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Silvur Retirement App Review – Legit? [2024]

Silvur Retirement App Review – Legit? [2024]

Silvur Retirement App Review – Are you wondering what is Silvur Retirement? Want to know what are its features? Wondering whether it is Legit or Scam? Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that! In this article, we’ll show you a simple Silvur Retirement review which will help you know everything about Silvur Retirement app.

Silvur is an innovative retirement app that helps baby boomers to track retirement plans like leaving an inheritance, buying or selling a house or planning for a large event and to enhance retirement income and make every planning easier. Read on further to know more about Silvur Retirement app review.

Silvur Retirement App Review: Getting Started!

Silvur Retirement is the definitive retirement planning tool with patent-pending calculators and tools which are simple as they are super powerful. It also launched a “Retirement School,” which offers over 50+ lessons to assist you learn how to retire with confidence. It’ll show you how to get everything you’ve earned and deserve from Medicare, Social Security and other government benefits.

Plans and Pricing

Silvur’s membership starts at $7.00 per month for an annual membership, with one month and semi-annual memberships available.


  • Silvur’s tools will help you guide you to get the most out of Medicare, Social Security, Cost of living, and your other financial decisions all the year.
  • Silvur uses patent-pending technology to give you free retirement score.
  • By unlocking premium financial calculators through Silvur’s subscription plan, you can personalize your retirement score.
  • Social security calculator will show you the optimal age for you to get maximum benefits.
  • Silvur’s healthcare tools are localized to you, and vividly shows how Medicare parts A, B, and D, Medigap insurance options and more will influence your retirement savings and revenue.
Silvur Retirement App Review

The Competitors

Here is the list of Silvur Retirement competitors that are worth considering:

  1. Vanguard Retirement Nest Egg Calculator
  2. Schwab Workplace Retirement
  3. Voya Retire
  4. Financial Engines Social Security Planner
  5. Retirement Planner App

Is Silvur Retirement Legit or Scam?

According to several users on Apple App Store, Silvur Retirement is completely safe and legit. However, just like any other app, Silvur Retirement has also some crashing issue. So, if you are facing any kind of issue, you can contact to their support team at

Final words: Silvur is the first and foremost app that is dedicated to help those people who want to reach their retirement goals. I hope the above article on Silvur Retirement app review has helped you to know everything about Silvur Retirement app.


Is Silvur app safe?

Yes. The app uses both physical and electronic measures to protect their user’s information, including 256-bit bank-level encryption along with secure socket layer technology.

How much is the Silvur app?

Silver’s subscription plan starts at $7 per month for a yearly subscription, it also offers monthly and semi-annual subscription.

Is Silvur Retirement available for Android?

No. Currently, Silvur Retirement is only available for iOS users, which can be downloaded from Apple App Store.