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Smoke IT App Not Working? Here’s The Quick Fix![2024]

Smoke IT App Not Working? Here’s The Quick Fix![2024]

Is the Smoke it app not working? Is Smoke it working for you? If you face trouble working with the Smoke app, you can sit back and feel free. Here, we will discuss the steps to solve the problem generated while working on the Smoke.

It is an app that is available for both IOS and Android devices. You can't use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to control your Pit Boss grill. Pit Boss created the Smoke IT dashboard, which allows you to control the grill via your mobile using the free downloadable app.

Why is the Smoke it app not working?

There can be many causes for problems you face while using Smoke IT. There can be general issues like slow internet connection, cache files, the old version app, etc. To get the solution, please read this article carefully.

Smoke IT App Not Working

Is Smoke it app down?

First, check Smoke IT is down or not at the down-detector. If it shows down, sit back and give Smoke it a few times to fix your issue. If it's not down there, contact Smoke IT to resolve your issues or follow the steps below.

How to fix the Smoke IT app not working issue?

Read the below steps for Smoke IT app troubleshooting on IOS and Android. These are common Smoke IT problems.

Check Your Internet Connection

Mostly, a slow internet connection breaks the working of an application. So you need to turn on your mobile data and try again.

You can try turning off your router/modem, restart it after some time and check if it helps.

Update the app

An older app always creates an issue of some bug and breaks you to use the app. So update the app and see if it helps.

Reinstall the app

If the above solution does not resolve your issue, you can also try to install the app again after removing it and check if it helps.

Clear cache

Sometimes, the cache files of your mobile device create many problems and many errors. To remove this error, you need to clear the cache files of your mobile from the settings and check if it helps you.

Restart your device

You can try restarting your mobile or device after deleting it and see if it may fix the internal system issue.

The Smoke IT app won't connect to Wi-Fi.

Sometimes, the Smoke IT app won't connect to Wi-Fi. If you're having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi, unplug the router and wait a few minutes before it resets. While resetting, log out of the app and turn off the grill. Then log back into the app, and try connecting to the internet.

Login or account-related issues

The Smoke IT server may be down because of the login or account issue, so please try logging in after a few minutes. Check your mobile data or Wi-Fi works properly or not.

Audio or video loading problem

If you have audio problems, check your mobile volume. Try to use headphones to find out whether it is an issue with the app or your speakers.

Check your internet speed and Wi-Fi connectivity if you have a video loading problem.

Frequently asked questions

What can you do with the Smoke IT app?

The new Smoke IT app controls grills with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can control your Pit Boss KC Combo, Lockhart, Louisiana Grills, and Black Label Grills from your smart devices anywhere you like.

Does the Smoke IT app work?

Pit Boss Smoke IT app allows Pit Boss cooking appliances via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This app is available for both Android and IOS devices.