainbow, boho free spirit, wilderness birthday, Encanto party supplies, minions 2 party supplies, Jurassic world supplies, and more.

Key Highlights

  • Offers free curbside pick up.
  • Its website comes with a list of its physical stores and their accurate locations.
  • A specific section is mentioned on its site where you can find items that can be rented for the party. 

Categories: helium tank rental, table, and chair rental, fall party supplies, custom printing, balloons, party supplies, costume accessories, decorations, costumes, tableware and decor. 

Oriental Trading Company

Oriental Trading Company Store

Oriental Trading Company is a direct seller of value-priced party supplies, toys, school supplies, crafts, arch suppliers, and novelties that was  founded in 1932 as one of the starting wholesaling companies in the US.

The best part about shopping from Oriental Trading Company is that it offers you a 110% guarantee for the lowest prices and a 100% guarantee for happiness and satisfaction after buying from them. Since it has a huge affiliate program, you can shop for different styles of supplies in the recent trends from family brands and shop for every occasion, event, and festival including holidays, Halloween, birthdays, etc from them. 

Oriental Trading Company is one of the promising Party City alternatives because while the rates are extremely affordable, the products can also be used more than just once at any party and it has multiple promotional offers and codes available for big purchases each time you visit website or shop. 

Key Highlights

  • Every new season, event, and festival bring in huge sales which go as far as 50% to 65% off.
  • You get free shipping on all orders above $49.
  • Under the personalized section, you can ‘personalize’ some of the products and under the ‘sale’ section you can find all the products currently under sale.

Categories: party supplies, events, holidays, games, toys, crafts, teaching supplies, weddings, faith, religion, Christmas and personalization.


Diddams Store

Diddams is one of the trusted stores like Party City specializing in party and toy products with over 30 years of experience in this field. The label claims to give you every little thing you want in your party, from custom balloon decor to costumes with masks, make-up, and other accessories.

Diddams has professional balloon decor to balloon arches and along with the costumes, you also get perfect matching accessories including wigs, make-up, props, masks, etc. And when talking about the party supplies, it has everything you need to decorate your place to make it suitable including paper lanterns, fans, and more. 

On top of everything, what makes Diddams one of the amazing stores like Party City is that while it has a huge variety of items to choose from, the quality of every item is made to last for more than just one or two events and prices are affordable for a middle-class person.

Key Highlights

  • Its website comes with an on-site store locator.
  • Under the ‘plan an event’ section you get guidance from one of their experts to plan your event from start to end. 

Categories: party supplies, balloons, costumes, candy, gifts, and toys. 

Halloween City

Halloween City Store

Halloween City is another popular retail chain which is one of the pop-ups offering exclusive Halloween season items to customers. 

Halloween City makes it easy for you to shop by offering different category sections like ‘hair-raising decor’ for different types of decorations of the place, ‘shop by the theme’ where you can shop by different genres, ‘costumes and accessories that will make you howl’ which has costumes for various types of humans including women, men, girls, boys, toddlers, etc.

Furthermore, since you can buy the product online or directly from one of its stores, you can find where the item is and in which regions it will be delivered before adding it to your cart.

Key Highlights

  • Website comes with an on-site store locator.
  • Every item listed has a review feature where you can see what response it has received from previous customers.
  • You get free in-store pickup or free same-day delivery on orders above $59.

Categories: Animatronics, special effects, lights, indoor decor, outdoor decor under ‘Hair-Raising Decor’ section; TV, movies, scary, angel, devil, classic, funny, career under ‘Shop by Theme’ section; Women’s, men’s, girls’, boys’, toddlers, babies costumes and costume accessories under ‘Costumes & Accessories that will make you Howl’ section.

Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween Store

Spirit Halloween, LLC is a seasonal retailer supplying Halloween decorations, props, costumes and matching accessories. It is known as the biggest Halloween retailer with more than a thousand locations spread wide in the country.

Here, you can shop from an incredible collection of Halloween costumes, accessories, makeup, and decorations. While the prices are reasonable for a middle class person, items can also be used more than just once.

Furthermore, based on the customer reviews the quality of all the items is good and you can make use of all the items you buy from this store for more than just two or three times, as long as they are handled well.

Key Highlights

  • Offers the buy now and pay later service through Klarna.
  • The site comes with an on-site store locator.
  • Has a fast home delivery option through Instacart.
  • You can get free shipping on all orders above $60.
  • Has a separate section for all the items currently under sale.

Categories: animatronics, decorations, Funko, accessories, boys costumes, toddler costumes, women costumes, men costume, baby costumes, girls costumes and collectibles.

Final Words 

You can easily find many other online and physical stores which sell Halloween items but if you want to buy everything from one platform – from supplies, and costumes to makeup, accessories, and props then our list of stores like Party City will be really helpful. 

With this, we have ended our list of best stores like Party City and hope you will find your favourite place to shop from this list. 

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Frequently asked Questions 

Is Party City or Party Spirit cheaper?

Both Party City and Party Spirit offer good quality items at reasonable prices but when their pricing is compared to Party Spirit, Party City is a bit cheaper.

What other stores are like Party City?

There are plenty of stores like Party City but to give you the most trusted and best ones, our list includes Spirit Halloween, Oriental Trading Company, Halloween City, Party Depot, and Party America. 

Is Party Spirit or Party City better?

Both Party Spirit and City are good options to buy Halloween items from but when compared, Party City seems to have more options, promotions, and discounts along with other services to offer which makes it better than Party Spirit. 

Is Spirit Halloween the same as Party City?

No, although both the labels work very closely to offer similar categories, items, and services, they are two different brands in the end.