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6 Clothing Stores like Fame and Partners You’ll Love! [2024]

6 Clothing Stores like Fame and Partners You’ll Love! [2024]

Wedding bells and dress hems, celebrating forever with your best friend. If you've found your right swipe person but are still swiping left on wedding dresses, we're here to help you match with the perfect store for your big day. 

About Fame and Partners

An eco-friendly fashion brand called Fame and Partners offers made-to-order clothing for modern women. Their made-to-order policy ensures less wastage and more customization so you get the exact fit and style you desire for your wedding day! Bridesmaid or a bride, everything is top-notch quality catered to you by Fame and Partners.

So if you're simply for their collection and like what you see, these six stores like Fame and Partners are sure to get your monogamous pursuits a mess!


Stores like Fame and Partners

One-stop boutique for all your wedding needs, Azazie puts forth the most elegant wedding dresses, bridesmaids gowns, and custom bridal outfits. This is perfect if you're looking for dress stores like Fame and Partners with more variety and options to explore. With over 700 styles in more than 70 colors, Azazie is here to stay, just like your significant other! 


  • Upstudio for mother-of-the-bride dresses to complement the bride's shine and celebrate the joyous occasion in style!
  • Try-at-home dresses to help you pick the best size, fit, and color for your big day.
  • 3 free swatches for all new customers. Up to 70% off ready-to-ship dresses.
  • 24-hour shipping with custom sizing for your emergency wedding needs because you probably RSVP-ed and forgot (or it's a runaway wedding in Vegas, either way, we're entertained!)


Plus + Curve, Vintage Bride, Beach/Destination Bride, Boho Bride, Modern Bride, Pant Suit Styles, Wraps, Jewelry, Headpieces, Veils, Robes, Lingerie, and Sashes.

Baltic Born

Baltic Born Stores like Fame and Partners

Baltic Born to empower women with style, for every occasion in their lives. Its collection is Royals by Lorde personified and the silk-satiny-velvety look is sure to take any elegant wedding to the next level of royalty. 


  • Free shipping for orders above $150.
  • Their bump-friendly collection is sure to get all baby mommies sobby and for all the right reasons!
  • #BalticBornClothing: For pictures of you and your significant other when you rock their collection and make your big day even bigger and better!


Wedding Guest, Bridal, Bridesmaid Looks, Mother Of The Bride, Ties, and Flower Girl Outfits.

Dress the Population

This brand is a breath of fresh air when it comes to eveningwear. Dress the Popular is exactly what it's named: to clothe the glamorous and accompany them in their grand entrance on every occasion.

Topping our list of affordable stores like Fame and Partners, Dress the Population aims to dress women with an elegant, vivacious sense of style. 

The company offers stylish items that range from sequinned jumpsuits to chic little black dresses and glamorous gowns, all intending to democratize quality design and make it accessible and affordable.


  • Free shipping and returns on all orders over $99
  • 15% off your first order if you subscribe to the newsletter!
  • #DTPonMe: To get your bridal look featured on their glamorous socials.


Gowns, Cocktail, Party, Bridal, and Bridesmaid dresses.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait Stores like Fame and Partners

Self-Portrait is a new fashion company with headquarters in London that strives to create widely affordable clothing. The all-inclusive feminine Self-Portrait dresses and distinctive pieces worn by celebrities like Beyonce, Kristen Stewart, Miranda Kerr, and well-known bloggers Chiara Ferragni and Aimee Song are primarily made of luxurious fabrics.

Self-Portrait is one of the most inclusive and top-tier stores like Fame and Partners and if you can't defend yourself from its charms.


  • Icons: the styles that characterized the time. Their recognizable shapes and most popular looks helped Self-Portrait women all over the world redefine modern femininity.
  • Ready to wear collection so your last-minute occasions look effortless too!


Bride, Bridesmaid, Wedding Guest, Headwear, and Handbags.


Reformation Stores like Fame and Partners

Reformation uses environmentally friendly manufacturing practices to create products so you can give back and have a clear conscience on your wedding day. It's difficult to identify just one element of the Reformation that was essential to its success. Because it provided sustainability at scale and sparked a significant shift in the fashion industry, the brand is successful. And it's distinctive aesthetic and voice are the reasons it keeps succeeding.


  • Shipping is always free! And discounts of 50–70% on your favorite goods.
  • RefRecycling: Your unwanted shoes, jeans, sweaters, and activewear can be sent to Reformation at no cost to you. They get to make clothes out of recycled materials while you get rid of things you no longer want. Pretty much everywhere, it's a good thing.


Bridal Salon, All Weddings & Parties, Bridal Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Wedding Guest Dresses, and Bridal Shoes.



BHLDN, pronounced ‘beholden,' is a carefully curated wedding store for all things occasion and bridal. This brand is perfect for brides looking for unusual and unique outfits. 

You're sure to find the ideal dress, whether you're looking for a chic, contemporary wedding dress, a romantic ballgown, a boho lace wedding dress, or a chic two-piece wedding dress. Your most pressing queries can be addressed by their online stylists, who can also help you find the ideal wedding shoes and accessories and determine whether the color of the veil matches the color of your dream dress.


  • Extra 50% off sale styles
  • Sources of Inspiration: gives you the options to book an appointment with their stylists, bridesmaid dress swatches, how to: mix & match bridesmaids, and browse through the BHLDN Book and BHLDN Pop-Up Events.
  • Plus Fashion because every size is beautiful and inclusivity is so fetch!


Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Party Dresses, Accessories, Décor, Mother of the Bride Dresses, Flower Girl Dresses, Wedding Décor, and Dresses for special events.


We hope this round of speed dating has helped you find your perfect store, to give you and your significant other the best third-wheel bridal store ever! If you're looking for chic and trendy stores like Fame and Partners, Dress the Population and Azazie are the perfect options. But if you're looking for more minimalistic and elegant collections, Baltic Born and BHLDN are the swipe rights for you!

So scroll and swipe away and choose your favorite store to grace your day!


Is BHLDN owned by Urban Outfitters?

Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, FP Movement, BHLDN, Terrain, Menus & Venues, and Nuuly are all part of the portfolio of international consumer brands known as URBN. They are entrepreneurial, creative, and driven.

Why is Baltic Born success successful?

Baltic Born understood the value of customer testimonials (especially customer reviews with user-generated content like photos). They decided to incentivize customers to send in testimonials by introducing a Loyalty Program.

Is Self-Portrait a luxury brand? 

Han Chong is the creator of Self-Portrait, a modern luxury brand that has quickly become successful in the marketplace. Self-Portrait gained media and commercial attention after its 2013 debut, in part due to its approachable pricing policy, which was a crucial point of differentiation for the label.

Is BHLDN off the rack?

Although Crew and BHLDN are excellent options for off-the-rack dresses, many bridal salons also carry some designer off-the-rack dresses.