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Shot Tracer App Review: Is It Legit? [2024]

Shot Tracer App Review: Is It Legit? [2024]

Shot Tracer App Review: Have you always wanted an application that helps you trace the shot while playing golf? Do you get tired of searching for the ball and walking long distances on the golf ground without any success? If so, then you must know the Shot Tracer application currently famous in the market.

So, is the Shot Tracer app legit? How does it work? Is it free? How much does it cost? And many more questions will be answered if you go through our Shot Tracer app review article mentioned below.


The Shot Tracer app allows you to trace your shot and get the ball into the target hole. The application was established on both the Google play store and App Store by Visual Vertigo Software Technologies GmbH and is available for download for everyone.

The application can be downloaded on cell phones as well as tablets. The app has an easy user interface and works in almost every weather and situation.

The working of the app is simple. With just a few steps you will be able to trace your ball and know the route and way to put it directly in the hole.

Shot Tracer App Review

How does it work?

After the installation of the app, first, it will ask you for certain permissions. For instance, it will ask you to allow permission to access the camera as you will be needing the camera to record a video.

It will ask you to take a video according to the instructions and then it will help you trace the shot. All the required features are inside the app and it will guide you toward the objective at the start as you are a new user.

After tracing the shot, according to the route shown by the app, you can swing your golf stick across the ball. Following are the operation steps to follow to use the app,

  1. Shoot a video of the golf swing with the help of your device Camera – Make sure the quality of the device camera is good as the app needs clarity to understand the structure.
  2. Trim the video with the help of any photo editor from the starting point of your swing to the endpoint – This is to add accuracy to the video so that the app will not have any issues detecting the requirements.
  3. Switch on the app – After switching, on the home screen, you have to tap on the ‘video’ button.
  4. Choose the edited video – asked to you tap on the video option, it will give you options to choose from your device gallery.
  5. Tap on the ‘make’ button – after pressing this option, the video-making process will start.
  6. The sequence image video will take a while to be saved in the device – The application is capable of understanding only the image sequence and not the actual video.
  7. You can alter the settings and make changes to the video from the ‘option’ option – you can change a bunch of things like the number of trace images, video quality, and depth of the traced image.

How much does it cost?

The Application is available for $5.49 on the Google Play Store as well as App Store. There are no in-app purchases involved. Once you pay the $5.49 to buy the app, it'll not ask for a single penny while you are using it in the future. 

Key Features 

  • It offers a completely automatic start-to-end ball flight tracing.
  • The application has a patented track along with trace technology included.
  • An Internet connection is not required for any purpose.
  • You are allowed to add different types of Hollywood-quality special effects to your video in case the quality is not up to the mark of your device camera. You can add effects like impact smoke, explosion, alien invasion, rocket launcher, and water effects.
  • The app allows you to completely customize the color with all your shot treasure lines.
  • It starts streaming the video automatically.
  • Everyone can download the application.
  • The application has a swing treasure that allows the user to view themselves swinging and ball sticks in an amazing strobe motion.
  • After you have successfully swung your stick, with the help of the same app you can trace your ball.

Shot Tracer App Review

The application has received an average response from the users on the Apple Store and Google Store. It does not have any rating. 

Even though there is no rating involved yet, over 50,000 people downloaded the application. And received 3.6 out of 5 ratings at the App Store.

As the application is not reviewed and voted on by many people in the App Store as well, it is hard to analyze the response of users to this app.

Meanwhile, from Internet reviews about the app, they claim that the app is not worth the pennies you spend. It does not work as smoothly as the issue in the tutorials and functions lack accuracy.

Is Shot Tracer app Legit?

Yes, the Shot Tracer app is legit. It contains accuracy, and the application has all the features included in the app description on both the app stores. It actually helps you to trace the shot as well as your ball.

Final Thoughts

Based on the number of people who have downloaded the app on the Google Play Store, we can say that the application is not entirely a waste of time and effort. 

It does not ask for any unnecessary and advanced activities like signup and login. If you need a Shot Tracer urgently, you might as well try the app and be the first one to review it.

We hope by reading our Shot Tracer app review; you have acquired every answer to all questions along with doubts being cleared.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Shot Tracer app worth it?

Based on the reviews on the internet, the application does not seem to be up to the mark. It may have all the features claimed in the app description on the App Store but based on how easily they have shown that things work in the tutorials, the reality is different. The application lacks accuracy and smooth functioning. To put it in a shot it is not worth the $5.49 you spend.

How much does Shot Tracer cost?

The application does not include any input changes and subscription plans. However, you will have to pay a flat $5.49 to buy it from the Google play store and the App Store.