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Fix: Screwfix Website Not Working [2024]

Fix: Screwfix Website Not Working [2024]

Screwfix Website Not Working: Screwfix is a trade tool, hardware, and accessories retailer from the UK. It has thousands of products at trading prices with hot deals available all the time of the year.

Screwfix does its business through its physical stores as well as digital platforms, including its site — which has currently stopped working for many users. For some, they aren’t able to get items delivered to their region and for others, the site isn’t going further than loading.

If you are also facing similar problems while trying to use the Screwfix website, then this article is sure to help you because it contains a list of the troubleshooting methods that can solve the ‘Screwfix Website Not Working’ problem.

Why is the Screwfix Website Not Working?

If the Screwfix website is not working for you, then that might be because of one of the following causes,

  • There is an issue with your Internet.
  • Your browser is facing temporary bugs or glitches.
  • There’s a load of cache and cookies stored in your browser.

Is the Screwfix Website Down?

If the Screwfix website is currently down, then it’s obvious that the website is not working for you and others from your region. To check the same, you can try visiting some trusted sites like Updownradar and check the Screwfix server status.

Check Twitter

Before going on with the solutions, right after the Screwfix website stopped working for you, you should visit some popular social media platforms like Twitter, where others facing the same problem as you might be discussing the causes and different solutions – which might actually work in your case. 

How to Fix: Screwfix Website Not Working

Check your Internet Connection 

It is common to check if your Internet connection is turned on and the network is stable, or at least average when you’re trying to open a website through a browser.

In your case, if your Internet connection is not stable, then you should try switching it off and waiting for a couple of seconds before turning it on again. If this trick didn’t work at once, you are free to repeat it twice or even thrice.

Clear Cache

Clearing the cache and cookies of your browser will not only help you in using the Screwfix website smoothly, but it will automatically enhance performance with other platforms. 

Thus, if you haven’t cleared the cache and cookies in a long time, it’s finally the day you do it. 

Windows and Android:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Click on the More option located on the top header. 
  3. Select the MoreTools choice, then – Clear Browsing Data.
  4. We recommend deleting data of all time.
  5. Tick the ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Cached images and files’ boxes. 
  6. Confirm and they’ll be deleted. 


  1. Open the Safari app
  2. Open the Safari main menu and choose History
  3. Tap on the Clear choice. 
  4. Clear the history of all — recommended.

Use a Different Browser

If the browser you are currently using has been showing issues while using other websites too, then it’s clear there’s an issue with the browser. Hence, using a different browser to open the Screwfix website is recommended.


We know using a VPN is not always recommended, but using it in this case, when the usual network connection is unstable, VPN might help you use the Screwfix website properly. Therefore, add a trusted VPN to your browser and try opening the Screwfix website again.

Try the Screwfix App

If you have always been using the Screwfix website for everything, then this time try using the Screwfix app – available for free on the app stores.

Wait for a While

If none of the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this article helped you and you can consider waiting, then, waiting for a while till the issue is solved on its own can help. 

Contact Screwfix Customer Care

If after trying all the troubleshooting methods in this article you are still facing the same problem, then you should contact Screwfix customer care services by reaching out to them on 03330 112 112. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I open Screwfix website?

If you aren’t able to open the screen fix website, then that might be because there’s an issue with your Internet connection, your browser has a load of cache and cookies gathered, or it is facing problems.