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Fix: Ryanair Website Not Working [2024]

Fix: Ryanair Website Not Working [2024]

Ryanair Website Not Working: Ryanair DAC is a low-cost carrier where you get to book the lowest fare available for flights. It guarantees you the best deals and prices available on the Internet for a good range of destinations.

Ryanair deals through its website and app – where the website, according to the recent complaints by customers, has been acting up a lot and isn’t allowing them to do anything with their flight bookings or website.

However, you don’t have to worry about this issue anymore, because we have a list of troubleshooting methods that can easily solve the ‘Ryanair Website Not Working’ problem for you in the article mentioned below. 

Why is my Ryanair Website Not Working?

Is Ryanair Down?

If the Ryanair website is down for all, then there’s something wrong with the Ryanair site servers and there’s nothing you can do except for letting the issue solve on its own. 

Hence, to check whether the Ryanair website is down or not, you can visit some twisted platforms like to check the Ryanair server status. 

Check Twitter

After starting to face the website issues, you should also check for some popular social media platforms like Twitter to see what others who are facing the same issue as yours are doing in the same case. 

How to Fix: Ryanair Website Not Working

Clear Cache & Cookies of Browser

Clearing the browser cache and cookies may sound like a hassle, but it can help you get rid of a whole lot of junk that might be the main cause of the problem. 

Android and Windows:

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Click on More from the top header. 
  3. Select MoreTools, then – Clear Browsing Data.
  4. We recommend deleting data of all time.
  5. Tick the ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Cached images and files’ boxes. 
  6. Confirm and the data will be cleared. 


  1. Open the Safari app
  2. Tap on the Safari main menu icon on the left side and choose History
  3. Tap on Clear
  4. Clear the history for all the time — highly recommended.

Change the Browser

If you continue to face issues with the same browser, even after clearing cookies, then there might be a temporary glitch in your browser. Therefore, try using some other browsers.

Disable VPN

If you have a VPN switched on then, because not all VPNs offer secured connections, your VPN might be the main cause of why you aren’t able to use the Ryanair website properly.

To solve this problem, all you can do is disable the VPN, at least till the time you are using the Ryanair website. 

Restart the Device

If there’s an issue with the device, then you should consider restarting it. Switching it off and on after some time can do the work, but rebooting the device is easier.

Change the Device

If after restarting the device you’re still not able to use the Ryanair website smoothly, then it’s time you change the device and try accessing the Ryanair website through some other device.

Use Ryanair App

Since the Ryanair website isn’t working for you, the case might not be the same with the Ryanair app. Therefore, at least for a couple of days till the issue with the Ryanair website is solved, you should try using the Ryanair app

Contact Ryanair Customer Care

Contacting Ryanair customer care is the easiest way to get a solution directly from the experts. To contact Ryanair customer care services, you can either call 44 1279-35-8395 — its global contact support, or 44 1279-35-8438 — its UK customer service helpline. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t Ryanair website work?

If the Ryanair website isn’t working for you, then it might be because there’s an issue with your search engine, you have a VPN switched on, or there’s an issue with your device. 

Why is Ryanair not letting me login?

If Ryanair isn’t letting you log in, then you must have entered your password incorrectly over five times and now your account is temporarily locked. Thus, try logging into your Ryanair account after some time.