Stereo App Review: Complete Analysis [2023]

Stereo App Review

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Stereo App Review – Since the pandemic has disrupted several businesses around the world, the internet and social media platforms have seen an incredible upsurge of their platforms. Not only conventional video chatting apps, we have also seen the rise of a new category of virtual communication audio apps.

The chief model of these apps is based on podcast -type conversations which brings the world much closer with you. Among such apps, Stereo is an audio-only LIVE social app that lets its users to listen and become a part of digital conversation from anywhere across the globe. In this article, I’ll show you everything that you want to know about Stereo app.

Stereo App Review: Let’s begin!

Stereo is a live social platform which lets anyone to listen or join in with the live conversation anywhere around the world. You can select the topics of your interest and engage with real people, be it a popular musician, politician or a celebrity or a stranger with same interests as yours. It is a complete audio-based app, so there is no video and also, everything will be live.

One of the most important features of Stereo is that it has certainly simplified the process of podcasting. You can seamlessly record conversation without the requirements of a studio or any expensive mic set up. It puts the most interesting livestreams and facilitates them to a huge audience, so that the best talker can increase their fan base.

Plans and Pricing

Basically, Stereo is completely free. Nevertheless, if you want to get most of the Stereo app, you can subscribe to its paid plan to get its exclusive content from your favorite conversations by buying starts and becoming a Superfan.

Interface and Performance

It has a very simple and easy user interface where users can join and listen in on live conversations, seek-out topics and discuss issues and ideas which interests them. Its search feature allows you to scroll thorough genres, topics, conversations or personalities whom you enjoy.

Stereo also hosts thousands of live talk shows on various genres, including comedy, news and sports, and you can freely choose whether to be a guest, host or just simply to listen in on unique conversations.


  • It offers the best place to exchange your ideas, start discussions, express your opinions and create conversations.
  • Its personalized avatars allow you to create your own personal brand to have real conversation and express yourself surely without worrying about any appearance-related favoritism.
  • Click on listen to talks on topics of your interests, including comedy, true crime, music, spirituality, news, sports, gaming and much more.
  • By sending quick and easy voice messages, you can be able to interact with your favorite conversations or favorite voices.
  • By recording all conversations to listen them at your convenience, it makes it easy to keep up with your favorite conversations.

The Competitors

Here is the list of Stereo alternatives that you can use:

  1. Clubhouse
  2. Discord Stage Channels
  3. Reddit Talk
  4. Twitter Spaces
  5. Cappuccino

Final Verdict

According to Stereo App’s website, I can say that they do take users safety seriously as you have the facility to report users who you feel are discussing inappropriate topics, as well as you can also block that profile. So, I hope the above article on the Stereo app review has helped you to know everything about Stereo app.


Is Stereo safe?

Stereo says that its moderators ensure that all conversations are free from hate speech and offensive content. You have the facility to report users who you feel are discussing inappropriate topis, as well as you can also block that profile.

How does the stereo app work?

Once you’ve downloaded this app, you are supposed to create an avatar of your own which will be visible while you record and audio.

Is Stereo a social media?

Stereo is a live social platform which lets anyone to listen or join in with the live conversation anywhere around the world.

Why does Stereo want my phone number?

For safety and security, it asks for user’s phone number which they used to register for creating a Stereo account.

Is Stereo app free?

Stereo is completely free, nevertheless you can upgrade to its premium subscription to use its advanced features.

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