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5 Top Apps like Dazz Cam To Capture Vintage Photo [2024]

5 Top Apps like Dazz Cam To Capture Vintage Photo [2024]

Apps like dazz cam: Vintage Camera – The dazz cam app is a favorite of smartphone photographers and regular users alike. So, what makes an app like Vintage Camera so unique? They bring the nostalgic vibes of the 1970s and 1980s to iPhone users in such an accessible way. At the same time, it is efficient and quick.

While the Vintage Camera is fantastic, it is not the only exceptional tool on the market. There are numerous apps in the App Store for enhancing your videos and photos with beautiful vintage filters and other effects. We have mentioned some of the apps like dazz cam for you to explore in the section below.


Apps like dazz cam

HUJI Cam is one of the best apps liek Dazz Cam that preserves your memories in the same way that analog film preserves them. Camera makers have always tried to capture the best moments, and this effort continued in 1998 as well, making your memories clearer with the help of the HUJI Cam. It has captured those precious moments as vivid and vibrant photographs.

Key features

  • You can use the HUJI Cam to capture a photo that evokes the year 1998
  • Huji's user interface is a cute parody of a $10 drugstore disposable camera. As a result, the app is simple: there are shutter and flash buttons, as well as a “lab” that collects your Huji-fied photos.
  • Even more quaint, you must peer through the improvised keyhole viewfinder, which then expands to reveal the full view of your shot.
  • Huji Cam's refusal to cram its app with features makes photo editing as simple as using the stock camera app. Its limitations are both its greatest asset and its greatest liability.

1998 Cam

1998 Cam App

1998 Cam is a disposable camera with a date stamp that adds the precious retro feel of the analog film to your beautiful photos and videos. In the 1990s, the vintage camera was the most popular. 

This app includes popular film filters as well as the effects cam, film, kiosk, Polaroid camera, light leak, dust, and grainy filter. The 1998 Cam is just an app like dazz cam is a popular camera app. 

It is useful for young people and even professional photographers who enjoy taking, editing, and sharing photos and videos on social media.

Key Features

  • Powerful photo and video editor with the ability to modify all image and video properties, including brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrancy, exposure, fade, warmth, tone, sharpness, and grain.
  • In the photo editor, after taking a picture, edit it and add a filter or effect.
  • It has 100+ filters like film, vintage, retro, black & white, cinematic, portrait, pro, mood, landscape, and color boost.
  • It gives a realistic 3D effect.
  • You can set a self-timer.
  • Advanced cut/crop features are present like crop, skew, and straighten the image.
  • It will automatically save photos to the gallery.
  • There is no watermark.
  • It's completely free. There are no subscriptions.

Daze cam

Daze cam App

You should sell your film camera. Remove your disposable. Because another app like dazz cam – Daze Cam, allows you to create photos that are indistinguishable from real film using effects that are not available in any other app. The daze cam is stylish and potent.

Key features

  • To make your photos look like a lazy midsummer afternoon in 1976, use smooth vintage pastel colors, dreamy glow, tasteful light leaks, and a variety of other nostalgic visual embellishments.
  • Take photos in the app or import images.
  • All photos will have random effects applied at first, but you can easily edit them with your adjustments.
  • Each photo's editing workspace is saved for easy re-editing.
  • You can quickly save original and edited photos to your camera roll.
  • You can use a filter and select from a variety of disposable/film camera-inspired filters.
  • One can change the intensity.
  • Leaks of Light and select one of 14 realistic light leak overlays.
  • It is completely free.



Through your viewfinder, another app among the apps like dazz cam, FIMO captures the beauty and magic of old-school vintage images. With a single tap of the finger, you can add dust and scratches, retro colors, flickering, light leaks, and even frame shakes.

Key features

  • You can use FIMO to create photographs that look and sound like real film rolls pulled from storage 30 years ago.
  • Over 7 signature presets are included, each of which replicates the look of old-school camera films.
  • Aesthetic 400 is featured.
  • You can switch between a variety of film types (at least 9 were free at the time of writing, others can be purchased). A nice animation shows you opening the camera door and swapping out film rolls.
  • Each film has its distinct appearance, complete with a day/date imprint.
  • Every photo you take is saved in high resolution and without a watermark.


Hypocam App

The ultimate black-and-white camera is the Hypocam which is the best professional camera in your pocket. Every aspect of daily life is important because it brings us closer to our dreams and must be remembered. 

So, make every moment memorable by telling your story, because everyone's story is important and must be told. This is the Hypocam’s vision.

Key features

  • With their live-view controls, you can feel the quality of black-and-white photography while capturing the essence.
  • To provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience, they have researched and tested a wide range of creative tools designed specifically for monochrome photography.
  • The built-in news feed keeps you up to date on the latest news and the best selection of black-and-white photos.
  • You can upload your unique black-and-white photos to the most popular social network and tag #hypocam to join the best black-and-white community.
  • You can improve your editing and post-production workflow with the most recent presets and tools. They are constantly researching new ways to provide you with the best creative tools on the market.
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Last thoughts: Apps like Dazz Cam

Vintage photographs have a unique appeal. People understood back then that film and video technology were limited. As a result, any bizarre videos or stolen photos are laughed off. There was no pressure, so it felt natural. 

We are more fortunate these days because we have access to a plethora of photo and video editing apps. We also feel pressured to post near-perfect photos or videos because we are afraid of being judged on social media. 

While technological advancements are not without merit, we can't help but pine for simpler times. As a result, whenever you're feeling nostalgic, don't be afraid to try any of the apps like Dazz Cam we've listed.