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Spotify Not Working? [Fix 2024]

Spotify Not Working? [Fix 2024]

Is Spotify not working? Why is Spotify not working on PS4 & Xbox One? Want to know how to fix this issue? If you are looking solutions for these questions, don’t worry! We’ll help you with that. In this article, we’ll show you a simple step-by-step detailed instructions on how to fix the Spotify not working problem.

Spotify is one of the world’s largest audio streaming services, where you can play over 70 million songs for completely free. Nonetheless, its free version comes with advertisements and limited control. So, if you want additional features like commercial-free and offline listening, you can subscribe to its paid version.

Spotify Not Working ?

Spotify issues are generally reported thorough the official Spotify Twitter account. So, you can follow the account to instantly get updated about Spotify problems. However, if you don’t see anything on Spotify’s official Twitter account and you wonder why Spotify is not working on your device, check out the guide below to know why.

Why is Spotify not working?

There can be several reasons why Spotify is not working on iOS, Android, PS4 & Xbox One, including internet connection issues or some issues that your device might have. Follow the solutions listed below to know how to fix the Spotify not working issue.

Check Internet Connection

One of the common fixes to fix this issue on any device is to check your internet connection. So, refreshing your modem, router, switch or any other network device may help clear bugs and fix the minor connection issues.

You can try performing a speed test after the network devices have been refreshed. If your internet speed is too slow, you have to fix this problem first before you proceed with the rest of the solutions.

Use Another Device

Spotify allows you take control of the app using a smartphone when it is connected to PS4 or any other device. So, open Spotify with the same account as the one of your consoles on your smartphone Spotify app. Now, tap the device icon at the bottom of your device and ensure that you select your PS4 or Xbox One.

Use Another DNS

If the issue still persists, consider changed the DNS server on your device and see if this helps. Sometimes, ISP provided DNS servers may go down or cause slow browsing issue. So, try to check if using a third-party DNS servers will help

Reinstall the App

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Spotify app on your device will make the app start working normally again.

Spotify not working on PS4?

Even after trying the above-mentioned solution, if the issue still persists, follow the methods mentioned below:

Check PSN Server Status

Ensure that PlayStation network servers are up and running perfectly. These are usually fixed within a time period and don’t take long.

Restart the App

If the server is working perfectly, the next solution you have to try is to force close the app and start it again.

Reboot your PS4

If it is still not working, the next solution is to refresh your console by rebooting it. This will allow PS4 to clear its cache and hopefully fix the issue that causes the app to stop working properly.

Turn off the PS4, unplug the power cable from the PS4, and wait for 30 seconds. After that, plug everything back and turn on your console.

We hope the above article has helped you to know how to fix the Spotify not working issue on your iOS & Android mobile devices and PS4 & Xbox One consoles.


Why Spotify is not working?

There can be several reasons why Spotify is not working on iOS, Android, PS4 & Xbox One, including internet connection issues or some issues that your device might have.

How do I fix the Spotify not working issue?

Check your internet connection, reboot your device, restart the app or try using another device.

Why is auto play not working on Spotify?

You can try uninstalling and reinstalling your app.

How do I clear my PS4 cache?

Settings -> storage -> system storage -> saved data -> Spotify -> options -> delete.

Why does Spotify stop playing on Xbox?

Whenever you navigate away from the app, the music stops. If it keeps pausing continuously, you have to sign out of your device and log in again.

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