Road Ready App Not Working: Here’s How To Fix! [2023]

Road Ready App Not Working

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Is Road Ready working for you? If you are facing trouble working with the Road Ready app, just feel relaxed! Throughout this article, we are going to discuss the steps to solve the problem while working with the Road Ready app, so simply read the whole article.

It is a free mobile app that you may use to track your driving experience and to keep safety tips top of mind. It is the best app for tracking driving hours. 

Road Ready App Not Working?

There might be various reasons the Road Ready app is not working, such as the several bugs and glitches slowing it down. If you wish to check if the Road Ready app is down, you should visit the Updownradar website and check for any Road Ready outages reports.

Why is Road Ready App Not Working?

There can be many reasons why the Road Ready app is not working, including 

1. The Road Ready app might be outdated.

2. The device being used is not compatible with the Road Ready app.

3. The app might be down due to temporary bugs and glitches.

4. High traffic jams, which the Road Ready app can’t handle.

5. Poor network connection.

6. Overload in the app’s cache.

Check Reddit, Forums and Twitter

You can visit Quora, Reddit and other social media platforms to search for the Road Ready app not working.  If you find any platform where discussions about this topic, you will know what are the reasons for the Road Ready app glitching.

Road Ready App Not Working

How to Fix: Road Ready App Not Working?

Here are some troubleshooting solutions that can help you fix the Road Ready app not working issue. 

Fix 1: Check your Internet Connection

Check your internet connection is ongoing. If it is on but not working properly, you can switch it off and on again. You can also switch off the device if switching off the data connection was not helpful.

Fix 2: Update the Road Ready app

Open the App Store or Google play store on your device and search for the Road Ready app. After the green or blue button appears, if that option says to update, tap on it and the application will be updated.

Fix 3: Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Many times, big hidden files and overloaded user data affect the working of an app. As a result, you need to uninstall and reinstall the app for it to work, and doing this can solve your issue.

Fix 4: Close and Reopen Road Ready App

When the app is facing minor glitches and bugs, you can close the app and reopen it after some time and see if it resolves problems with RoadReady not working.

Fix 5: Clear the Road Ready app’s Cache

Clearing the app’s cache mostly resolves the glitching problem of an app.  Follow the below-mentioned steps to clear the cache of the Road Ready app,

For Android:     

To clear the Road Ready cache on Android go to Settings > Apps > Select Road Ready > Tap Storage > Tap “Clear Cache”.

For iOS:

To clear the Road Ready cache on iOS go to the Settings app on your iPhone > Tap on the general > Search for the Road Ready app > Tap on the iPhone storage > offload app > reinstall Road Ready app option.

This will clear all the cache of the app from your device and the Road Ready app will work smoothly.

Fix 6: Road Ready app for iPhone not working

The Road Ready app may not be working normally on iPhones for several reasons. If you want to fix this issue try the above-mentioned problem and solution.

Fix 7: Check Your Device Compatibility 

If the Road Ready app is not working with your device, then that may be because your device is not entirely compatible with the app. Therefore you should try installing it on some other device and check if it works.

Fix 8: Logout and Login in your Account

If the issues are related to your account a few times logging out and logging in to your account can help to stop the app from glitching and bugs.

Fix 9: Switch off the VPN

If your device has a VPN turned on, then there is a possibility that the Road Ready app not working properly. Therefore, turn it off on your phone and open the Road Ready app again.

Fix 10: Contact customer support

After attempting all the above solutions, if you are still having problems with the Road Ready app, you can contact Road Ready customer service to get help solving your issue.

You can call them at 877-537-3820 or email them at [email protected].

Why is the Road Ready app not tracking mileage?

If the Road Ready app is not tracking your mileage, make sure you are choosing the right location and road, and that your app is working effectively. Otherwise, restart your app again and try tracking.

Why are My Road Ready hours not working?

App hours do not work due to Bugs or improperly configured date and time settings. The automatic date and time option can be disabled and then turned back on again. If it does not work, you can update your operating system or do a forced restart.

Final Words

The troubleshooting steps mentioned above are all helpful many times. But, if the problems continue even after following all of these steps, you can contact Road Ready’s customer care.

We hope by reading our article, you now have a good set of solutions to your ‘Road Ready app not working’ problem. 


Is the Road Ready app track my driving?

Road Ready is a free mobile app to track your driving experience together and keep safety tips top of mind.

How does the Road Ready app work?

Road Ready allows you to manually enter drives you may not have tracked with the app. In the menu, click on “Log Previous Drive” and enter the information associated with each of your tracked drives. These drives will then be added to your driving log.

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