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5 Best Stores like Build a Bear You’ll Love! [2024]

5 Best Stores like Build a Bear You’ll Love! [2024]

Stores like Build a Bear: Love is in the bear and we're obsessed.

We all love a snuggly bear on our beds, whether it be a tiny baby-sized teddy to coddle, or a life-sized teddy to cuddle with. And who said teddy bears are just for the little ones? So if you're in dire need of a furry friend, we've got you! 

About Build a Bear

Build-a-Bear allows you to design your stuffed animal from start to finish. Choose a stuffed animal and stuff it with scents, sounds, and fluff. It's a highly sensory experience.

Give your loved ones a huggable birthday treat! A Build-A-Bear birthday gift guarantees a one-of-a-kind surprise they can cuddle and keep for years to come.

It's not about the toy in front of you; it's about the memories we make while playing with loved ones. Creating fun memories for future generations.

So if your heart melts just thinking about having your ball of fur and sunshine, these stores like Build a Bear will make your day!

Vermont Teddy Bear

Stores like Build a Bear

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company Bear-Gram is a unique alternative to flowers. It's a fun, one-of-a-kind gift idea that will last forever. Their bears are still best friends, family members, and treasured heirlooms 35 years later. Each of the meticulously designed, artisan, handcrafted Bears comes with a lifetime guarantee. Vermont Teddy Bears are ideal gifts for men, women, and children for any occasion, including Christmas, new babies, and everything in between.

The attention to detail and care they put into their bears extends to all aspects of our business as a company. Given that each Bear is made entirely of recycled materials, the company believes in the inherent corporate responsibility to give back.


  • Offers on National Teddy Bears Day on all bears!
  • Halloween, Buddy collection, Oh-so-Soft collection, and Get-well-soon gifts for every age group.
  • Little Hero Program provides first responders with Bears to give to children in crises, or the ability to grow tomatoes in the company garden each summer.
  • Every Bear has a story to tell. Perhaps it was given to make someone feel better, to commemorate the birth of a newborn, or as a keepsake from a family trip to Vermont. Every Bear story is unique, but they all end with the words “I Love You.” Share yours with us using the hashtag #LoveIsInTheBear.


Giant Bears, Wildlife & Fantasy, Baby & Kids, Bears that Care, and Shop by Occasion.


Steiff Stores like Build a Bear

Steiff has been making plush toys and collectibles that set worldwide quality standards. 140 years of constant product innovation and countless happy children's hearts around the world. Stuffed bears from Steiff bring handcrafted joy to life. So, if you’re looking for stores like Build a Bear, this is the end to all your searches and tiresome hunt for gifting. The brand’s history dates back to the invention of the soft toy and continues to the present day. In the same year, Margarete Steiff was inducted into the toy industry's prestigious “Hall of Fame.”


  • Under the umbrella of “Teddies for tomorrow” we actively address the issues of sustainability and alternative materials.
  • Classical Collections and Limited Edition teddy bears so you never run out of cuddly bears.
  • Brand collaborations like Swarovski, Disney, Peter Rabbit, and Universal.


Studio Pets, Giant Teddy, and an Exclusive world of collectors.

Teddy Mountain

Teddy Mountain

Perfect for fundraising and gifting purposes, Teddy Mountain is a premium supplier of wholesale products that cater to the “unstuffed” build-your-own-toy business. All top brands in the industry are provided with top-quality unstuffed plush cuddly bears, their clothes, accessories, and machinery to help build your BFF! Teddy Mountain is a wholesale supplier of high-quality “Make a Bear” Supplies to the Leisure, Tourism, Entertainment, Child Care, Health Care, and Education industries.

Teddy Mountain has the answer if you're thinking about starting a stand-alone “Make A Bear” business, expanding an existing business, or adding a magical experience to an event.

Teddy Mountain's “Make Your Own Bear” experiences are a fantastic whole-family activity that will make your customers happy, encourage them to tell their friends and keep them coming back time and time again.


  • Get started in the business with as little as $100!
  • New members of Teddy Mountain Family: Stinker, Blossom, Freddie, Stomp, and Forget-me-not.


Fibre, Backpacks, Carry Home Boxes, Birth Certificates, Hearts, and Stars.

Giant Teddy

Giant Teddy

Give the gift of friendship and tenderness with a furry friend from Giant Teddy and make every celebration fur-worthy!

Its collection includes plush, soft, and adorable teddies that go as big as 7 feet tall. Get a soft ball of warmth that never loses its allure and leaves your loved ones elated, so when they hold it, you're all they think about!

Giant Teddy offers well-constructed stuffed bears and creative teddy bear gift packages, a loving forget me not. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and we have put our thoughts and ideas into every design and gift package.

You will find that Giant Teddy gifts are the best way to express a token of gratitude, love, happiness, friendship, and affection to both teddy bear skeptics and collectors alike!


  • Free shipping and personalised cards on all your orders!
  • Shop by size, colour, and occasion so you pick the exact fit for you!


Love/Romance, Stuffed Animals, With custom T-shirt Card, Teddy from TV Shows, Holiday Bears, Bears and Hearts, and Bears and Roses.


Stuffed TeddyBear Online Store

How can we forget the mega-giants of the E-commerce industry? Amazon, Walmart, and Target have over the years become staples in catering to our weirdest, most unfathomable needs, and they're still bringing their A-game when it comes to the teddy business. 

From supplies, and equipment, to customised teddies and accessories, these three 

multinational brands are the safest, most reliable options when it comes to making any kind of purchase, for gifting or for collecting purposes.


  • Round-the-year discounts on products with free shipping with membership (Amazon Prime members.)
  • Easy returns and replacements and tons of options to choose from.
  • Supporting small and medium businesses with their enterprise so every time you choose a small retailer to buy a teddy, you're benefiting them.


Shop by size, colour, occasion, family of bears, and customization.


We hope you've found a friend in me, and in the bear, you're going to cuddle with to sleep. If you're looking for wholesale suppliers of stores like Build a Bear, Giant Teddy is the perfect, most reputed option. If you're looking for stores like Build a Bear that helps you sort through categories to choose the perfect option for you, Teddy Mountain and Steiff are the best options. And if you're looking for tons of choices because you're indecisive like me, Amazon, Walmart, and Target are stores like Build a Bear but bigger and more reliable.


What happened to the Bear Factory?

An interactive, entertainment retailer of customised stuffed animals, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of The Bear Factory Limited, a stuffed animal retailer based in the United Kingdom, as well as the acquisition of Amsbra, Ltd., Build-A-Bear Workshop's franchise in the United Kingdom.

Where and when was the first Build-a-Bear shop opened?

Guests queued outside the door on that October Sunday in 1997, when the founder opened the first Build-A-Bear Workshop in the Saint Louis Galleria Mall. They knew right away that this was something special. And they haven't stopped since.

What about the oldest teddy bears?

The first teddies were made in 1902, and the oldest surviving specimen, Eric, can be found at Pollock's Toy Museum near Goodge Street. Eric, who is now 114 years old, may not be as fluffy or cuddly as his younger counterparts, but he has some serious historical clout.