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Skyscanner vs Momondo: Which Is Better? [2024]

Skyscanner vs Momondo: Which Is Better? [2024]

Skyscanner vs Momondo: There are many online platforms ready to offer you deals and services without much hassle for travel and tourism globally. But, there are too many options in the market – all offering many benefits, where you are prone to get confused while choosing your ideal platform.

Two of these trusted travel and tourism platforms are Skyscanner and Momondo. Both work in the travel and tourism field, but there are many differences that tell them apart – enough to decide which among them should be your ideal type according to your preferences. 

So, are you interested to know the difference in the services and features of these two popular labels? If yes, then dive right into the article below that contains a highly informative Skyscanner vs Momondo comparison. 

Skyscanner vs Momondo: Introductions


Skyscanner is one of the leading meta-search engines and a travel agency from Scotland. The website offers services in more than 30 languages and is used by about 100 million users per month.

Skyscanner acts as an ideal platform to help you search and book travel choices for your trips, and the list includes airline tickets, hotels, and car rentals. 

Additionally, it claims to offer you cheap flight and air tickets – with a strong search engine that will actively help you compare deals for flights, hotels, and cars from hundreds of trusted service providers. 

Skyscanner vs Momondo


Momondo is also a travel fare meta-search engine, and a travel fare aggregator from Denmark. At Momondo, you can compare real-time prices on flights, and treasure the quickest and most amazing travel deals all the time. 

Momondo also searches across hundreds of travel and airline websites, from popular and major booking platforms to independent company sites, to get you more than just one or two cheap options.

Moreover, its search engine is quick to give you results, is easy to use, and comes with multiple filter options to help you go on with your research accurately. 

Momondo vs Skyscanner

Skyscanner vs Momondo: Features


  • Price Alerts 

The price alert feature is extremely important to help you get updates on prices — going down and up accordingly. Through this feature, you can grab an amazing deal at the cheapest price before others.

  • Search by Weather

Once you have decided on a destination – it’s quite disappointing to change it because of the weather. But, with this feature, you’ll be able to decide when to visit the destination to experience your favorite weather. 

  • Cheapest Month Search

‘Cheapest Month Search’ is another feature that truly helps you get the cheapest deals and offers. Through this feature, you’ll understand when is the best time to visit certain destinations with the cheapest fare charged.

  • Advanced Filters

Unlike many travel and tourism platforms that choose to offer only a couple of filters – Skyscanner here offers a good bunch of basic as well as advanced features to help you search accurately without wasting time. 

  • Bundle Bookings

One of the best ways to cut down the hassle of booking from different sites while getting a good discount is to opt for bundle bookings — where you can book flights as well as cars and hotels: all at once. 

  • Ease of Use

The user interface of platforms might not exactly be a feature – but it’s important to have a user-friendly UI to navigate around, research, and book with ease — points that you can clearly catch on the Skyscanner site and app. 

  • Travel Guides

You might be a veteran when it comes to online booking of trips – but not everyone is and you might as well get some professional guidance through precise and helpful travel guides mentioned on Skyscanner platforms. 

  • Recommendations

Searching for options, doing research, and booking can’t be done in one day. That's why, once you do your research on Skyscanner and come back later or another day – the site will have all the best recommendations lined up for you, the cheapest and best options offering the most benefits. 


  • Price Calendar

The Price calendar feature is one of the best features at Momondo, through which you can find the best airfare deals on different days of the month. It tells you the average prices for the same flight on different days through an interactive calendar.

  • Accurate Filter Options

The filter and search engine at Momondo is like any other similar platform – but is rather quicker and offers more accurate filter options, including departure and arrival times and dates, airports, ticket types, travel sites, stops, and airlines.

  • Share Search results

If you are not ready to book yet, then you can share your search results through email or text — or choose to save them for later use on the site itself.

  • Near Me Tonight

This feature is helpful for those who often opt for last-minute deals, and it will help them find the nearest deal at surprising prices.

  • Trips

This is another unusual feature at Momondo, which makes it easy to organize and travel across the globe with your family and friends. Through this tool – you can systematically keep track of all the potential search results and use them whenever you wish in the future.

Skyscanner vs Momondo: Pros and Cons



  • You can always find promotional offers and deals available on the Skyscanner site as well as the app.
  • Its site includes online travel agencies and mistaken fares.
  • Through the ‘explorer everywhere’ feature — you get to check deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals all across the globe by just adding the vacation dates.


  • Often, travel agencies include incomplete details, excluding the extra fare charges – so you need to visit the proper booking site and check the details thoroughly before booking. 
  • Due to bugs and glitches, you can view ghost fares on Skyscanner, which are no longer active.
  • Skyscanner is kind of slow with its updates. It doesn’t have the live update feature, which means – the prices you are reviewing might not be accurate.



  • Every listing on the site and app includes the available list of amenities – to help you check the amenities that you need in the hotel. 
  • The guest ratings and reviews section is best to understand the overall services of the hotel before booking.
  • The Momondo personal profile is helpful for saving and syncing your preferences, along with your search history to all preferred devices.
  • The syncing feature can also be used to do research from one device and book from another.
  • All the research and the results work at Momondo is done by powerful robots, which means: there will rarely be any mistakes in listings and searches. 


  • You don’t get to book directly from Momondo and have to visit third-party platforms, the original service provider’s website to book and confirm. 
  • Momondo’s website offers ghost prices at times – when you realize the great price deal is no longer available as displayed on the Momondo listing. 
  • According to many customers, the flexible price calendar is not always accurate and it’s a hit-or-miss situation with it.
  • Although it claims to offer the cheapest prices – you can often find big price differences when compared to its competitors, including Skyscanner.

Skyscanner vs Momondo: Which is Better?

For starters, we came across many users, who clearly stated that, even though Momondo claims to offer you the cheapest deals available in the market – there’s a clear price difference, when compared to its competitors, including Skyscanner.

Along with that, Skyscanner participates in more affiliate programs to offer you many deals on almost all types of bookings – whereas Momondo here will offer deals only when you go for a bundle booking or big bookings.

Also, even though both Skyscanner and Momondo have the cheapest price calendars and insights, many users complained about the price calendar from Momondo for not always being accurate like it’s supposed to be – unlike the one at Skyscanner.

Apart from all the aforementioned points, there are many advantages of using Momondo for booking your entire trip, but with all the highlights, it seems that Momondo is a better option only when you want to go on vacation to a nearby destination.

Likewise, if you are planning on overseas or a bigger vacation – then Skyscanner has multiple deals, better price offers, and more advantages to provide. 

Therefore, after considering all the facts mentioned in our Skyscanner vs Momondo comparison article, we suggest you first try the Skyscanner travel and tourism platform before Momondo. 

Of course, you can also decide to go for Momondo if it’s about some local small trips – mainly for a couple of days, but if it’s about a family trip and a big vacation – Skyscanner is a better option than Momondo. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is better, Skyscanner or Momondo?

Skyscanner is more popular than Momondo, offers cheaper deals than the aforementioned, and is better at bookings overall. 

What are the differences between Skyscanner and Momondo?

One of the main differences between Skyscanner and Momondo can be that Skyscanner has a bigger user count and is more popular in more locations compared to Momondo. Additionally, it also offers cheaper prices and more deals than Momondo.

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